Chapter 10: Transfer the Low-End Industry!

“The Dou Character Secret is truly profound!”

Seated in the immortal mansion, Ye Chen was comprehending the Daoist techniques awarded by the system when breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm. This was one of the few things the pitiful system could do that satisfied Ye Chen. As long as he was willing to spend money and chose the perfect breakthrough, it would randomly award some items. However, most of them were useless. But the Dou Character Secret, one of the Nine Secrets, was a rare top-tier secret technique.

The Dou Character Secret was an ultimate battle technique. It could evolve any offensive divine technique, with thousands of variations, and was considered the top offensive technique among the Nine Secrets. If Ye Chen could comprehend this secret technique thoroughly, he could ensure that he could perform 100% of his own strength. Just like an ordinary person, who needed to learn various techniques to exert force, only then could they deliver a perfect punch.

Most cultivators were limited by various reasons, unable to fully exert all their strength. Ye Chen, who had been breaking through too quickly over the years, focused only on making money and getting stronger, and had practiced too little on spells, unable to exert his full combat power. Now with the Dou Character Secret, it significantly enhanced Ye Chen’s strength.

Now that the Little Spirit Communicator had been introduced, Ye Chen could finally practice in peace after promoting the internet step by step, ensuring a continuous flow of income.

After three days of comprehension, Ye Chen barely managed to grasp the basics. However, before he could test the strength of the Dou Character Secret, the Little Spirit Communicator ring on his finger sensed movement. Scanning it with his divine sense, it was Elder Wang Changchun.

After the meeting that day, the elders present naturally had no intention of returning the communication rings to Ye Chen, and all pretended to have forgotten about it. Most of them even enthusiastically exchanged communication numbers, reminiscent of exchanging WeChat numbers with classmates in his previous lives. Especially the Golden Core Realm elders, who had obtained the communication numbers of more than 20 Nascent Soul Realm experts, were grinning with crescent-shaped eyes.

There was no choice, as having the communication numbers of Nascent Soul experts meant being able to contact them at any time. Although they definitely wouldn’t contact them casually, in case of any accidents, being able to contact these Nascent Soul experts would bring limitless possibilities.

“Saint Master, we can produce 100,000 Little Spirit Communicator rings every day, and we have already stored 300,000 of them,” reported Elder Wang Changchun, his voice filled with excitement. The enthusiasm for producing Little Spirit Communicator rings was high among the Sacred Land.

Refining a low-grade magical tool could earn ten contribution points, which was like giving away money. Moreover, the difficulty of refining Little Spirit Communicator rings was low, and a Foundation Establishment refining master could produce dozens of them in a day. So when the news was announced, disciples, stewards, and even some elders took the time to refine them. After all, the contribution points in the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land were of great value.

Learning spells, asking elders for guidance, exchanging for elixirs, and exchanging for spiritual and magical tools all required contribution points. There were not many opportunities to obtain contribution points so easily.

A daily output of 100,000 Little Spirit Communicator rings?

Upon hearing this number, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction.

The material cost of a Little Spirit Communicator ring was just one low-grade spirit stone.

If the ten contribution points given to the sect were also converted into spirit stones,

the cost of a Little Spirit Communicator ring would be ten low-grade spirit stones.

The selling price would be a hundred low-grade spirit stones.

This meant that the pure profit for each Little Spirit Communicator ring was ninety low-grade spirit stones.

A hundred thousand Little Spirit Communicator rings could bring a pure profit of nine million low-grade spirit stones to the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land.

Nine million low-grade spirit stones, when converted into mid-grade spirit stones, would be ninety thousand.

When converted into high-grade spirit stones, it would be nine hundred.

Nine hundred high-grade spirit stones a day, almost three hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones a year.

What kind of concept was that?

One should know that, even during the normal times of the Immortal Peach Tree and Creek Secret Realm, the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land’s annual income was only around three hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones.

When compared, the profits generated by refining Little Spirit Communicator rings were simply staggering.

No wonder Elder Wang from the Little Spirit Communicator’s side sounded so excited.

“Sect Master, I did the calculations, and as long as we keep refining like this, we can get at least three hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones a year.

“And this isn’t even the limit.

“Many outer sect disciples who were originally not interested in refining tools have started learning to refine tools for the sake of contribution points.

“In less than half a year, our production quantity can be even greater.

“I’ve already instructed the elders and deacons of the Refining Peak to put more effort into teaching refining knowledge and opened up a new mountain peak to draw earth fire and build more refining halls!

“As long as we keep this up, doubling our output in one or two years will not be a problem.”

Listening to Elder Wang’s words, Ye Chen helplessly rubbed his forehead.

Elder Wang was becoming obsessed, planning to have the entire Heavenly Origin Sacred Land involved in this.

However, Ye Chen could understand.

Elder Wang was a core member of the sect, wholeheartedly devoted to the development of the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land.

When the sect had money, more resources could be allocated to disciples and elders.

For most cultivators, resources were directly linked to their strength.

The more resources they had, the stronger they would be.

This couldn’t be denied.

However, this was completely against Ye Chen’s ideals.

Was the prestigious Heavenly Origin Sacred Land going to focus on refining Little Spirit Communicator rings from now on?

Refining disciples wouldn’t think about how to improve their skills or refine higher-level spiritual tools and treasures.

They would only think about how to refine more low-grade magical tools.

How could this work?

It was completely abandoning the essence and chasing the superficial.

This kind of dirty and exhausting work should be left to others in the future.

Ye Chen thought that maybe the contribution points were set too high.

Initially, he wanted to give the disciples some benefits.

But if most disciples ended up refining low-grade magical tools every day for the sake of resources, that wouldn’t be good.

He would reduce the rewards later.

And let others handle these low-end industries.

After all, the disciples of the prestigious Sacred Land were top talents, and they should be doing more meaningful things.

After some thought, Ye Chen decided to pour some cold water on Elder Wang’s enthusiasm, “Elder Wang, a daily output of 100,000 is enough.

“We cannot increase it any further.”

Elder Wang’s voice was filled with confusion, “Saint Master, why is that?”

Ye Chen sighed, “If this continues, our disciples will only focus on refining low-grade artifacts. After all, whether it’s learning alchemy or artifact refining, it’s all for the sake of obtaining more resources for cultivation.

“Now that refining low-grade artifacts can earn them so many contribution points, will they still be willing to improve their artifact refining skills and learn more about it?

“If this goes on for a long time, wouldn’t the disciples of our Heavenly Origin Sacred Land only know how to refine low-grade artifacts, and be no better than those from third-rate sects?

“Disciples from other Sacred Lands can refine spiritual artifacts or even treasure artifacts.

“Are we, the disciples of Heavenly Origin Sacred Land, only capable of saying that we can refine Little Spirit Communicator rings really fast? Can refine a hundred in a day?

“Isn’t that humiliating?”

Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Elder Wang Changchun was suddenly taken aback.


Indeed, the Saint Master’s words were frightening.

If the disciples of their esteemed Sacred Land could only refine low-grade artifacts, it would be a disgrace to their ancestors.

As the master of the artifact refining peak, he would undoubtedly be too ashamed to face anyone.

“Saint Master, you’re right!”

“But someone has to refine these Little Spirit Communicator rings, right?”

Elder Wang Changchun said with a headache.

Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Don’t worry, I’ll think about it.

“The artifact refining peak should continue refining Little Spirit Communicator rings as usual, but there’s no need to consider expanding production. A hundred thousand is enough.”

After chatting for a few more moments, they finally ended the call.

Ye Chen leisurely stretched and revealed a satisfied smile.

He would consider the issue with the disciples later.

Now, they already had 300,000 Little Spirit Communicator rings in stock!

The real money-making journey could finally begin!