Chapter 13: Migration to Sea Plan

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Chapter 13: Migration to Sea Plan

Feiya gave me this when she came back last time.

Uncle Saros said,

Her employer had no money, so he used this to pay the bill.

Its equivalent to golden sand.

Bai Luo naturally recognized this thing called chili powder

Simply put, it is an extremely precious spice in this world.

Just like how pepper and most spices were extremely precious in the Middle Ages, the value of chili powder in this world is very similar, its very high.

Bai Luo can naturally introduce different types of pepper and other spices from the earth to this world, but a brand-new spice mustnt be introduced into the world this early. It will cause too many problems.

Hence, pouring out the black pepper that everyone is familiar with is the best course of action.

Ill try and see if I can pour it out.

Bai Luo grabbed some chili powder with his fingers and put it in his mouth. As expected, it smells and tastes like paprika.

Black pepper itself does not have much taste. Its saltiness and spiciness are made by adding salt while grinding it, but the smell of this seasoning is quite pleasing.

I randomly mentioned this to my elder sister last time, but she really remembered and brought me back this black chili powder.

But why didnt you give it to me before, uncle?

Why do you think I didnt?

Uncle Saros glanced at Bai Luo: Are you really planning to eat it?

This is simply eating gold! Saros isnt crazy enough to give this powder to Bai Luo, only for him to sprinkle it on a wild boar.

Bai Luo doesnt have many hobbies, but eating food is one of them.


Bai Luo smiled. He quickly visualized the image and taste of chili powder, then the pouch became heavier.

Bai Luo glanced inside. Inside was a large quantity of fresh black pepper fruit.

Now, we cant finish it even if we eat it all day.


This worlds Chili powder is made from the fruit of a plant called black pepper.

Its fruit is very small. In fact, its half the size of a mung bean. Naturally, it meets the requirement of not bigger than a thumb of the sacred pouch.

Its really black pepper.

Uncle Saros picked up one and looked at it. He could easily judge the quality of these black peppers based on his experience, and they were all high-quality products.

He looked at the many black pepper fruits with a hint of delight. These arent simple fruits, its simply a pile of golden beads.

Each one is different.

Grabbing a handful of black pepper in his hand, Bai Luo examined it carefully and found that although the size and color of these black peppers were different, their appearance was excellent.

He thought about this before. Where do the seeds and fruits produced by the sacred pouch come from?


This is the first time Bai Luo had eaten black pepper in his life.

However, none of these black peppers were duplicates. All of them were slightly different, whether its in shape or size.Updated from novelb(i)n.c(o)m

Bai Luo didnt understand how the sacred pouch works, but it doesnt matter for the moment. Bai Luo didnt bother to think about it anymore.

How much pepper can you release at one time? Also 100 kilograms?

Well, no matter what kind of food I pour out from the pouch, the total weight will be 100 kg.

This is the basic description of the sacred pouch on the black book.

I used to roam outside and have been to many places around the world.

Back then, after the village was destroyed by bandits, I led our clan to settle here, on the one hand, to avoid the greed of the miracle masters, and on the other hand, to prepare a way out for our clan.

A way out?

The sea.

Uncle Saros said, Arden village is located in the limestone mountains, close to the southeast coast, and beyond, it is the ancient coastal city Hilull.

As long as we can get past that city and enter the sea.

Thats when the dragon enters the sea, Bai Luo followed his old uncles words: The sky is high and the ocean is deep! Well have a place in this world


Saros has long since been familiar with the strange words that occasionally pop out of Bai Luos mouth.

The ocean is incomparably vast, but because its area and population are quite small, it doesnt have many miracle masters.

The Arden clan is small, it can grow up anywhere.

Compared to the main continent, islands are more suitable for them.

What you said makes sense.

Bai Luo thought carefully and found that the old man was right. He now has the sacred pouch. Instead of directly fighting with the Iron Eagle Kingdom, it is better to strategically retreat.

With the sacred pouch in hand, they dont need to worry about food at all.

But there are still many problems, uncle Saros said,

Fortunately, we still have time. Well wait until Feiya comes before making a decision.


Later, Bai Luo discussed more major issues with the old man.

Uncle Saros is very knowledgeable. He was able to answer all Bai Luos questions one by one, clearing up Bai Luos thoughts.

Unknowingly, it was already dawn.

Lets stop here, for now, old man.

Bai Luo picked up the basic sacred pouch, smiled, and said, Next, we are going to prepare breakfast for everyone.

Father, brother, what are you guys doing here?

Inyas voice suddenly sounded, The two turned around to see her sniffing around. Her nose twitched cutely before turning around and looking at the two,

I seem to smell the smell of food, did you guys secretly eat something without me?


Bai Luo:

Why dont you talk?

Inya was just joking. They love her the most, giving her everything that is delicious. Its impossible for them to secretly eat something without her,

Im wrong, arent I?


Looking at the little girl speechlessly, Bai Luo said to Saros, The future of Arden is worrying.

The girl is an exception, she is particularly silly.

Is that so? Im relieved.

Inya didnt understand the feelings of the uncle and his nephew. She just wanted to eat breakfast now,

What are we eating this morning? Im hungry.