Now this person who had tortured him so painfully was sitting in front of him alive, with her weak and slender neck hanging down, both legs stretched out, and her fair skin was exposed under his eyes.

The familiar feeling came back again, Huo Xihuai knew that her wearing shoes was just the beginning, and later on Shen Yuntang would find more excuses to humiliate him.

There was once in the previous life, she threw the sharp heel into his face just like that.

Huo Xihuai’s hands trembled slightly, a resurgent shadow and life changing determination made his movements become very heavy.

Finally, he bent down, picked up the slippers and placed them on her feet lightly.

He was no longer the Huo Xihuai in his previous life.

He wanted to see what kind of tricks Shen Yuntang would play.

Huo Xihuai remained silent, lifted Shen Yuntang’s leg with one hand, and put on the silk slippers with the other.

These legs were beautiful, long and slender, and very well-proportioned. Her toes were painted with red nail polish, and there were no traces of scars or blemishes, and they were well taken care of and pampered to the extreme.

The warm and soft skin compared to the satin slippers, unexpectedly he had no idea which was smoother.

After putting on the shoes, Shen Yuntang’s feet were lightly placed on the ground by him.

Her long night dress hung down just above her knees.

Huo Xihuai stared at the floor, his back began to tense slowly, and his hands clenched into fists.

… It was starting, and he was about to welcome her storm rage.

His face had been slapped many times by her.

What excuse would she use this time to make him miserable?

Shen Yuntang stood up.

Shen Yuntang passed by him walking out, swaying her hips and booty.

The door was closed tightly, she glanced at the handle without a thermostat, frowned, turned her head slightly and said, “Open the door for me.”

Huo Xihuai was stunned.

She ignored him?

He imagined countless reactions, and he also had prepared his comeback.

But no. Not any of the scenes  he had thought of happened. Shen Yuntang even coquettishly said to him: Open the door for me.

In astonishment, he met Shen Yuntang’s eyes.


Huo Xihuai was silent, straightened his legs and stood up, walked to her side and opened the door.

Shen Yuntang walked out from beside him.

She didn’t even spare a glance at him.

Huo Xihuai looked at her slender back, his eyes gradually deepened.

What was she trying to do this time?

Switching to ignore tactics? Or did she want to isolate him and make him as if he was invisible at home?

Did this happen in his previous life?

Huo Xihuai’s memory was jumbled.

Shen Yuntang walked down the spiral staircase, and was looking at the chandelier hanging in the center, when a bunch of people greeted her hurriedly below.

“Greetings madam!”

“Greetings, madam!”

Everyone was terrified, lest they spoke a step too late and would make this ancestor unhappy.

Shen Yuntang paused, and walked through the hall with a sullen face.

The others breathed a sigh of relief, it was great, madam didn’t criticize them today! Her temper changed for the better!

The butler hurriedly greeted her and said, “Madam, do you want to take a bath or a meal first? It’s all ready for you.”

Shen Yuntang hated using someone else’s body and wearing someone else’s clothes, so she chose to take a bath without hesitation.