For today, I decided to take a look at the physical classes which meant that I would most probably be sharing classes with Odeta today.

Sure enough, the both of us ended up in the intermediate class for swordsmanship with several other seniors.

Unfortunately for me, this would be their second lesson while this was my first, so the orientation for the class was already done and I'll have to keep up from here.

For students like myself who are ambitious and want to take all the lessons we can, this is a problem we would face while studying here.

When our classes overlap, we would need to play catch up with the rest of the class for the class we missed.

The good thing was that we were allowed to approach the instructors on our own time to get lessons from them if we wished to, which would help us with this problem.

In other words, the school is willing to provide us all the resources but it was up to us to manage it.

The lesson for today was held in a part of the school field with around twenty to thirty of us gathered around the field while waiting for the instructor to arrive. Most of the class were males though there seemed to be a few females and futanaris as well.

Because Odeta and I were the youngest, we were pretty much by ourselves while the others already had their own cliques.

Speaking of which… Odeta had been in an especially good mood since this morning, a mood that Katsuki also mirrored.

I wonder just what the two of them talked about yesterday to make them so happy?

"Sister Aster! We get to be classmates today!" She grinned at me while patting the wooden sword on her waist.

I did a quick scan with my [Screen] and I realised that almost everyone here was at least a tier two in sword proficiency.

As expected of an intermediate class.

"So, does anyone stand out in this class?" I asked the Amrap beside me.

"Eh? Not really? They're all quite weak to be honest and no one even wanted to spar with me yesterday."

"Really? Why not?"

She shrugged, "I dunno, they just looked up at me and said no when I asked them to."

Hmm… I don't think any of them could see her stats so there must be some other reason that made them not want to fight her. Does it have to do with the fact that she's taller and bigger in size than almost everyone here?

Or does it have something to do with the fact that Odeta was an Amrap?

While I was wondering about that, I heard someone walking up to us and I turned to see a young man with spiky brown hair smiling at me while two other boys flanked his sides.

"So you're the special student that has been the talk of the school, huh? The one that claims to be able to use more than eight different types of magic while also being proficient in the sword?"

I tilted my head at him, "I guess so? I don't know if there's anyone else around like that since I'm new here."

"Heh, you've got some spunk, I'll give you that. So how about this? Let's have a warmup spar before the teacher comes along?"

Wait, really? None of you wanted to challenge Odeta but once I'm here someone already wants to spar with me? Why? Is it because of my challenge? Or is it because my dress also hides my tail so they don't know I'm actually a Meslatar?

I checked his stats with my [Screen]

[Name: Matthias Berthold

Title: Second son of the Berthold Family, Self Proclaimed Future Royal Knight, Self Proclaimed Lady Killer

Race: Mahun

Gender: Male

Current Mood: Anticipation


'ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ No(ve) l Bi n',

72 Strength

48 Dexterity

52 Endurance

20 Magic


Noble Etiquette (Tier 1), Martial Skill-(Sword Proficiency (Tier 2))

Magic Skills:

Pyromancy (Tier 1)]

Should have known he was from a noble family, otherwise he wouldn't be this belligerent. Even his titles are bad…

At least his stats seem decent for his age.

I tilted my head at him, "Ummm… Is there a reason why we should even spar in the first place? And isn't this bad if we do such things without an instructor's supervision?"

He waved his hand nonchalantly, "It's just a warmup, it won't be anything serious so that's unnecessary. Besides, everyone is curious as to whether the special student is actually capable of what you say you are! If you still have reservations about it, how about a wager to make things interesting?"

Oh, here we go…

I raised an eyebrow, "What kind of wager?"

He grinned, "A very simple one. Loser has to listen to one request from the winner, no matter what it is. How about that?"

"That sounds like you already have something in mind for me, how about you tell me what it is and I'll decide after hearing it?"

"Oh, but I'm afraid that you might reject me after you hear it."

I managed to prevent myself from rolling my eyes and was just about to refute him when Odeta stepped in front of me protectively.

"Hey, if you already know sister Aster will reject you, then why are you even still insisting that she accept your spar, huh? Are you stupid?"

The guy scowled, "Tch… The Amrap huh. What is it to you? This is clearly none of your business."

"Hey! That's my sister you're talking to! You want something from her, you gotta get through me!"

The Matthias boy narrowed his eyes at me, "There is no way she's an Amrap. Do you even know who I am?"

I decided to have a little fun with him.

"Of course I do," I spoke up from behind Odeta, prompting him to show her an extremely smug look. "You're the self proclaimed Royal Knight and lady killer I've been hearing about."

His face immediately changed into a scowl, "Where did you hear that?!"

I shrugged, "I might have heard some gossip here and there…"

"Well it's not self proclaimed! I will have you know that it's a fact!"

Sure… Whatever you say… Your status says otherwise though.

Odeta crossed her arms, "Anyway! Even though she's not an Amrap, she's still my sister! And I protect my sister! So you wanna go?!"

"Ahem… What's going on here?" A bearded old man asked, having seemingly appeared out of thin air.

Matthias recoiled back, "In… Instructor! Nothing at all! We were just talking to the new students!"

"Hmm… Is that so… It's good that everyone is getting along I suppose… Shall we start the lesson?"

I narrowed my eyes at the old man.

[Name: Henry Ultear


Title: Sword Instructor, Former Head of the Royal Knights, Sword Flash

Race: Mahun

Gender: Male

Current Mood: Exasperated


620 Strength

815 Dexterity

215 Endurance

19 Magic


Noble Etiquette (Tier 2), Teaching (Tier 3), Tracking (Tier 2), Singing (Tier 2), Gardening (Tier 2), Martial Skill-(Sword Proficiency (Tier 4), Unarmed Proficiency (Tier 3))]

Oh wow, the former head of the Royal Knights decided to come here to teach? Do they not have a knight academy or something where he could teach? Or maybe it's more relaxing here which suits his retirement style?

Still, those are some insane stats for an old man, I suppose that's to be expected when he's the former head but he looked at least to be in his late sixties to early seventies already.

If I'm not wrong, stats can decrease as well so this old man really was that strong right now which makes me wonder how his stats looked like in his prime?

I guess he must have really dedicated his life to the sword.

The young man turned back to me, "I am Matthias of house Berthold, remember that, special class student."

Not sure what he wanted me to do with that information but ok?

The rest of the class gathered without needing the instructor's instructions and I simply followed along beside Odeta, the Amrap looking especially eager for some reason.

"Good morning everyone… For the sake of those who are new here, I am Henry Ultear. Feel free to call me Instructor Henry or just 'Instructor' during your lessons…"

He turned to me, "Miss Aster. Perhaps a self introduction if you will? Just so the rest of the class knows you?"

I nodded and turned to the rest of the class, "Hello, I am Aster, a novice with the sword and a first year! I am honoured to be in your care!"

Odeta clapped enthusiastically upon my introduction, making me feel slightly embarrassed.

Our instructor gave me a nod of approval before addressing the rest of the class again, "Now, I believe I taught all of you a very simple disarming manoeuvre yesterday so I would like to see all of you try it out now. Pair up with a partner and perform it. For those who are new, you may choose to learn from your partner or from me. Begin."

"Sister Aster! Let's go! I'll teach you how to do it!" Odeta cheered immediately, only to have someone else interrupt her.

"Hey! I'll be the one to teach her how to do it!" Matthias spoke up, once again appearing in front of us. "You can just go practice somewhere else, Amrap. I'm a better teacher than you are anyway."

Why is this guy obsessed with me? Is he infatuated with me or something?

Odeta looked at him with her chin raised, "Ha? Are you dumb? Who asked you? Can you just go play with your friends?"

"Hmph, why are you so desperate to keep me away? Aha! Don't tell me you're some delusional girl thinking she might like you?"

Those words must have been quite upsetting to Odeta since she suddenly pulled out her wooden sword on her waist to point at him.

"That's it! I demand a duel with you!"

Err… Odeta? We're still in class? And the teacher's right there?

"Hmm? I'll allow it…"