Chapter 19: The Inexplicable Little Spirit Communicator!

As cultivators discussed the clash between two top-tier forces, they were curious about how Gu Xun’er had contacted her family head for help. The Gu family was also a prominent refining clan, and the magical treasures they produced were highly effective. Could it be that the Gu family had developed a special communication treasure? If so, they wanted to buy a set too. After all, the world of cultivation was extremely dangerous, and no one knew what accidents might happen. If they could contact their elders for help at any time, it would be a dream come true for most people.

“It’s through the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land’s Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator that she managed to contact her family head,” someone said the truth when countless people were speculating. However, the person who said this was immediately met with ridicule.

What a joke.

The concentric jade pendants were useless within the Strange Fire Array.

How could the inferior Little Spirit Communicator possibly work?

No one believed it.

But someone spoke with conviction, “It’s true! Gu Xun’er contacted the Gu family head through the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator and was timely rescued.

“I have a close friendship with a Gu family elder.

“They told me.

“They said that the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator’s features were not exaggerated, not to mention the Strange Fire Array, even if one was in a secret realm, they could still communicate with the outside world.

“And it’s very convenient to communicate, as if face to face, much better than any message talisman or concentric jade pendant.”

At this point, the person paused.

“Moreover, let me tell you, after Gu Xun’er was attacked, the Gu family directly bought a thousand Little Spirit Communicator rings from the Heavenly Origin Pavilion in Great Seal City.

“They provided one for each of the elders, stewards, and core members of the family.

“The Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator is incredibly convenient, there’s no delay in delivering messages.

“Look at the battle between the Gu family and Burning Rock Valley.

“Burning Rock Valley was always on the receiving end.

“The strength of both sides is not much different, both being top-tier forces.

“But when they fought, the Gu family always had more people and quicker reinforcements. Why? It’s because the Gu family was equipped with Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators.

“Once an enemy is discovered, the message is directly transmitted.

“So in multiple clashes, the Gu family’s experts always arrived faster, and Burning Rock Valley was frustrated and kept retreating.

“Burning Rock Valley’s disadvantage lies in this.”

Upon hearing this, everyone started to ponder.


Burning Rock Valley and the Gu family were both top-tier forces with not much difference in strength.

But when they suddenly fought, Burning Rock Valley was always on the defensive and getting ambushed.

Everyone was initially puzzled.

Had Burning Rock Valley secretly declined over the years?

Now that someone had mentioned the Little Spirit Communicator, it seemed plausible.

“Is the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator really effective?”

“Did the Heavenly Origin Pavilion’s steward not deceive us?”

“I still don’t believe it, how could an inferior magical item have such an effect? Are you a shill?”

“Indeed, it’s unbelievable, but the day before the Gu Clan fought with the Burning Rock Valley, I did see the elders of the Gu Clan buying a thousand Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators. I initially thought the Gu Clan was trying to please the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land, but now it seems that the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator might indeed be useful.”

“Indeed, the Gu Clan is a top-tier power, and it’s also a refining clan. Their willingness to buy low-grade magical devices that cost a mid-grade spirit stone indicates that the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator must have its value. So, the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator is real.”

“If it’s real, even if it’s sold at the price of a high-grade spirit stone, I want to buy one. I can contact my family elders at any time, greatly increasing my safety. When I’m out, I no longer have to fear being ambushed by my enemies.”

“I’ll go check it out too. My senior sister and I are very close, but we’re separated now. If it’s real, I’ll buy two of them, give one to my senior sister, and we can contact each other at any time. Messaging talismans are just too slow, and they often lose information!”

“Let’s go take a look!”

Gu Xun’er relied on the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator to notify her elders and saved herself.

Moreover, the Gu Clan, with the help of the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, managed to outsmart the Burning Rock Valley time and time again.

As the two major forces went to war, news quickly spread throughout the various immortal cities.

Countless cultivators discussed it with great astonishment.

The news of Xiao Xun’er being saved by the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator had a significant impact on ordinary cultivators.

The world of cultivation was not safe.

After all, personal strength was paramount.

Even if you were a disciple of a major sect, if you were killed in a remote place, it wouldn’t help.

There were quite a few rogue cultivators who specialized in such activities.

They plundered resources.

No matter who you were, the son of a big figure, a disciple, or someone with an unusual identity.

After all, if they secretly killed you, and the news didn’t get out, who would know who did it?

So even the disciples of the major sects were cautious when doing tasks outside.

One careless move could lead to disaster.

If the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator’s function was real!

Those who take action would be wary.

After all, communication could not be blocked!

If they killed someone and their elder finds out it was you, there would always be ways to find you.

Not to mention major forces, with countless means and numerous affiliated powers.

Finding someone wasn’t difficult.

In an instant, countless people were tempted.

And rogue cultivators were even more tempted.

After all, the living conditions of rogue cultivators were more dangerous.

If they could contact their friends at any time, their safety would greatly increase.

Under these circumstances, countless cultivators immediately headed to the Heavenly Origin Pavilion…