Chapter 12: The Spice Equivalent to Gold

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Chapter 12: The Spice Equivalent to Gold


At the end of the meal. Although everyone didnt want to leave, it was only the beginning of spring, its still very cold at night. Even the superhuman Ardennes couldnt resist the cold blowing in the night for a long period.

Bai Luo asked everyone to go back first. They can come back tomorrow morning to discuss what to plant and how to plant it.

There arent many Ardennes, but now it is the dawn of hope. Everyone wants to contribute to this nation.

Its been hard for you.

Uncle Saros patted Bai Luo on the shoulder.


Go take a rest.

Bai Luos legs are still injured, but he stood forcibly all night today. He couldnt hold it anymore.

Brother, are we still going to have this rice porridge tomorrow?

After tasting such novel food, Inya became completely obsessed with it. She is looking forward to her next meal.

Yes, we wont be hungry in the future.


The life of the Ardennes had been very harsh in the past few years. Their physical fitness is much higher than ordinary peoples, but their food consumption increases accordingly.

Especially the Ardennes that reached Adulthood. If its simply to keep themselves alive, they need just two ordinary meals every day.

However, if they want to strengthen themselves and fully play out their strength, they need at least 3 times the food volume of ordinary people.

It is conceivable how difficult was the life of the Ardennes in the past few years.

Now, with the sacred pouch, the Ardennes can finally fill their stomach. When they arent malnourished anymore, they will become truly the elite of the elites, the kind that can fight against dozens to over a hundred ordinary soldiers alone.

Im so full and happy

Inya is a simple girl. When she is full, she falls asleep.

The words elegant or beautiful cant be reflected on her at all!

Obviously, she and his elder sister are relatives, and they look alike!

However, one is a temperamental goddess and the other is a sloppy wild girl, which makes people wonder if Inya is truly her younger sister.

Uncle, rest early too. From now on, our life will get better and better.

Bai Luo was also sleepy. He shares a room with Inya, but the two sleep on different beds.This chapter is updated by nov(e)(l)

In the middle of the night, Bai Luo was awakened by Inyas teeth grinding.

The quilts that the Ardennes use are quite thin, hence most of them wear thick clothes to sleep. Bai Luo turned around and saw the bundled Inya sleeping carelessly.

Her sleeping position was quite weird. She spread her limbs around like an octopus and drooled as she slept.

I cant eat anymore


I really cant eat anymore.

Inya muttered in her sleep.

Inya might look like an idiot, but she is quite a thoughtful girl. During the previous dinner, she only ate four bowls of porridge, restraining herself from eating any further and leaving more for the rest.

Obviously she is a beautiful girl, but unfortunately, her temperament completely clashes with her looks.

However, Bai Luo has always regarded her as his younger sister, so it didnt matter to him.

Sure enough, Elder Sister is the face of the Ardennes.


Suddenly, Bai Luo seemed to be aware of something. He collected his thoughts and looked through the window and into the courtyard.

Bai Luo noticed a figure sitting at the bottom of the stairs, smoking a cigarette.

It was his uncle Saros.

Uncle, you

Bai Luo walked out and came to the old man sitting by the moonlight, Whats wrong?

I couldnt sleep, so I came out to take a breath of fresh air and see the moon.

Bai Luo looked up, the sky was dark and the moon was obscured by the clouds.

Since the finished product is already available, it is only a matter of time to recreate it.


Bai Luo nodded in agreement, Then these two, potatoes and sweet potatoes, and this one, corn.

The varieties of seeds poured out by Bailuo, without exception, are modern crops that have been cultivated over hundreds, maybe thousands of years. They are absolutely excellent.

These are very high-yielding crops.

Oh? Is the output very high? how high is it?

Take this crop called potatoes as an example. Its yield per acre is 5,000 to 8,000 pounds, with proper fertilizer, and the highest can even reach 10,000 pounds.

Cough! Cough cough

Uncle Saros looked at Bai Luo with a shocked expression. E felt like he was listening to fairy tales,

How much did you say?!

Up to ten thousand pounds.

Hearing this number, uncle Saros almost crushed the pipe in his mouth,

Little Luo, are you serious?


Although there should be a slight difference due to the quality of the soil and lack of fertilizers, it indeed has such high yield in my memory. In fact, its even higher than that.

This sentence basically solved uncle Saross suspicion.

Because no one can truly understand the power of miracles. Although uncle Saros couldnt believe in such a ridiculous number, he absolutely believes in Bai Luo.

Whats more, Bai Luo is now the new patriarch of the Arden clan.

Now that Bai Luo has an idea, Saros must give his full support.

The Ardennes have been persecuted by the Iron Eagle Kingdom for 200 years, escaping genocide time and time again. Compared to such difficulties, what is it to wait for a year or two?

Let me study it first.

Bai Luo doesnt know much about farming. Uncle Saros is the expert, he grabbed the seeds and carefully examined them.

What about the cycle, how long does it take to harvest?

Bai Luo isnt very clear about this, his past life memory is very blurred. He could only roughly say.

Some can only be harvested in one season a year, some in two seasons a year, and some might be harvested every season. Im not sure about the specifics.

Its okay, we can slowly study this.

The Ardennes have time, and the old man has made a lot of preparations for this moment.

You said you can pour out the crops you have eaten from the bag, right?

After the old uncle finished speaking, he rummaged in the room before pulling out a dark powder. Bai Luos eyes immediately lit up upon seeing it,

Chili powder!

I understand!

Bai Luo knew the essence of the problem that his uncle had previously mentioned.

He was telling Bai Luo that although the pouch could support the agriculture of the Ardennes and even become the foundation of a nation, it would take a long time.

And before that, they must solve the fundamental problem of the Ardennes-food shortage.

The daily 100 kg of crops will definitely keep the Ardennes from starving.

But for everyone to thrive, and to pull out the maximum potential of the Ardennes, 100 kg is not enough.

Whats more, its undoubtedly very stupid to consume all the food the pouch can create every day.

Just planting potatoes and sweet potatoes have nothing to do with how many seeds Bai Luo pours every day.

It takes time.

It will take at least half a year to harvest.

What should they do within that half a year?

To develop, Arden needs a lot of important materials.

The power of the basic sacred pouch lies in its accumulation ability.

Hence uncle Saros reminded Bai Luo that they could pour out very valuable seeds and fruits, sell them, and buy back general grain.

Spices would be a great alternative. Theyre extremely valuable in the outside world.