Chapter 538 Finally, Roland Met Rosalie

Chapter 538 Finally, Roland Met Rosalie

Several days later,

A lot had happened around Scarlett in the past few days since she found her mother.

Although news about Allaistar Parker was not heard in the media, there was an uproar over Allaistar's arrest in the royal family. The punishment for Allaistar had finally been decided: a death sentence.

Devastated by the embarrassing incident in her family, Melinda Gilwynn refused to meet anyone, including Roland and Scarlett. She locked herself at home.

Meanwhile, Theodor is suspected of involvement in the murder case that almost took Scarlett's life at the Canadian border several years ago. He had to be put under house arrest.

Scarlett knew Theodor was innocent. She tried to help him a few times by talking to Simon and her father, but they couldn't do anything. They only promised that Theodor wouldn't face severe punishment.

Sympathizing with Theodor and her aunt, Scarlett felt reluctant to leave the house in the last few days.

She spends much time with her mother, helping her adapt to everyday life after years of living like a criminal, hidden and unable to socialize.

Despite the sadness regarding Aunty Melinda and her family, something brought Scarlett immense joy. The removal of the poison from her mother's body, as well as her father's improved health. Nowadays, her father is healthier than ever.

However, one thing exhausted Scarlett: her father called her almost every hour to ask permission to meet her mother. Strangely, even now, her mother refuses to meet her father. It makes her puzzled.

But today, Scarlett ran out of excuses. She no longer had a solid reason to forbid her father from coming to her house.


Scarlett stood by the window, gazing at the lake and watching her mother enjoy tea on the backyard patio. Lost in thought, Scarlett had been standing there for several minutes without saying a word.

Beside her, Xander felt concerned. He knew his wife was facing a headache dealing with her parents' situation. He longed to help her but couldn't take sides.

"Babe, what's your plan now? You know your father is coming here, right!?" Xander asked curiously.

Scarlett turned to him with a faint smile. "Mmm, I know. But, Hubby... this time, I don't want to interfere. Let them solve their own problems."

Xander nodded in agreement with Scarlett; they shouldn't get involved because Roland and Rosalie were mature enough to handle their own issues. He placed his hand on Scarlett's shoulder as they both returned their gaze to Rosalie again.

Not long after...

Footsteps sounded from behind. Scarlett turned her head to see Logan walking towards them.

"Ma'am, your father just arrived," Logan announced.

"Hmm, thank you, Logan," Scarlett said, stepping out to greet him.

As Scarlett reached the main door, a black Bentley pulled up. She saw her father and his butler stepping out of the car.

"Father, welcome..." Scarlett warmly greeted him while Xander shook hands with him.

With a constant smile, Roland seemed excited as he accepted their greetings. He was particularly pleased because today was the day her youngest daughter finally allowed him to visit her house after his persistent requests, even though she had been refusing him almost daily.

"Where is your mom?" Roland's voice sounded enthusiastic as he followed Scarlett and Xander into the house.

Upon reaching the empty living room, Roland's expression stiffened; he didn't see Rosalie.

"Why is your mother not here?" He asked while looking at Scarlett.

"Father, I'm sorry... But my mom still hasn't permitted you to meet—" She felt remorseful witnessing her father's disappointed expression.

"What!? Why? Why did you allow me to come if your mom still doesn't want to meet me?" Roland's heart ached, knowing Rosalie was still reluctant.

Roland already knew Rosalie's reason for refusing to meet him. And he had mentioned to Scarlett that he didn't mind it. He wanted to meet and talk to her, but for some reason, Rosalie still refused. This left him confused.


"Because I'm tired of being caught in the middle of both of you..." Scarlett shook her head slowly, a bitter laugh escaping her lips. "Father, I won't meddle in your affairs anymore. You better woo my mom and try to win her heart back."

Roland was speechless hearing Scarlett's words. However, he didn't refute her idea. He was determined to do anything to make Rosalie accept him again.

He smiled while gently patting Scarlett's head. "Where is she? Let me meet her first," he said confidently. If Rosalie previously fell in love with him at first sight, this time, he believed it could happen again.

A proud smile slowly appeared in Roland's eyes as he followed Scarlett toward the back door leading to the garden behind the house.

Scarlett paused before opening the door, returning to take in her father from head to toe.

She was impressed to realize how handsome her father was; his red hair was now trimmed short, his face radiant, and he wore the best suit she had ever seen. Previously, she had always thought of her father in his early sixties, but now, she saw him as if he were still in his late forties.

"W-Why are you looking at me like that?" Roland was worried to see Scarlett observing him without saying a word.

Scarlett smiled at him. "Father, when someone said you were handsome in the past, it was hard for me to understand because you always looked messy and didn't care about your appearance. However, looking at you now, I agree with them. You are indeed handsome..."

Roland couldn't help but laugh at her praise.

"I will not go out with you. My mom is on the patio near the lake. You can approach her..." She said, opening the door for him. "Good luck, father..."

"Thank you, Scarlett..." Roland replied and walked toward the lake.

Though Roland's expression seemed calm at the moment, inside him, it felt like war drums were beating. His heart beat irregularly the closer he got to the patio. When his gaze fixed on the short-haired woman sitting in the chair, his steps quickened, coinciding with the woman turning to look in his direction. His blood rushed to his heart when their gazes met.

Roland could see Rosalie slowly standing up from her chair. n))o/-V)-e)-l.(b/-1-/n

His steps halted several paces away from her as their gazes locked, shocked and at a loss for words. They entered a staring contest, with neither willing to budge.