Chapter 11: Official Launch!

Soon, the divine fire bronze bell of the Saint Master Peak rang three times, signaling the gathering of all elders. Hundreds of thousands of servants, disciples, and stewards in the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land all raised their heads and watched as hundreds of lights flew from various peaks towards the Saint Master Peak. They felt a mix of awe and pride, knowing that only their Sacred Land could have so many powerful individuals.

Previously, some disciples had been worried about rumors that the Sacred Land was running out of money. The rumor had spread widely, but now no one mentioned it anymore. In the past few days, the Sacred Land had instructed disciples skilled in artifact refinement to craft low-grade spiritual artifacts, rewarding them with ten contribution points for each. These contribution points could be directly exchanged for low-grade spirit stones at a 1:1 ratio.

With ten low-grade spirit stones, they could buy two or three low-grade spiritual artifacts outside. Many disciples who were learning alchemy and formations were considering learning artifact refinement as well. They believed this was the sect giving them benefits, and if the sect was broke, it wouldn’t be handing out such rewards. Thus, no one brought up the sect’s financial issues anymore.

On the Saint Master Peak, all the elders had arrived. Elder Wang Changchun took the lead, presenting a ring to Ye Chen. This ring was not one of the Little Spirit Communicator rings, but a storage ring containing them. There were a total of 300,000 Little Spirit Communicator rings neatly arranged inside.

Ye Chen scanned the contents with his formidable Nascent Soul consciousness and nodded in satisfaction. “Thank you for your hard work, Elder Wang.” He then turned to the External Affairs Elder and asked, “How are the preparations for our shops in various Immortal Cities and markets?”

The External Affairs Elder looked at the storage ring in Ye Chen’s hand, his eyes gleaming as he reported, “Reporting to the Saint Master, our 230 shops in the Sacred Land are fully prepared.”

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and handed the storage ring to the External Affairs Elder. “Then, let’s start delivering the goods today! Tomorrow, we officially launch the sale of our storage rings.”

All the elders present had a look of anticipation in their eyes. They had been using the Little Spirit Communicator rings for three days and knew their effects the best. Once the outside world of cultivators learned about the miraculous functions of these rings, it would definitely create a frenzy.

Thinking about the scene, all the elders were filled with anticipation.

One advantage of the cultivation world was the convenience of delivery. There was no need for high-speed rails, planes, or trucks. They could simply store the goods in storage rings and have them delivered by people, making it fast and reliable. In some Immortal Cities, there were even teleportation arrays for faster transport, much more efficient than Earth’s logistics system.

This was the first time the Little Spirit Communicator rings were being introduced to the market, and many elders volunteered to deliver the goods themselves. They planned to stay in the Immortal Cities to witness the sales. With the elders taking charge, the delivery speed became even faster. They could ensure that the goods would be distributed today and sales would start simultaneously tomorrow.

As dozens of streaks of light flew in different directions, Ye Chen and the elders squinted at the sky. The elders looked at the sky with anticipation, saying, “Our Heavenly Origin Sacred Land has never had a signature product in the field of artifact refinement. Thanks to the Saint Master’s wisdom, we finally have one now.

“After the reduction in Immortal Peach Leaves production, we stopped supplying them, causing a significant decrease in customers at various shops. Now, it will surely pick up again.”

“Three hundred thousand Little Spirit Communicator rings will probably sell out in a day. I bet my old friends will ask me to help them buy some.”

“Tsk, I have some close friends in the Hundred Flowers Sect. In a few days, I should send some rings to them.”

“Close friends? With your reputation back then, Old Du, I guess they must be your love interests.”

Many elders were full of confidence in the Little Spirit Communicator rings and had already started imagining the sales boom the next day.

However, Ye Chen didn’t think it would be that easy.

After all, it’s a new item, and its functions were too incredible.

Even with the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land’s reputation, it’s not guaranteed that many people would believe in it.

So, they still need to wait for word of mouth to spread.

But the popularity of the Little Spirit Communicator rings was inevitable; it’s just a matter of time.

Ye Chen wasn’t in a hurry.

Ye Chen was already contemplating how to expand the market for the Little Spirit Communicator rings after the product becomes popular.

To let more forces join the production and let the Little Spirit Communicator rings quickly spread throughout the cultivation world.

At the same time, he needed to find a way to curb the enthusiasm for refining low-grade magical instruments within the Sacred Land.

Previously, it was for breaking the deadlock.

Once more forces join the production, they would no longer produce such low-end products.

At that time, they would let their disciples and elders play with more high-end things.

Great Seal City…

One of the ten major immortal cities in the Great Yan Province, it was especially prosperous.

With millions of cultivators residing within, various sects from all over the place, major families, and even slightly larger loose cultivator forces would set up shops here.

And the number of stalls in the trading area was even more numerous.

It could be said that 99% of the items needed for cultivation could be found in this immortal city.

But the premise was that you have money.

At the center of Great Seal City, there were four immortal towers standing tall.

These four towers were filled with immortal aura and dazzling divine light.

The cultivators passing by hurriedly looked at these four towers with reverence.

It was because the forces behind these four towers were the four major Sacred Lands in the Great Yan Province.

They were undoubtedly the giants of the cultivation world.

Existences that no sect dared to provoke.

The items sold in their shops were undoubtedly rare treasures in the outside world.

Cultivators below the Golden Core Realm, who were not from a wealthy background, wouldn’t dare to enter.

However, these days, the business at the Heavenly Origin Pavilion of the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land wasn’t very good.

It couldn’t be helped.

The Heavenly Origin Pavilion had stopped selling Immortal Peach Leaves recently.

Many cultivators came for the effects of Immortal Peach Leaves and would also check out other pills and spiritual weapons.

At the same time, the supply of Golden Jade Pill, a pill highly sought after by Golden Core Realm cultivators at the Heavenly Origin Pavilion, had significantly decreased, and the price had increased by 30%.

The Golden Jade Pill was the best pill for the Golden Core stage cultivators.

However, as the price increased and it became harder to buy, the cost-effectiveness suddenly dropped.

All these factors contributed to the sharp decline in business at the Heavenly Origin Pavilion, and it fell behind the other three shops.

The neighboring three shops noticed the subtle changes and naturally guessed that there was a problem with the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land.

On the surface, it seemed like they minded their own businesses.

But in reality, they all wished for the other party to fail as soon as possible.

They enjoyed watching the Heavenly Origin Sacred Land’s embarrassing situation.

But today…

After the Heavenly Origin Pavilion opened, the other three shops noticed that the atmosphere at the Heavenly Origin Pavilion seemed somewhat different…