Chapter 18: Buy Me a Low-grade Magical Tool!

Gu Yunyun could automatically ignore her niece, who became infatuated whenever she heard Ye Chen’s name.

“Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator’s function is beyond imagination, possessing unparalleled communication capabilities.

“I think we should equip the clan’s elders, executives, and important members with these devices to facilitate communication.

“With the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, any changes within the clan can be immediately reported and handled by the elders.

“If a clan member encounters danger, they can immediately notify the clan and request assistance.

“Besides, if there are any issues in our Gu Clan’s various businesses and properties, we can get the news immediately.


The Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator had endless uses.

For any major power, it offered unparalleled benefits.

Gu Yunyun had a long-term vision.

As soon as she discovered the effectiveness of the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, she had many ideas.

Now she formally proposed them.

The elders and ancestors nodded upon hearing her words.

The Gu Clan’s ancestor even spoke, “This item is indeed magical!

“I plan to go out to seek opportunities later. Once I close myself off outside, I don’t know how long it will be, and I’m uneasy about leaving the clan. With this Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, I can receive news about the clan at any time and set my mind at ease.”

The other elders naturally had no objections.

Seeing everyone’s agreement, Gu Yunyun thought for a moment, “Let’s buy 1,000 first, to be equipped by important family members!”

The ancestor shook his head, “We have nearly 50,000 people in the Gu Clan. How can 1,000 be enough! Give one to each person. otherwise, if outsiders find out, they’ll think our Gu Clan can’t afford it.”

Gu Yunyun’s mouth twitched, and she hesitated to speak, “Ancestor, the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator is a bit expensive. Let’s just buy 1,000 first!”

The ancestor was dissatisfied, “This low-grade magical tool has such incredible effects, of course, it’s expensive. But it’s just a low-grade magical tool, and it should cost no more than ten low-grade spirit stones!

“Can our Gu Clan not afford it?”

Gu Yunyun reminded him softly, “Ancestor, the price of the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator is one mid-grade spirit stone each!”


“One mid-grade spirit stone!!!”

The ancestor was shocked.

He wanted to say something, but thinking of the benefits of the Little Spirit Communicator, he fell silent.

Such a magical tool, with effects countless times better than the Great Mystery Sacred Land’s Heart Jade Talisman, was not expensive at all at one mid-grade spirit stone. In fact, it could even be considered quite cheap.

But buying 50,000 of them was out of the question.

He didn’t say anything.

The Gu Clan could afford it, but the expense was too large.

After all, the money earned by the Gu Clan had to be offered to the elders and take care of the entire family.

He himself was also probing the realm of Deity Transformation and needed a lot of resources for support.

So the ancestor waved his hand, “Forget it. Only equip the core family members and geniuses, and let the others work hard on their own.

“These years, the clan members have become lazy and complacent. Each generation is worse than the last. Let them figure out how to earn money to buy it and temper themselves!”

The ancestor’s reluctance to part with spirit stones made Gu Xun’er chuckle.

Gu Yunyun glared at Gu Xun’er and then looked at everyone. With a stern tone, she said, “I’ll send someone to purchase the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings later!

“Next is the matter of the Burning Rock Valley!

“Burning Rock Valley has always coveted our Gu Clan’s refining heritage, and they’ve been making moves constantly over the years.

“This time, they even dared to make a move against Xun’er.

“Our Gu Clan must wage war against Burning Rock Valley!”

By the end of her speech, a murderous atmosphere was boiling.

The ancestor immediately nodded, “Kill!”

“We must teach Burning Rock Valley a lesson. otherwise, wouldn’t anyone dare to make a move against our Gu Clan’s people in the future?”

The rest of the elders were also seething with anger.

In terms of unity, clans were more united than sects.

Immediately, the Gu Clan was swift and decisive.

They officially declared war on Burning Rock Valley!

However, before taking action, Gu Yunyun allocated a large number of spirit stones to an elder.

The elder was sent to the Heavenly Origin Pavilion in Great Seal City to purchase a large number of Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings.

They equipped themselves with the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator rings before the battle.

During the upcoming battle, communication would be extremely convenient.

Whether it was arranging ambushes for the clan’s powerhouses or issuing other commands, they could be delivered more quickly.

Such an advantage would bring earth-shattering benefits to the battlefield!

The Gu Clan and Burning Rock Valley went to war.

This news, like a hurricane, swept through the entire Great Yan Province.

The cultivation world had never been stable.

Conflicts were constant.

Top-tier forces were engaged in open and covert struggles.

Even the lofty Sacred Lands were no exception.

However, most conflicts were minor skirmishes and probes.

It had been a long time since a full-scale war like the one between the Gu Clan and Burning Rock Valley took place.

“It’s said that Burning Rock Valley lost three Golden Core elders in a single day, suffering heavy losses!”

“Burning Rock Valley’s Xuanjin Vein in the West Province was also attacked by the Gu Clan. The Golden Core elder who was stationed there fled in advance, and the Xuanjin Vein is now in the Gu Clan’s hands.”

“Gu Clan’s Patriarch Gu Yunyun fought a great battle with the Valley Master of Burning Rock Valley. The Valley Master was defeated and fled back to the sect, reportedly suffering internal injuries.”

“Even the Gu Clan’s Supreme Elder has come out, it seems like they won’t stop until one side is annihilated!”

“What did Burning Rock Valley do to provoke the Gu Clan to fight so desperately?”

The intensity of the battle shocked everyone who heard about it.

This was a life-or-death struggle for both parties.

What exactly had happened?

Soon, news spread.

Qi Leshan, the son of the Valley Master of Burning Rock Valley and a well-known genius in the Great Yan Province, coveted Gu Xun’er, the niece of the Gu Clan’s Patriarch.

He lured her into the Strange Fire Array and tried to make a move against her.

At the critical moment, the Gu Clan’s Patriarch arrived and saved Gu Xun’er.

With a single slap, Qi Leshan was killed.

But that wasn’t enough to vent their anger, so they went to war!

Upon hearing the details, everyone suddenly understood.

So, that’s what happened.

Many female cultivators who had once admired Qi Leshan now despised him.

In any world, men who used force to obtain women were looked down upon.

However, some people were curious, “The Strange Fire Array is the top formation in Burning Rock Valley, isolating everything, even the concentric jade pendants of the Great Mystery Sacred Land are useless. How did the Gu family head receive the message and go for rescue?”

Indeed… Burning Rock Valley was a top-tier power.

The Strange Fire Array was even more renowned.

How did Gu Xun’er, a late-stage Foundation Establishment, manage to contact the Gu Clan head within the Strange Fire Array?