Chapter 17: The Shock of the Ancient Family Ancestor!

The earth shook, and the Strange Fire Formation was broken in an instant. Looking up at the sky, a beautiful woman in palace attire was bathing in the sea of fire. The faces of two late-stage Golden Core elders changed drastically, and without hesitation, they turned around and fled. However, they couldn’t escape. Gu Yunyun flicked her finger, and the sea of fire behind her produced two fiery phoenixes. With a gentle chirp, the two late-stage Golden Core elders were engulfed.

The two late-stage Golden Core powerhouses fell without even making a sound. Their bodies and bones were reduced to ashes. The next moment, Gu Yunyun coldly swept her gaze over Qi Leshan. Under the pressure of the Nascent Soul powerhouse, Qi Leshan trembled, his face pale, and he knelt down immediately.

He couldn’t figure it out. He had done everything flawlessly. Gu Xun’er couldn’t possibly have contacted Gu Yunyun. How could she arrive so quickly? In front of him, Gu Xun’er looked disdainfully at Qi Leshan, “Can’t you figure out how I informed my aunt under the circumstances of the Strange Fire Formation cutting off all communication, even the heart jade pendant being blocked?”

Qi Leshan immediately looked at Gu Xun’er. Gu Xun’er’s lively eyes flashed, and she raised her jade hand, treasuring and rubbing the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator. “This is a magical tool created by Saint Master Ye Chen himself. It can penetrate the isolation of even secret realms. How could your Burning Rock Valley formation stop it?”

She continued, “You, a blind doer, how can you understand the greatness of Saint Master Ye?”

Qi Leshan’s eyes widened!

The function of the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator was actually true? It allowed Gu Xun’er to break through the seal of the Strange Fire Formation and contact Gu Yunyun! But how was that possible? It was just a low-grade magical tool.

At this moment, Qi Leshan doubted his life.

Above the sky, Gu Yunyun snorted coldly. A terrified woman involuntarily floated in the air. “Colluding with outsiders and betraying your own people, you deserve death!” The next moment, the woman was directly engulfed by the sea of fire. This woman was Gu Xun’er’s cousin, who had lured Gu Xun’er here.

Qi Leshan immediately knelt on the ground, “Ancient Senior, I was wrong. My Burning Rock Valley will definitely pay the price!

“I am the biological son of the Valley Master. Considering that I haven’t really hurt Xun’er, please spare my life, Senior!”

Gu Yunyun’s face was calm, and she gently pointed out a finger…

A dazzling fire lotus went straight towards Qi Leshan. The terrifying temperature made the void seem like an illusion. Qi Leshan’s heart turned to ashes. But at this moment, a big hand reached out from the void, “Please, Ancient Daoist friend, show mercy!

“My son has made a mistake, and Burning Rock Valley will later give you satisfactory compensation.”

The big hand directly blocked the lotus. Then, a figure in a green robe appeared. He waved his hand to take Qi Leshan away. The person who came was the Valley Master of Burning Rock Valley.

Gu Yunyun’s face was icy cold. Qi Leshan dared to make a move against Xun’er. It was impossible to say that there was no instruction from the Valley Master behind him. Now that the incident had happened, he still wanted to take Qi Leshan away?

The next moment, Gu Yunyun didn’t say a word and unleashed her full firepower.

Endless flame lotuses emerged from behind her and bombarded the Valley Master of Burning Rock Valley.

The Valley Master’s face changed, and he released a dazzling divine light to defend himself.

However, Gu Yunyun’s figure flashed.

In the next moment, she appeared in front of Qi Leshan and blasted a palm strike…

Qi Leshan, who was in a desperate situation, didn’t even have time to rejoice before he was once again plunged into despair.


Qi Leshan didn’t even have time to beg for mercy before he turned into a mist of blood!

His body and soul were both destroyed.

“How dare you!” The Burning Rock Valley Master’s eyes were bloodshot.

Gu Yunyun’s beautiful face was full of cold smiles. “How dare I?

“You, Burning Rock Valley, dare to make a move on Xun’er, what am I not daring to do?

“My Gu Clan, will wage war against your Burning Rock Valley today, and we will not rest until one side perishes!”

Burning Rock Valley was also a top-tier power.

The Valley Master of Burning Rock Valley was also in the middle stage of Nascent Soul.

But upon hearing Gu Yunyun’s words, he only felt a chill.

This woman was simply insane!

She insisted on fighting to the death!

After hesitating for a moment, the Burning Rock Valley Master snorted coldly. “Since Gu Xun’er is unharmed, and my son has already fallen, let’s put an end to this matter!”

Although Qi Leshan was his most talented son, he still had other descendants.

Waging war against the Gu Clan would bring more losses than gains.

After saying this, he turned and left…

Gu Yunyun coldly watched the Burning Rock Valley Master leave. She had Gu Xun’er behind her and couldn’t engage in a big battle, so she didn’t make a move.

But to let things end like this?

How could that be possible!

Gu Yunyun brought Gu Xun’er back to the Gu Clan.

She immediately summoned all the elders.

Even the Gu Clan’s ancestor was alarmed and came out of seclusion.

When everyone learned of Gu Xun’er’s ordeal, they were all furious.

Burning Rock Valley was also a top-tier power in Great Yan Province.

It was even a force that specialized in refining tools.

The Gu Clan and Burning Rock Valley had always been competing in the field of refining tools, and their relationship had always been extremely poor.

“How were you able to contact Yunyun through the barrier of the strange fire array that cuts off all communication methods?” The ancestor asked curiously.

Upon hearing this, Gu Xun’er raised her hand to show the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator.

The ancestor had never seen it before and was full of curiosity.

However, the other elders were all shocked.

Although they hadn’t bought one, they had basically all seen it.

Could this item actually penetrate the isolation of the strange fire array’s communication?

How could that be possible?

Noticing the ancestor’s confusion, Gu Yunyun explained, “Ancestor, this is the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator that the Sacred Land of Heavenly Origin has recently been selling to the outside world.

“It is said that it can communicate with each other in any place in the cultivation world and ignore all barriers.

“I thought it was impossible too.

“But when Xun’er was trapped in the strange fire array, all other communication methods, such as the jade pendant and my secret method, were blocked. But the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator could still be used normally.”

The Gu Clan’s Ancestor was also a master of artifact refining. Hearing this, he was incredibly surprised and immediately wanted to examine it. Gu Xun’er was reluctant to take it off, but Gu Yunyun smiled and handed the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator to the Ancestor.

The Ancestor carefully studied it, “Indeed, it’s just a low-grade magical item…

“The array patterns are so simple. It shouldn’t have such capabilities!

“But wait, there’s a special mark on it, as if it’s connected to something…

“This Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator itself doesn’t have such great functions. It’s the divine object it’s connected to that gives it these abilities.

“It’s really interesting that a low-grade magical item can do this!

“I wonder what kind of genius came up with such an unfettered idea.”

The Gu Clan’s Ancestor had lived for over six hundred years and had been immersed in artifact refining for his entire life, so he had seen many things. The many elders listened to his words and exchanged glances. They had previously mocked the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, but they didn’t realize that their judgment was poor. This was something even the Ancestor praised.

Upon hearing this, Gu Xun’er immediately excitedly said, “This was created by Saint Master Ye Chen!”

Hearing Ye Chen being praised, Gu Xun’er was even more excited than if she had been praised herself.