Chapter 16: How Could You Possibly Contact the Outside World!

Xun’er had actually contacted her through the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator!

Gu Yunyun didn’t have time to be surprised. She immediately answered the call.

Xun’er’s voice came through in her sea of consciousness.

After hearing what Gu Xun’er had to say, Gu Yunyun’s killing intent intensified, as if it had solidified.

Her red palace dress seemed to be stained with blood.

Under this terrifying pressure, the clan members below the Golden Core Realm couldn’t even stand up.

“Delay them, I’ll be there right away!” Gu Yunyun coldly snorted.

At this moment, Gu Yunyun’s heart was filled with both rage and surprise.

Xun’er was indeed trapped by a large formation, isolating her from all external probing.

Regardless of her own secret techniques or the Great Mystery Sacred Land’s Heart-linked Jade Pendant, both were isolated.

But the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator could still communicate normally without any interference.

This was truly astonishing.

The functionalities of the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, as described by Heavenly Origin Pavilion, were all true.

It was simply incredible.

However, Gu Yunyun didn’t have time to think about this now.

Her figure moved like a flame, illuminating hundreds of miles of sky in red before disappearing without a trace…

The entire Gu clan looked at the sky, puzzled.

Why did their clan leader suddenly become so furious?

At the outer perimeter of the Ten Thousand Demonic Mountain Range…

Gu Xun’er’s pretty face was filled with anger, her lively eyes brimming with rage.

Previously, she had accepted an invitation from a distant cousin to hunt spirit deer in the Ten Thousand Demonic Mountain Range.

But she never expected that the moment she stepped into this place, she would be enveloped by a suddenly activated large formation.

She had been betrayed by her cousin.

The Golden Core middle-stage elder secretly protecting her had also fallen under the joint attack of two Golden Core late-stage enemies.

She glared at the young man in front of her, “Qi Leshan, how dare you? Is your Burning Rock Valley trying to start a war with my Gu clan?”

The young man called Qi Leshan wore a white robe.

He looked at Gu Xun’er’s sweet face and those slender, tight legs that were beyond perfect with a slight smile, “Start a war?

“No way!

“With Burning Rock Valley’s unique fire formation to isolate us, even a Deity Transformation realm expert wouldn’t be able to detect what’s happening here.

“I also have a secret technique that can merge my heart mark with your sea of consciousness. After the fusion, you will regard me as your master and devote everything you have to me.

“Your aunt won’t notice anything.”

Hearing Qi Leshan’s words, Gu Xun’er’s face turned pale.

“Despicable!” At this moment, that was the only word Gu Xun’er could say.

Qi Leshan didn’t care, “It’s your fault for being so perfect, yet not giving me any chance.

“Besides, once I take you down, it’ll be the same as obtaining the Gu Clan’s direct line inheritance of refining techniques. My Burning Rock Valley will advance even further.

“What’s a few insults in the face of such great gains?

“In the future, I’ll rely on you to swallow the Gu clan!

“As long as we absorb the Gu Clan, Burning Rock Valley will dominate the refining field, take over all immortal city markets, and gain vast resources. It’s not impossible for us to be promoted to the fifth Sacred Land.”

Qi Leshan was full of ambition.

Gu Xun’er’s heart chilled…

Qi Leshan was the son of the Valley Master of the Burning Rock Valley.

But without the guidance of the Burning Rock Valley Master, Qi Leshan would never be able to mobilize two late-stage Golden Core elders.


The Valley Master of the Burning Rock Valley must also be involved.

As she pondered this, Gu Xun’er tried to silently crush the Heart-Linked Jade Pendant to notify her aunt.

However, Qi Leshan had already noticed.

But he had no plans to stop her, “Xun’er, don’t bother. Inside this Strange Fire Array, Heart-linked Jade Pendants are useless, you won’t be able to notify your aunt.”

Gu Xun’er didn’t believe him and crushed the jade pendant anyway.

But there was no response.

This made Gu Xun’er’s heart sink.

Qi Leshan looked at the shattered jade pendant and chuckled lightly, “Xun’er, once I’ve condensed my Heart Seal, you’ll be mine. Although you’ll be serving me then, I’ll still marry you openly and treat you as my Dao companion.

“All because I like you!”

Having said that, Qi Leshan sat down cross-legged and began to condense his Heart Seal.

The thought of such an outcome made Gu Xun’er’s face turn pale, “You’re not worthy!

“I’d rather die than be with you, let alone be controlled by you.

“The Saint Master of Heavenly Origin Sacred Land is the one I long for. Compared to the Saint Master, you’re like garbage by the roadside, utterly disgusting.

“You’ll never have me.”

Gu Xun’er wanted to end her own life.

But how could Gu Xun’er, a mere late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator, manage to kill herself in front of two late-stage Goldened Core experts? In an instant, she was suppressed, unable to use the spiritual energy within her body.

Hearing her words, Qi Leshan’s face twisted with anger. He was a genius as well. At only forty years old, he had broken through to the Golden Core Realm, making him the next Valley Master of Burning Rock Valley. He could be considered a top-tier genius.

However, Ye Chen’s emergence overshadowed the brilliance of all other geniuses in the Great Yan Province. The 37-year-old Saint Master of the Sacred Land was a rare sight.

And the woman he desired had also been captivated by Ye Chen. She would rather die than be with him. This twisted his mentality even further.

Qi Leshan snorted coldly, and the speed at which he was forming the seals involuntarily increased, “Ye Chen is just lucky.”

“With the resources of the Sacred Land and the previous Saint Master as his master.

“If it wasn’t for those, I would definitely be stronger.

“He, the dignified Saint Master of the Sacred Land, actually designed a low-grade magical tool, which is laughable. It just shows that he’s good for nothing except cultivation.

“If it weren’t for his constant cultivation in the Sacred Land, he would have probably died young.”

Qi Leshan’s words were filled with jealousy. However, Gu Xun’er, hearing this, looked down at the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator in her hand.

Qi Leshan also saw the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator in Gu Xun’er’s hand, and his face grew uglier.

“There are actually fools who spend mid-grade spirit stones to buy low-grade magical tools.

“You really are infatuated with him. But it doesn’t matter. Soon, your heart will only have room for me.”

Qi Leshan stopped talking and focused on condensing his Heart Seal. No one paid any attention to the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator in Gu Xun’er’s hand.

After all, the Strange Fire Array could even isolate the Jade Pendant of the Great Mystery Sacred Land.

What’s more, a low-grade magical tool?

There was no need to worry at all.

But Gu Xun’er had full confidence in the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator.

She had just forgotten about it before.

Now, she immediately tried it and successfully connected to her aunt’s communication ID!

At this moment, Gu Xun’er’s heart was also filled with trepidation.

She believed that Ye Chen, the Saint Master, a genius of his kind, would not deceive others.

The things he personally designed must be effective.

A handsome and suave man like the Saint Master would never deceive others.

The next moment…

The communication request was accepted.

Gu Xun’er heard her aunt’s voice in her mind…

It really worked!

Gu Xun’er was overjoyed.

She immediately used her divine sense to inform her aunt of her location and situation.

At this moment, Gu Xun’er completely let go of her worries.

The distance between the Ten Thousand Demonic Mountains and the Gu Clan’s territory was only over eight thousand miles.

With her aunt being a mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, it would only take a few breaths to arrive at full speed…

Saint Master Ye was truly amazing.

The things he designed were indeed extraordinary.

No wonder he was the most dazzling genius of this era.

Gu Xun’er became even more infatuated with Ye Chen, whom she had only met once!

A few breaths later.

Qi Leshan completed the sealing.

He looked at Gu Xun’er with lustful eyes, “Xun’er, from now on, you are mine!”

The next moment, he spoke to the two late-stage Gold Core elders of the Burning Rock Valley, “Elders, please help me open Xun’er’s Sea of Consciousness.”

The two immediately nodded and were about to take action.

Qi Leshan held the Heart Seal in his hand, feeling ecstatic.

Everything was going so smoothly…

Gu Xun’er would soon be his.

In the future, the entire Gu Clan would belong to him.

Even the Gu Clan’s Patriarch.

Thinking of the beautiful figure of the Nascent Soul Patriarch, Qi Leshan’s heart was filled with passion…

In the future, he would have both aunt and niece serve him by his side!

However, the next moment.

The two late-stage Golden Core elders’ eyes widened in horror.

Before they could speak, a rumbling sound came.

The Strange Fire Array, which could withstand a strike from a Nascent Soul cultivator, shattered with a loud bang!

Qi Leshan looked up at the sky in disbelief, staring at the beautiful woman in red palace attire bathed in the endless sea of flames, utterly shocked…

How could this be?

Gu Yunyun, how could she come here personally!

I had prepared everything flawlessly. how did she find out?