Divorced ex-husband crying and begging for remarriage

Romance Author:Lin Weiyang


Status:completed UpdateTime:2023-01-04 14:01
Divorced ex-husband crying and begging for remarriageThe company has been married for two years, and Jiang Evening has only seen her legendary husband on TV, so then she got divorced. What she didn't expect was that the day after the divorce, her ex-husband started to appear within her sight frequently, at first asking her to save her young lover, and then actually said he wanted to chase her. "Zhou Beishen, do you know who I am?" She asked him. "Internationally famous Dr. Jiang, closed disciple of Mr. Su Lao, top hacker J, founder of a high-end clothing brand, or do you have other identities? Say it and I'll listen." The man had a good idea of what to expect, thinking he already knew all about Jiang Evening. "Actually ......" Jiang Evening came close to him and whispered in his ear, "I am still your ex-wife." more>>

《Divorced ex-husband crying and begging for remarriage》The Newest Chapter