I woke up feeling a little awkward when I remembered what happened last night.

Why did Mary suddenly do that?

I mean… I knew this World was more casual about sex and stuff but I definitely didn't expect something like that to happen without any warning.

Then again… I suppose I'm technically already over thirty years old at this point so it's not that weird if I think about it.

But still, that did not explain why Mary gave me a blowjob yesterday out of the blue.

And of course, the person in question just had to appear when I was thinking about her, the maid's voice coming from outside my door.

"Mistress? It's Mary, are you awake?"

"Hawawawa?! Ah! Yes! Come in!"

The door to my room was pushed open and Mary walked inside, her face showing no embarrassment or awkwardness about what had happened between us.

"Good morning Mistress. You still have school today so I am here to help you get ready."

"Eh? What happened to Katsuki? Isn't she the one who would help me get ready?"

A slight tinge of amusement materialised in her eyes, "That would usually be the case but I thought Mistress Aster might want to address what happened last night?"

Uwaaaaa! She actually said it just like that!

She helped me out from the bed and started dressing me while starting her own explanation, "As the person in charge of finding and delivering information to the Madam, it is natural that I would be aware of the existence of Off-Worlders as well, Mistress. As such, I am also aware that Mistress is one of them as well."

Oh, so she's addressing the Off-Worlder thing?

"Unn… And you are ok with that?" I asked.

"I believe Madam has already assured you that no matter what, you are her child. As such, you are first and foremost the young Mistress of the Nilm family, whether you originated from another World matters little to me. No, that was incorrect, since it's precisely because of that reason that I would do what I did yesterday."

Ah… She's also talking about the blowjob…

"What… What do you mean?" I asked, feeling a bead of cold sweat dripping past my cheek.

"... Mistress, please have a cookie."

Waah! Cookie! Chocolate chips too! Nom nom nom!

Eh? What were we talking about again?

Mary nodded at me, "Nnn… It seems like Mistress has calmed down. What I wanted to inform Mistress is that amongst the people of this World, futanaris have higher libido as compared to the other genders. This is especially prominent in Meslatars due to their draconic nature. If it is not handled well, there is a high chance that Meslatar futanaris would find themselves losing their minds just to satisfy their urges, some even resorting to rape or violence."

I narrowed my eyes slightly, "But… Doesn't the fact that I'm an Off-Worlder help me manage these urges better?"

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"On the contrary actually… It's because you already know what the meaning of these urges are that makes you more susceptible to it, Mistress. For younger futanaris, they would think that it was caused by something else and most find other ways to satiate it through other activities."

"So those who resort to rape are…"

"Are futanaris who are aware that they are aroused, yes," Mary explained with a straight face while helping me pull up my stockings.

I frowned, "But… But… I'm barely even of age yet in this body?"

"Except that Mistress Aster has been growing much quicker than normal. While we aren't completely sure why that is… As Mistress is now, you are already an adult for all intents and purposes."

"I… I see…"

Well… At least I know that now, but I'm not sure if those lewd banes and boons I bought when creating myself would be coming in now or would it still only appear after eighteen years?

Then again, the restriction did mention that they would only show up when I'm eighteen instead of when I turn into an adult so that's probably what's going to happen.

I let Mary finish tying up my corset before asking her, "Then what does it mean for me?"

"It simply means that Mistress should keep your libido in check. Unfortunately, Katsuki and Miss Odeta are still not of age yet but as Madam had mentioned, Mistress is free to ask any of the servants within the mansion to sate your lust."

I was guided to the dresser for her to do my hair and I sat down gingerly, "That… Umm… Isn't that abusing my authority?"

Mary smiled as she brushed my hair, "Mistress. If I were to ask the servants within the mansion about who is interested in serving as your partner, I am confident that almost everyone would be willing to do it. The only exceptions being the ones who are already taken."

"Ah… It's because of my position isn't it?"

Mary stopped brushing my hair and laid a hand on my shoulder, "Mistress, the servants do genuinely care about you. I believe you are aware of what they say behind your back, yes?"

I blushed and nodded, remembering the times where I overheard the servants lay praises upon me when they didn't know I was nearby.

The Trasif maid returned to brushing my hair, "That's why you don't need to worry that you are forcing yourself on them because you most certainly are not. Mistress should… Oh. Forgive me, Mistress, I understand your line of thinking now. You are still holding on to the values of your previous World, am I right?"

Oh yeah… Right, I should start remembering that sex is really, really casual here… That would need some time getting used to seeing that I'm still basically a virgin in this World.

But still, it's not like you can just ask me to start going around screwing everyone like it's no big deal, I need time to process this!

Mary seemed to think about it for a moment before nodding, "In that case, does Mistress have someone you would like to have your first sexual experience with?"

I coughed, "Umm… Didn't I technically already have it with Mary last night?"

"Oh my, something like that also counts for Mistress? Was your old World really that chaste?"

"Eh? Is something like that not even a big deal here?"

Mary nodded, "That is correct Mistress. Have you not seen any acts like this while you were outside? Especially inside the Guild bars?"

Heck no, if I did I'm pretty sure I would remember about it! How would you even miss something like that?!

She then gasped, "Ah, I understand now. Mistress did not go to the Guild in the Commoner's district, yes? That would explain it then. Acts like that are quite common there but almost never seen in the other district Guilds because of the types of people frequenting them. Ah, but if Mistress intends to go there, I would plead not to take Katsuki with you as I have not completed her training in that area yet."

I don't even know what to say to that.


Now I'm wondering how I managed to keep away from these scenes if they were so common? I really do have to go check it out.

Maybe I'll go there after school today? No wait, Odeta would definitely want to go home with me again so I can't either.

Unless I give her an excuse that I wanted to take up a Mercenary request? No, that won't work either since she's also a Mercenary and just as likely to join me too…

Guess I'll have to find some other way to go check it out.

Come on, I'm curious ok?! Don't tell me you wouldn't go there to see such a thing out as well?! It's a novelty! Of course I'll go there and try and see it for myself!

Speaking of which, Mary asked me who I would like as my first time didn't she? The only problem is that I don't have anyone in mind though…

I mean… It's not like I'm saving myself for someone special anyway, although I do have to say that I would very much prefer to be the one doing the penetrating instead of being penetrated.

"I don't exactly have someone in mind whom I want to experience my first time with though… Aside from… I guess… Katsuki or Odeta?"

Mary nodded in understanding, "In that case, does Mistress mind having me as your first partner?"

"Eh? Just like that? I mean… Err… I don't… I don't know?"

How the heck am I supposed to answer a question like that? She's practically asking if I was ok with having sex with her!

"Does Mistress not find me attractive?"

I gasped, "No! Mary is really, really pretty! I definitely do not think Mary is not attractive at all!"

"In that case, it shouldn't be a problem that I sleep with Mistress tonight, yes? Or does Mistress wish for Madam to be your first time?"

"Eh?! Wouldn't that be incest?!"

Mary legitimately looked confused, "What is 'incest'?"

"Huh? You know… Sexual relations between two people who are related by blood?"

"... I see… Your old World certainly is interesting to have a specific term for such a thing. Is that considered taboo in your World as well?"

I nodded, "It's mostly because of birth defects… Where your children can be born inbred because of it…"

"My apologies, Mistress… I'm afraid I do not know what the meaning of 'inbred' is…"

"Ah… Err… Don't worry about it… It's just something in my previous World that we have…"

I guess since gods and healing magic exist here, such medical conditions wouldn't be a problem either…

I sucked in a breath before turning to Mary, "Could I… Leave tonight to you?"

She smiled and bowed her head, "It would be my honour, Mistress Aster."

Welp, there's no turning back now.

In the meantime, I guess I should head to school first!