Chapter 540 Very Grateful With Her Life (END)

Chapter 540 Very Grateful With Her Life (END)

Five Years Later.

When the other family was having dinner at their house, Scarlett and her family were not. Instead, they were a few thousand miles above sea level in a private plane, heading to X country.

Their visit was to attend the upcoming wedding of Rex Morrison and Casey Adams, set to take place in a few days. Simultaneously, Rosalie Withers made her first return to the country since her epic reunion with Scarlett and Roland Gilwynn five years ago.

Rosalie never dared to set foot in her beloved country because of her status as Rosalie Withers—legally declared dead several years ago.

She feared being recognized as alive might draw her enemies back, causing potential harm to the people she cared about the most. This fear troubled her greatly, as she didn't want her daughters Scarlett and Roland to suffer again because of her dark past.

Rosalie needs extra time and a lot of thinking to return to X, and the present moment seems opportune as Scarlett is scheduled to attend Rex's wedding.

This time, she intended to return under a new name—following her marriage to Roland, Rosalie decided to change her name to Rosalie Gilwynn legally; not only her but Scarlett also now used Gilwynn as her surname.

Although Rosalie hadn't returned to X for five years, her brother Noah Withers never missed a chance to visit her. He was also present at her small but grand wedding.

Over the past five years, that and other significant events have considerably impacted Scarlett and Xander.


Flying long distances made Scarlett cherish her peaceful moments with Xander in their bedroom. They are watching a romance movie. These relaxing times were rare for them lately.

However, halfway through the film, a knock on the door diverted Scarlett's attention while she was in Xander's arms.

"Who?" she shouted, feeling reluctant to leave the bed.

"Scarlett, it's me," Roland shouted from outside.n()O./v-)e((l/(b//I))n

Stunned to hear her Father's voice, Scarlett exchanged glances with Xander. "Why did Father call me?" she whispered, but Xander didn't know either. He shook his head, unable to answer her.

Not keeping her Father waiting, she promptly left the bed and opened the door. "Yes, Father, why are you looking for me?" she asked, confused.

Roland faintly smiled upon seeing Scarlett finally appear. They had been flying for two hours, and his daughter had stayed in her room. He started worrying she might have forgotten something.

"Scarlett, did you forget something?" Roland asked.

"Forgot something?" Scarlett repeated her Father's question.

"Yes, Yes... Did you forget something?" Roland asked again, feeling helpless. Since Scarlett had twin children, his life had become challenging as the twins always drew his wife's attention. What made him even more miserable was that his daughter didn't help him; she let her twins dominate Rosalie, just like now.

Scarlett briefly pondered, recalling if she had forgotten something at home. However, after thinking, she realized she hadn't forgotten anything.

Frowning at her Father, she said worriedly, "I don't think I forget anything, Father. Did you forget something?"

Roland, "..."

Trying to ease her panicked Father, Scarlett smiled and patted his arm, saying, "Don't worry, Father. You can call someone at home and send it to X..."

"It's not me. But you," Roland said, noticing that his daughter didn't understand what he meant. Changing the question, he asked, "Let me ask you again. Did you forget you already have a child? Two children!?"

Before Scarlett could respond, she sensed Xander standing behind her. He apologized, saying, "Father, sorry for the trouble. I'll take care of the twins..." He placed his hand on Scarlett's shoulder and whispered to her after watching Roland walk away with a blissful smile.

"Babe... Go, get our child. Your Father wanted to spend time with your mother." Xander chuckled as he saw her gasp in shock.

"Heaven! How could I forget about that?" She laughed while rushing toward her parents' room.

When Scarlett entered her parents' bedroom, what she saw surprised her. Her mother was peacefully asleep on the bed with the kids. At the same time, her Father sat on the sofa, looking at her with an expression that seemed to say — Take away your kids quickly. I need to sleep with my wife.

Scarlett swallowed hard, her throat feeling dry. She glanced apologetically at her Father. Now she understood why he had called her; the twins had taken his wife's attention.

'Oh my! Mom, can't you give more attention to my dear Father?' she chuckled inwardly. All this while, her mother's attention had been devoted to the twins, leaving her Father with less time.

Scarlett signaled for Xander, standing at the door, to come in and take their child. She couldn't carry both kids as they had gained more weight; they were a bit chubby for four-year-olds.

As Scarlett and Xander moved the kids without waking them, Rosalie slowly opened her eyes. Seeing Scarlett and Xander near the bed with their child on their shoulders surprised her.

"Why did you take them?" Rosalie asked, confused.

Scarlett rolled her eyes. "Mom, can't you give your husband some attention? He needs more here," she said with a playful grin.

Rosalie was startled as Scarlett whispered. She glanced at the sofa and noticed Roland's gloomy expression. She hurriedly gestured for Scarlett and Xander to leave the room and called Roland to join her on the bed.


They settled their kids on the bed, but as soon as they touched the mattress, the children's eyes slowly opened, confusion written on their faces. They looked at their parents as if questioning them with their eyes, "Why did you move us here?"

Sitting at the edge of the bed, Scarlett gently held their chubby little hands. She smiled affectionately at her adorable daughter, Ella, and her cute son, Ethan. Scarlett and Xander's children are fraternal twins.

"Ella, Ethan... it's time to go back to sleep. We still have many hours before we land," Scarlett said softly.

"Mommy," Ella, two minutes older than her brother, responded. "—We know, but why did you bring us here?" she asked in a cute yet flat voice.

Sometimes, seeing her daughter, Ella, reminded Scarlett of Xander. Ella Riley had features from both her parents—ginger-red hair like Scarlett's and blue eyes like her Father's. However, her mannerisms mirror Xander's—sparse words but direct and sharp words when she speaks.

In contrast, two minutes younger Ethan Riley also shared his parents' features. His hair color matched Ella's, and he had his Father's blue eyes. However, he was more sensitive than his sister and shared a hobby with his mom.

As Ethan awoke, he nestled into Scarlett's embrace on her lap.

"M-Mom, we were sleeping with Grandma because Daddy asked us to..." Ethan said innocently.

"Yes, Mom... Dad asked us to sleep with Grandma. He said he needs more time with you," Ella added, looking at her Father, who awkwardly stared back. "Right, Daddy!?" Her cute voice melted Xander's irritation.

Xander felt defeated as his child exposed him. He could only smile lovingly at them.

"Okay, both of you, go back to sleep," Xander approached them and gently guided them back onto the bed. "Your mom is tired, and she needs to sleep too. Now close your eyes, or no ice cream for the rest of our holiday..." He said tenderly, though Scarlett found how Xander managed the situation amusing.

Ella and Ethan were stunned at the "No Ice Cream threat during the holiday."

They kissed their parents and closed their eyes to continue sleeping.

"Good night, my dearests... Ella, Ethan," Xander whispered, switching off the light.


The sofa had become their bed. Scarlett lay her head on Xander's arm, facing him while he stared at the ceiling. Even in the dim light, she could see his handsome features.

"Do you feel like my father's feels, too?" Scarlett whispered, meeting his gaze.

Previously gazing at the ceiling, Xander turned to her, smiling as their eyes met. "Hmm... you spend a lot of time with them. So—"

"Sorry, hubby..." Scarlett murmured, burying herself into his arms. "I'll try to balance my time between you and the twins."

Xander held her tighter. "Take your time, my love. I won't complain. Even if you only have five minutes to spare on your busy day, I am grateful you spent it with us. And don't worry, My love for you will never fade..."

Scarlett secretly smiled at his words. After years of hardship, she felt God had compensated for her suffering with overwhelming happiness in the last five years.

She found her mother, and now her parents were deeply in love.

Xander's love for her hadn't diminished despite their years of marriage. Even though her attention was divided, she still felt Xander's unwavering love.

Scarlett felt complete after the arrival of her twins. After the loss of her first unborn child, she was blessed with twins.

She didn't wish for more; her life felt abundantly full. She felt grateful.

"I love you, Xander Riley, for your unconditional love. I hope our love remains strong even when our hair turns white..."

"I love you more, Ms. Riley!"




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