After our bath, I popped the question of asking Odeta to move in with me.

She was, of course, absolutely thrilled by my invitation but surprisingly turned me down.

The Amrap said that as much as she wanted to pack up her things there and join me, she was obligated to stay in their dorms for the first year of school under a contract she had signed as both a boarding and special class student.

Apparently even as a special class student, there were some restrictions attached to us.

As there were also other boarding students in our year, one of the things the school hoped would incentivize the students to work harder and challenge their peers are the dorm rooms they provided.

Odeta was basically their walking billboard for advertising such a thing.

You might wonder how that worked since no one else could see the rooms aside from the special class students but the expectations were quite sinister for the lack of a better word.

The first thing to know is that the rooms of the normal students are rather small in size where four people may be required to share a single room. The students would also be made aware of the fact that special class students get way better rooms through word of mouth.

The school also expects the special class students to make friends and bring them over to their dorm rooms, instilling a sense of envy from either their friends or the peers of their friends.

They would then want to challenge these special class students for the improved accommodations.

In other words, they're basically setting us up to enforce competition between the students.

Of course if you're antisocial, a heaven sent genius, or a really charismatic person, then you most probably wouldn't face these problems as a special class student anyway. But well, what are the odds of that?

One good thing was that Odeta was technically allowed to stay over in my place but she just can't move her things out of the room and she had to show up from time to time, just to sell the idea that she was staying there.

Katsuki then volunteered to show Odeta to one of the guest rooms much to my surprise, even though they seemed like they weren't getting along just minutes before. I guess it's true that baths do help girls to bond together.

Although Odeta wanted to sleep in the same room as me at first, my Inugami maid whispered something in her ear and she agreed eventually.

I managed to catch something about trading stories about me from their whispers so I assume they wanted to spend time learning about me from each other.

At least they found a way to get along so I'll overlook this just once.

On my way to my room however, I found Mother also walking along the corridor in her nightgown.

"Ara, ara? How was your day my little one? Did you have fun in school?"

"It was ok, Mommy. I learnt a lot of things in class."

"Ufufufu~ That's nice to hear. Did you also have fun with your friend today?"

"I did. But... Where did Mommy go in the evening?"


"Ara? Did my little one miss me? Ufufufu~ Mama was a little busy checking on the school side of things~"

I tilted my head at her, "Did Mommy not want to reveal yourself to Odeta?"

She giggled at my question, "Did Mama get found out? Ufufufu~ If Mama was there, my dearest little one wouldn't be able to relax would you? That's why Mama went away so that my dearest child could have fun~"

"I suppose..." I admitted.

I can imagine Mother start telling her about my embarrassing childhood stories just to see me squirm.

Mother stepped forward and hugged me to her chest, "Also... I heard from my dear Mary how my little one was... Ufufu~ Quite riled up in the bath~ It seems like my little one is an adult now~"

Ugh... That was so embarrassing... But how else am I supposed to react when two girls start to caress me like that?

Mother then pulled me into her embrace, "Does my dearest child want to sleep with Mama tonight? If my little one wishes for it, Mama can help you deal with your urges, you know?"

I stared up at her, wondering if I actually heard what she said correctly.

She got the hint and giggled, "Ara, ara? Perhaps it's still a little too soon? Mama understands~ Mama can wait! In the meantime, if my dearest child needs some help, don't hesitate to ask anyone in the mansion for help~ Everyone here would be happy to help you~"

I didn't get a chance to ask what Mother meant by that before she let me go and sauntered past me towards her room.

Ok... Moving on I guess?

I went back to my room for the night, getting ready for bed as I still have school tomorrow.

However, upon entering my room, I realised there was someone waiting for me there.

"Good evening, Mistress," Mary greeted me with a bow. "As Katsuki is occupied tonight, allow me to help you prepare for bed."

Eh? But Katsuki already helped me change into my own nightgown though? What else could I need?

I was led to the bed and got really confused when she sat me down at the edge of it, only to widen my eyes in surprise as she got on her knees in front of me. The implications of her position was not lost on me.

"Please allow me to satisfy Mistress as Katsuki has not matured yet. Mistress is also free to ask any of the servants in the mansion to help take care of you in the future too."

I quickly raised my hand, "Ehh?! Wait, wait! But I'm still not an adult?!"

"Mistress... As far as anyone is concerned, you are already a matured young lady, especially since it is obvious you have these urges now. Besides... I know that Mistress has lived longer than your body's age."

My eyes widened at her words and a smile materialised on her face, "I have spent a long time with the Madam and there is very little that she knows that I do not. That is why, please allow me to service you."

Before I could say anything else, Mary had already lifted the hem of my nightgown and pulled off my underwear with incredible speed.

My legs were then pushed apart before her hands reached forward to wrap around my flaccid cock.

I gasped and felt my member twitch as she slowly massaged my member to erection, any protest I had instantly dying out when I was engulfed by the pleasure I was receiving.

'Follow current novels on',

Her fingers ran across my length like a maestro's, gently caressing it and teasing me.

When my cock got sufficiently hard, Mary showed no hesitation and opened her mouth to suck the head of my cock past her soft lips.

One of her hands unlatched itself from my rod and moved further south, her fingers sliding past my balls to reach the slit of my pussy and eliciting a moan from me.

I never knew how good it could feel to have both places pleasured like that and it really felt like I was soaring through the air with how her mouth and hands were making me melt.

My cock was now fully erect as the Trasif maid sucked on my cock diligently while rubbing the slit of my pussy with two of her fingers, causing jolts of pleasure to constantly shoot up my spine.

My legs had spread itself even further to allow Mary easier access to my sex, an action she instantly capitalised on by pushing her fingers into my pussy.

I could feel the walls of my womanhood clenched around the invading digits, my hips lifting up slightly as the pleasure of being penetrated washed over me.

The moment her fingers pushed up against a certain spot inside me however, I felt the world around me spin before I was overcome with a sense of euphoria.

I could only shout out a warning before I reached the point of no return.

My hips bucked upwards as I came from both my cock and my pussy, my sperm being dumped straight into Mary's waiting mouth.

I was dimly aware that I had collapsed on my back to lie down on the bed, the pleasure having been so intense that I actually blacked out for a moment there.

So that's what a double orgasm feels like...

Mary released my cock from her mouth with a loud pop before swallowing the load that I had dumped inside her mouth with no complaints.

Even then she did not stop as she lowered her head and clamped her mouth over the entrance of my pussy, her tongue flicking against my labia.

I couldn't help but let out another moan as the pleasure came back to overwhelm me.

My hips were now gyrating in circles as I tried to get myself off a second time using Mary's tongue, my cock remaining upright in full erection.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Mary had chosen that time to start pumping my cock with her hands again while her mouth continued to oral my pussy.

As though desperate for me to get off, Mary sped up her hands and pumped my cock even faster, causing my hips to lift off the bed as I indulged in the pleasure of her hands and mouth.

I tried to hold back on the inevitable orgasm that was already welling up inside me, not wanting for the pleasure to end so soon.

As though realising what I was doing, Mary pulled her lips away from my pussy and smiled at me, "You do not need to hold back Mistress, feel free to cum whenever you want, I will take care of it."

Those words were enough to drive me over the edge as I came for the second time, Mary having reacted just in time to clamp her mouth over the head of my cock as I came.

Soon enough, I was lying down on the bed, utterly spent and satisfied from the two orgasms I had while my chest heaved as I gulped in lungfuls of air.

Probably because I wasn't used to it in this body yet, I felt really exhausted from that short session and felt my eyelids grow heavy.

Mary cleaned me up before tucking me into bed, "Sleep well, Mistress. Thank you for your hard work~"

I didn't even get to say anything before sleep took over me and my eyes closed shut, falling into blissful unconsciousness.