Chapter 15: The Ineffectiveness of the Twin Heart Jade!

In the western part of the Great Yan Province.

The Gu Clan.

One of the eight great families of the Great Yan Province.

The eight great families were the most powerful among the clan forces.

All of them had Nascent Soul Realm experts in charge.

Among them, the Gu Clan was one of the top families, with a late-stage Nascent Soul ancestor.

Although this power was not significant in the face of the Sacred Land.

It was undoubtedly a top-notch existence below the Sacred Land.

At this moment, the Gu Clan’s family hall was holding an elder meeting.

A mature and beautiful woman in red palace attire sat at the top position.

She emanated an unfathomable and noble aura.

This person was the current head of the Gu Clan.

Gu Yunyun, at the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

The dozens of Golden Core elders present all look at Gu Yunyun with reverence.

Many of the younger ones had admiration hidden in their eyes as they gaze at Gu Yunyun.

Gu Yunyun’s beautiful face was calm and composed as she spoke, “The Yin Fire veins in our clan are about to be exhausted, and the production of Yin Fire Thunder Pills has greatly decreased.

“If we lose the Yin Fire Thunder Pills, our clan’s annual income will be reduced by 30%.

“Do any of the elders have a solution?”

Once this statement was made, the entire hall went silent.

The clan elders all furrowed their brows.

The Gu Clan had a unique refining technique that started from refining tools.

Ninety percent of the clan’s disciples could refine tools.

They could produce everything from magic tools to treasure tools.

However, the Gu Clan’s most profitable product was the low-grade spiritual tool, the Yin Fire Thunder Pill.

It had immense power, capable of unleashing a force comparable to a mid-Foundation Establishment cultivator’s full-strength attack.

Although it’s a single-use spiritual tool.

It was definitely the best trump card for Qi Refining and Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Therefore, Yin Fire Thunder Pills sold exceptionally well in the market.

However, Yin Fire Thunder Pills required a special kind of Yin Fire from the earth’s veins.

The Gu Clan has been mining it for a hundred years, and now it’s about to be exhausted.

If they couldn’t find a new source of income, the Gu Clan would no longer be able to produce Yin Fire Thunder Pills.

This was a major issue concerning all the clan members.

An elder pondered and spoke up, “Clan Head, our recently produced mid-grade spiritual tool, the Thousand Mechanisms Exploding Flower Rain, can instantly release thousands of spiritual needles, with a power comparable to a late-Foundation Establishment attack, making it hard to defend against.

“The Thousand Mechanisms Exploding Flower Rain sells very well in the market, and we’ve already sold over a hundred pieces.

“How about focusing on producing the Thousand Mechanisms Exploding Flower Rain as a replacement for the Yin Fire Thunder Pills?”

Quite a few elders nodded in agreement upon hearing this.

However, Gu Yunyun raised her beautiful eyes slightly, “The Thousand Mechanisms Exploding Flower Rain cannot replace the Yin Fire Thunder Pills!

“Although the Thousand Mechanisms Exploding Flower Rain is a powerful mid-grade spiritual tool, it’s too complicated to make, and the difficulty is extremely high.

“Only about a dozen people in the clan have the ability to refine it.

“The annual output is at most a couple of hundred pieces.

“Even if the Thousand Mechanisms Exploding Flower Rain can sell for the price of a high-grade spirit stone, the total income would be too low.”

Many Gu Clan elders sighed upon hearing this.

Business was tough.

Low-end magical tools had low profits.

High-profit crafts were difficult, and there’s no way to mass-produce them.

The ancient clan relied on Yin Fire Thunder Pills for 30% of their income.

Nowadays, it’s too difficult to find a product to replace Yin Fire Thunder Pills.

“If we could sell low-grade magical tools for the price of a mid-grade spirit stone, our ancient clan would definitely make a fortune.”

“Selling a low-grade magical tool for a mid-grade spirit stone? You’re thinking of robbery.”

“Didn’t the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land do just that? If they can rob, why can’t we?”

“Haha, you’re talking about the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, right? I really don’t know what the Saint Master of Heavenly Origin Sacred Land was thinking, daring to set the price of a low-grade magical tool at one mid-grade spirit stone. So confident.”

“Maybe they think they’re a genius, or since they are masters of the Sacred Land, so all the cultivators in the entire continent will give them face and rush to send them money!”

Many elders discussed the recent hot topic.

The atmosphere became more relaxed for a moment.

When Gu Yunyun heard this, her perfect and plump body burst into a chill. “Be cautious with your words. Is the Saint Master of the Sacred Land someone you can ridicule?

“If this reaches outsiders, are you not afraid to bring disaster to our ancient clan?”

Gu Yunyun’s words were like a basin of cold water, making everyone shudder.


Provoking the Sacred Land, even if their ancient clan was a top-tier family with a Nascent Soul late-stage ancestor.

It would be hard to escape destruction.

It’s just that the matter was too ridiculous, and there were too many people ridiculing it outside.

They got a little carried away.

Gu Yunyun’s majestic phoenix eyes swept over the crowd, shaking her head, “Let’s end the meeting here!

“All elders should think carefully about how our ancient clan should respond after the Yin Fire is completely depleted next year, instead of discussing the matters of the Sacred Land.”

Many elders felt the pressure of the Nascent Soul, cold sweat flowing, and hurriedly nodded, saluting and leaving.

Only Gu Yunyun was left, her eyes closed wearily.

Her slender jade hand gracefully massaged her temple.

As the head of the family, she had to be responsible for tens of thousands of clan members.

It was really laborious.

And the family elders mostly only knew cultivation and couldn’t share her burden.

How should the clan solve the problem of the imminent sharp decline in revenue?

Gu Yunyun thought for a long time but had no clue.

She decided to let it go for now.

“Where has Xun’er been these days?”

Lifting her hand, Gu Yunyun summoned a maid.

The maid replied promptly, “Young Miss said she received an invitation from a friend three days ago and went hunting for demonic beasts outside.”

Gu Yunyun nodded, revealing a hint of a smile.

Gu Yunyun once had an older brother.

He had an accident during an expedition, leaving only his daughter Gu Xun’er behind.

So Gu Yunyun treated Gu Xun’er as her own.

She raised her since childhood.

The relationship between the aunt and niece was as close as mother and daughter.

Moreover, Gu Xun’er had excellent talent.

At just twenty-seven years old, she had reached the late stage of Foundation Establishment, only one step away from Golden Core.

Gu Yunyun planned to wait for Gu Xun’er to break through to Nascent Soul in a few decades, then pass the position of family head to Gu Xun’er.

She gently raised her slender and fair jade hand.

On her delicate ring finger, she wore a black ring.

This was a gift from Gu Xun’er a few days ago.

It was the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator, which had recently become the talk of the entire continent.

When Gu Yunyun saw Gu Xun’er buy two Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicators, she felt rather helpless at the time.

Since last year, she had taken her niece to the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land, invited to witness the coronation ceremony of the Saint Master.

She had intended to let Xun’er gain some worldly experience.

But she didn’t expect Xun’er to become infatuated with that Saint Master.

After returning, she couldn’t forget about him.

So, when Xun’er heard that the Saint Master personally designed it, she bought two without hesitation.

Gu Yunyun and Xun’er had tested the rings, and they were effective within a hundred miles.

Communication felt as if they were face-to-face, truly miraculous.

But Gu Yunyun was certain that they would be ineffective beyond ten thousand miles.

Not to mention penetrating through the isolation of secret realms.

Low-grade magical artifacts could not possibly achieve such functionality.

Gu Yunyun couldn’t understand why the talented young Saint Master would make such a laughable decision.

But she didn’t bother to think about it.

It had nothing to do with the Gu Clan or herself.

Gu Yunyun planned to pick up Xun’er and take her to various immortal cities and markets to look for inspiration.

“Let’s see where Xun’er is!” She gently tapped her jade-like finger, and ripples flashed through the air.

However, the next moment, Gu Yunyun’s expression changed.

She had left a mark on Xun’er.

Within ten thousand miles, she could quickly sense Xun’er’s location.

But just now, when she urged her secret technique, she found nothing.

This wasn’t right.

After all, Xun’er was only in the late stage of Foundation Establishment and couldn’t have silently left so far away.

She immediately took out a jade pendant.

This was the Great Mystery Sect’s Heart-linked Jade Pendant, which was extremely expensive.

It could sense the approximate condition of the other pendant’s owner within a million miles.

If one of them was crushed, the other would break simultaneously.

Both parties could sense each other’s approximate location.

Gu Yunyun held the Heart-linked Jade Pendant, trying to sense Xun’er’s condition, but still found nothing.

Gu Yunyun’s eyes turned ice-cold.

She hesitated not and crushed the Heart-linked Jade Pendant.

However… there was still no reaction.

At this moment, Gu Yunyun’s expression completely changed.

Xun’er couldn’t have gone beyond a million miles.

So, the lack of reaction from the crushed jade pendant meant either Xun’er had entered a secret realm.

Or she was shielded by some powerful formations.

Either way, it spelled danger!

Gu Yunyun instantly soared into the sky, her killing intent piercing.

The terrifying pressure of a Nascent Soul cultivator burst out unrestrained, causing a stir among the entire clan.

Nobody knew what had happened.

“Xun’er, where on earth are you?” Gu Yunyun’s heart was filled with anxiety.

At this moment, she didn’t care about the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator on her hand.

It was only because of Xun’er’s face that she wore this low-grade magical artifact on her hand.

Now that both the mark and the Heart-linked Jade Pendant were being blocked, what use could a low-grade magical artifact have?

But the next moment…

Gu Yunyun’s expression changed…

Because her Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator had started to vibrate.

But the next moment… Gu Yunyun’s expression changed…

Because her Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator had started to vibrate.

[User number ** is requesting communication?].

[Would you like to accept the call?].

Cultivators had excellent memories, especially Nascent Soul experts like her.

A joyful expression appeared on Gu Yunyun’s face.

Because this communication number was indeed Gu Xun’er’s number.

Under the circumstances where Nascent Soul secret techniques and Heart-linked Jade Pendant were ineffective.

Xun’er was surprisingly able to contact her through the Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator!