Chapter 9: Let’s Call It Little Spirit Communicator!

After enjoying the flatter for a while, Ye Chen waved his hand to quiet down the hall. He looked at the elder of the External Affairs Department and said seriously, “The External Affairs Department should also start purchasing and stockpiling Iron Essence from the outside world!”

Iron Essence was a basic material for crafting magical tools.

Hearing this, the elder of the External Affairs Department frowned, “My Lord, our Heavenly Origin Sacred Land has its own Iron Essence mine, and our sect has stored a large amount of it, enough to ensure the production of storage rings. There’s no need to buy it from the outside.”

However, Ye Chen shook his head, “The Iron Essence we buy isn’t for crafting our own rings. I have other uses for it.”

In Ye Chen’s view, it’s impossible for him to make all the communication rings himself. The Heavenly Origin Sacred Land was vast, but how many could be made even if all the craftsmen within the Sacred Land were exhausted?

With the Sacred Land’s production rate, if he wanted everyone in the Great Yan Province to have a Little Spirit Communicator and use the internet, he didn’t know how long it would take.

So, in the future, more forces would have to participate through subcontracting or cooperation. However, Ye Chen didn’t feel like explaining more.

The cultivation world’s approach to business development was different from that of Earth. The elders within the Sacred Land still didn’t understand that manufacturing wasn’t the most profitable industry.

As long as you control the core technology, everyone works for you and makes money for you.

Ye Chen didn’t explain, and the elder of the External Affairs Department didn’t say more. The Lord had already proven his abilities, so the elders didn’t need to interfere. They nodded in agreement.

Ye Chen then looked at Elder Wang Changchun again, “Elder Wang, you need to motivate our sect’s craftsmen to produce as many communication rings as possible in the coming days.

“The sect’s recovery price of ten contribution points per ring is already quite high.

“I want to see the production.”

Elder Wang Changchun immediately nodded, “Don’t worry, my Lord, we won’t disappoint you.”

The contribution points of the Sacred Land were very valuable. Crafting a low-grade magical tool could earn ten contribution points, which was quite a profit. It’s estimated that once the news was out, even disciples who were not originally interested in crafting would come to learn this skill.

Hearing Elder Wang’s words, Ye Chen turned to the elder of the External Affairs Department, “The External Affairs Department should also be prepared.

“When the number of communication rings produced by the sect reaches a certain amount, immediately put them on the shelves of our stores throughout the continent, placing them in the most conspicuous position.

“The store managers and disciples should also be trained in advance, so they can explain the magical features of the communication rings to customers.”

The elder of the External Affairs Department also immediately nodded.

Ye Chen thought for a moment, and it seemed that there was nothing else to do. He waved his hand, ready to end the meeting.

However, Elder Wang Changchun spoke again, “My Lord, does our communication ring have a name? Should we just call it a communication ring?”

The other elders were also curious.

Indeed, such a revolutionary magical tool must have a catchy name.

Everyone looked at Ye Chen with bright eyes.

Ye Chen’s mischievous side emerged, and he smiled slightly, “Well, let’s call it a mobile phone… No, let’s call it Little Spirit Communicator, Heavenly Origin Little Spirit Communicator!”

Hearing this novel name, the elders pondered.

Little Spirit Communicator?

At first glance, the name seemed ordinary.

However, upon closer thought, it had a certain charm.

The financial issue of the Sacred Land was resolved.

The elders returned to their places with relief.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen returned to his own immortal mansion.

He did not cultivate.

Instead, he sat by the tea table, sipping tea and sighed, “Ah, others who traverse realms strive to cultivate, while I’m working hard to make money. I don’t have a trace of immortal aura.

“How vulgar and unbearable.”

In the year since he had ascended to power, Ye Chen had spent most of his time exploring the treasures within the forbidden grounds of the sect, studying the mysteries surrounding the immortal tools.

As a beginner in the Nascent Soul Realm, Ye Chen naturally did not qualify to become the master of an immortal tool.

In fact, after the death of the Heavenly Origin Immortal, no one became the master of the Heavenly Origin Immortal Book.

The master of an immortal tool could only be an immortal.

So Ye Chen had to rely on the authority of the Saint Master to study and understand, eventually making these discoveries.

When he was staying up late to overcome obstacles, Ye Chen felt as if he had returned to his bitter days as a programmer in his previous life.

Ye Chen did want to travel like a cultivator in a novel, exploring and adventuring with fairy-like grace and befriending immortal women…

But Ye Chen’s system wouldn’t allow it.

That’s right.

Ye Chen had a system.

Although Ye Chen had achieved Nascent Soul Realm in just twenty years mainly due to his hard work, he had to admit that his system had provided him with some small assistance.

However, Ye Chen’s system may be extremely powerful, but also extremely frustrating.

The name alone was indicative of its nature: the Pay-to-Win Cultivation System.

The system function was simple.

As long as you spent money, you could break through realms.

As long as you had money, becoming immortal was not a problem.

But the problem was, it was too expensive…

Truly too expensive.

Even now, as the Saint Master, Ye Chen found it unbearably expensive.

There were cheaper options, of course.

For example, Ye Chen’s system interface currently displayed three choices.

“Break through to the mid-Nascent Soul Realm!”

“Ordinary Breakthrough: 10,000 high-grade spirit stones (Choosing an ordinary breakthrough will affect your potential, unable to break through after reaching the Spirit Severing stage!)”

“Excellent Breakthrough: 30,000 high-grade spirit stones (Choosing an excellent breakthrough will affect your potential, unable to break through after reaching the Great Ascension stage!)”

“Perfect Breakthrough: 100,000 high-grade spirit stones (Choosing a perfect breakthrough will not affect future realm breakthroughs and comes with a random Dao technique!)”

How should he choose?

The first two cheaper breakthrough options would affect his future potential.

This would lead to the termination of his immortal path in the future.

They definitely should not be chosen.

He had to aim for perfection and choose the perfect breakthrough.

But a total of 100,000 high-grade spirit stones was equal to one-third of the Sacred Land’s annual income.

Not to mention the Nascent Soul Realm.

Even if he were to reach the Spirit Severing stage, selling all his assets would barely be enough to gather that much money.

That’s why it was a frustrating system.

It was precisely because of this frustrating system that Ye Chen had no choice but to spend his days thinking about how to make money in a vulgar manner.

“Let’s get the Spirit Communication up and running quickly…

“Once the Spirit Communication becomes widespread, we can start working on the internet.

“Learn all the money-making methods of internet companies like Penguin, Ali, and Pig Farm, and I should be able to earn enough money to support my path to immortality, right?” Thinking about this, Ye Chen’s eyes filled with anticipation.

After all, although the system demanded a lot of money, its effects were truly amazing. In these twenty years, every breakthrough Ye Chen made was nothing short of perfect. From Heavenly Dao Foundation Establishment, Nine-Colored Golden Core, to Supreme Nascent Soul, each realm reached the pinnacle for cultivators.

Ye Chen’s foundation could be said to be the best in the entire cultivation world, and this was directly reflected in his combat power. Although Elder Wang Changchun, who was at the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm, was two minor realms higher than Ye Chen, it felt like Ye Chen could take on three of Wang Changchun’s level in a real fight…

This was the advantage of having perfect breakthroughs all the way. Even when facing Sacred Land’s elders, he could still defeat higher realms. However, behind this strength laid the support of countless spirit stones…

Back when he broke through to the Supreme Nascent Soul Realm, Ye Chen secretly sold all his family property, even sweeping clean his teacher’s collection. His storage ring had long been empty. Ye Chen was confident that in the entire cultivation world, he was the poorest Nascent Soul cultivator, without a doubt.

So, he needed to make money quickly…