Chapter 539 Grand Wedding

Chapter 539 Grand Wedding

Looking at him again after so many years, Rosalie felt an insane wave of emotions she had never experienced. These emotions were difficult for her to describe in words.

Rosalie maintained her calm expression, looking into his sharp eyes even though she felt like her knees were giving up on her.

After a few more seconds, she said softly, though her tone issued a silent warning, "If you only want to look at me without talking, you might as well go!"

She turned her body to fix her gaze on the clear lake while attempting to calm her mind. But shaking off the fear and worry that enveloped her heart was thorny.

For some unknown reason, she felt ashamed of herself because, in the first place, she approached him with evil intentions, wanting to kill him. How dare she present herself before him!?

Rosalie's hand clenched tightly, feeling anger towards herself and the scenario life had given her.

'God! I didn't ask for anything this time. I didn't hope this man would fall for me again. However, I hope he doesn't hate me. After all, this man is the father of my—" Before Rosalie could finish her prayer, she felt a hand on her waist. In an instant, she was between his arms, her head resting on his firm chest. His tight embrace shocked her, but she didn't refuse him.

"I'm sorry to have made you suffer like that, Rosalie Withers..."

She could hear his voice tremble above her.

"I'm sorry to have found you so late. I'm sorry for everything you have experienced in the past year. I'm sorry—" Roland's voice faded as Rosalie's slender finger landed on his lips.

"Stop!" Rosalie said. Despite still being in his arms, she didn't push him away. However, she looked up to lock eyes with him. "This is all because of me. It's not your fault, Roland... Please don't say those words; they break my heart."

Before Roland could say something, Rosalie continued, "In the past, I approached you because—" This time, her voice trailed off when Roland hushed her with his finger.

He smiled at her before answering, "I know everything. Our daughter tells me everything, and I don't mind what happened in the past," He paused when he saw her eyes slightly red.

"God might punish me with heavenly thunder if I'm angry with you. You're my savior. If it hadn't been for you deciding to stop, I might not be in this world anymore because I would never refuse even if you took my life..." His hand slowly slipped to her neck, gently rubbing her soft, blushing cheek with his thumb.

Touching her again after so many years stirred something in his heart. He could hear his heart beating loudly, overwhelmed with emotions upon meeting and feeling her again.

Rosalie was utterly stunned, gasping in surprise to hear his words. See how sincere his eyes were now, enough for her to believe he was not lying.

'He's not lying!' Rosalie was stunned to realize that what Scarlett said was true. Roland did not harbor any anger towards her at all. 'God, thank you. I only need this.'

Instantly, Rosalie felt the heavy burden hanging in her heart lifted. Overwhelmed with blissful emotions, she turned away from him while smiling happily — unable to show him how happy she was now.

However, Roland didn't let her rejoice in silence. His fingers touched her chin and gently made her look back at him.

They both locked their eyes for a few more seconds without saying a word, just communicating through their loving gaze.

After some time, Roland finally said, "Rosalie Withers, can we forget what happened in the past? Can we skip all of that and start a new chapter again?"

A serious glint radiated from his eyes, making Rosalie's heartbeat unnaturally beat because what she wished for was the same as what he was saying. noVe(lb/In

For her, she didn't want to dwell in her past again because they waste too much time and are too old to do so.

"I agree with you, Roland. I agree—"

"—Really!?" Roland asked. He did not give her time to finish her sentence. He was so excited.

She nods while smiling, feeling amused looking at this man, still the same as the man he met in the past.

"Rosalie Withers, let's get married..." Roland proposed. "Before you run away from me again..."

Rosalie was taken aback hearing his sentence.

'Isn't he too hasty? Why is he directly asking me to marry?' she feels her heart beat even faster and louder, wondering if they got married and this man became her legal husband.

"Please say something," Roland pressed her.

"We've already missed out on a lot of time, and... I don't want to lose more time that could be spent with you," She paused to smile at him. "Ummm... What... I'm trying to say I'm not avoiding your effort. I mean your proposal." She continues.

Instantly, a big smile appeared on Roland's face, too happy to hear Rosalie's answer.

"Thank you, Rosalie... This time, I will make sure no one will stop us. I will?arrange a grand wedding for you."

Rosalie was afraid to imagine a grand wedding, "Roland, no. A wedding ceremony at our age feels slightly awkward. Let's skip it!?"

"You deserved a grand wedding, my love. And you don't have to worry. I promised you it wouldn't be awkward. As long as you say YES, I will care for everything..." He smiles lovingly at her.

Rosalie doesn't have a chance to refuse him. She nods and softly answers, "Yes, let's get married."

Roland happily responded by pulling her into his arms and hugging her tighter; he wanted to always hold her like this.

Now, his mind was so busy planning to give her the most beautiful and magnificent wedding she had ever imagined.


While inside the house. Scarlett giggled, looking at her parents, who had now solved their matter. She feels happy for them. She wanted to go outside and congratulate them, but Xander held her.

"Wifey, don't go to interrupt them. We better go upstairs to make a baby..." Xander's words struck her deeply. She froze when she realized something.

She was so busy looking for her mother and forgot about her late period. Just now, hearing Xander's words shocked her.

"Xander, I haven't had my period yet—"