Chapter 14: The New Miracle

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Chapter 14: The New Miracle

Early next morning, the Arden village was once again shrouded in joy.

Soybeans boiled in a big cauldron. This is the breakfast Bai Luo prepared for the Ardennes the next day, soybean soup with white rice.

After drinking porridge last night, Bai Luo felt that he had to change to something else today.

Bai Luo immediately thought of the configuration of the breakfast stores in his previous life, such as soy milk, fried dough sticks, and steamed dumplings

Okay, none of them can be produced yet.

The second best option is to use animal oil from the clan as the raw material, then pour out various types of spices from his pouch.

Uncle Saros also used to cook before. He has considerable experience and solutions for their problems.

The old man picked a handful of spices and smelled them, then quickly selected the appropriate type and amount from the pile of spices and used them to remove the fishy smell from the animal oil.

Wow! Daddy can also cook!

Im also learning this for the first time.

But it smells really good

Bai Luo knew that he didnt have any competence in this area, so he handed this task to the old man.

Inya was naturally no different. The two sat behind uncle Saros, watching the old man meticulously prepare breakfast, with anticipation in their eyes.



Its not me! Its really not me this time!

The silly girl Inya quickly clasped her stomach and stated that she wasnt the one to produce that sound. Bai Luo turned his head and looked around, only to see that the villagers had already surrounded the courtyard of Bai Luos house at some point.

The current Bai Luo is the king of the Arden clan that everyone follows.

His identity is different from before, so even children such as Mia and Schuster, who were close to him before, didnt dare to step into the courtyard without Bai Luos permission.

Everyone, come in quickly, and look for a chai

Bai Luos words stopped upon realizing that his house didnt have 75 chairs,

Well, Find a dry place and sit down, breakfast will be ready soon.


The sound of swallowing saliva sounded one after another.

Most Ardennes are country bumpkins, even a bowl of soybean soup filled them with eagerness.


In the dim forest, the only light source was the bonfire that swayed with the one, crackling.


The eagles cries sounded in her ears, causing the woman who was closing her eyes to open them.

She had long silver hair and was wearing a gray-white windbreaker. Under the windbreaker was knight armor. She is Bai Luos elder sister, Issafeiya Vivian.

Issefeiya raised her hand, allowing the white eagle in the sky to fall on her arm, then took down the small animal skin roll tied to it.

[Something good happened in the village, come back quickly]

A good thing?

Elder sister Issafeiya took out a bean-sized white stone from her backpack. It was a riverbed stone that can be seen everywhere in the river in Arden Village.

I received the message, take this back.

Issafeiya gently handed some dried meat to the white eagle, then let it spread its wings and fly high.

The white stone is the secret sign of the Ardennes. It means that I am safe now. I received your message. Dont worry, I will come back.


Suddenly, a beasts growling sounded in Issafeiyas ears.

Under the moonlight, pale blue lights flickered in the darkness, greedily fixated on Issafeiya. Dark-furred creatures slowly walked from the dark forest like devils walking out from the abyss.

Its a monster called the Wilderness Black Wolf. They are over one meter tall, have sturdy, muscular limbs, and sharp fangs. They live mostly in large packs, rendering them one of the most dangerous beasts in the forest.

About twenty,

Issafeiya glanced around and roughly judged the number of black wolves.

She threw the animal skin roll into the fire pit, then acted as if she hadnt seen these monsters. She started sorting the items in her backpack, ignoring these monsters.

Normally, even a 50 man mercenary group will suffer great casualties upon encountering a pack of 20 wolves in the forest in order to repel them.This chapter is updated by nov(e)(l)


Issafeiyas complete lack of regard angered the pack of black wolves.

Mia, Schuster, Abaddon, and the other children all looked at the tofu in the oil with amazement, watching it slowly turn golden.

They regarded the process of deep-frying tofu as an unprecedented show, exclaiming endlessly.

This is normal. The Arden clan used to be very poor. Naturally, they didnt have so much oil to deep fry food.

It smells good.

What is this, it looks so delicious.

Obviously I just ate lunch, but I am hungry again! What should I do?

The staple food of the Ardennes is bread. They almost have no type of food that requires oil.

Oil is not cheap, to fill such a big pot and use it to fry just one meal like Bai Luo is extreme extravagance, making people want to slap him twice.

The reason that they have so much oil is that Bai Luo has poured out 100 kg of soybean 2 days ago.

As a result, Saros led the rest of the clan to extract oil from soybean, completely solving the Arden clan oil problem.

At the same time, Bai Luo wanted to build a stone mill, grind soybeans, extract soy milk and make tofu.

Unfortunately, Bai Luo didnt know how to do any of these.

However, he has uncle Saros!

Bai Luo just mentioned his thoughts to uncle Saros, and the old man immediately understood his intentions and solved all problems.

Bai Luo cant extract oil?

Its okay, the old man has extracted other vegetable oil before.

Bai Luo doesnt know how to build a stone mill?

Its okay, the old man listened to Bia Luos description, thought a little, then quickly figured out how to make one.

Bai Luo doesnt know how to make tofu?

Its okay, it took the old man just one night to configure the right recipe. The next day he made excellent white tender tofu.

In addition, the old man also figured out how to farm potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes must be cultivated first, and then planted.

As for the seeds of potatoes, after studying them for a bit, the old man did not wait for Bai Luo to explain how potatoes require tuberous stems to grow and said first.

This crop that is called potato, is it grown with stems?

Bai Luo couldnt fathom how the old man knew, but he was right. Planting tuberous stems is the correct way to farm potatoes.

However, seeds can also be used, but the yield is low and the variety is not good.

They can choose some good potatoes after planting them for the first time, then plant their tuberous stems.

Fried tofu is ready.

Bai Luo smiled and upon remembering a famous quote from his past life, Although it wont shine, it is also my proud work. (Shining food from Chuuka Ichiban).

Come on, everyone, try it, everyone has a share, one piece per person.

Bai Luo is like a gentle elder brother, serving each child a piece of golden and crispy tofu, then sprinkling salt and hot sauce on top of it.

This hot sauce is made with small red peppers.

Although red peppers arent exactly fruits, they can still be poured out from the pouch because their size does not exceed the size of a thumb.

Also, dont ask how the hot sauce is made.

Uncle Saros even managed to make soy sauce after some time, is it difficult for him to make hot sauce?

I want it too, I want it too!

Inya is obviously a big girl, but she still mingles with the children. She doesnt have the consciousness of a big sister at all!


Suddenly, Bai Luo heard the sound of pages turning in his ear. He was taken aback for a moment, then immediately said to Inya.

Inya, come and serve this tofu to everyone, I have something to do..


Inya happily took over the two extremely long chopsticks in Bai Luos hand, and said to the children proudly,

Now, General Inya has control over the tofu! If you want to eat this delicious food, I want to hear general Inya!

Bai Luo has long been accustomed to Inyas ridiculous antics. He quickly immersed himself into the depths of his consciousness.

In the next moment, the black book appeared again.

It was open, and on the second page that was originally blank, a new riddle, a new map, and a new countdown appeared.

The second miracle, Bai Luos eyes were filled with surprise and expectations,

Its coming!