Shen Yuntang had a good life in her previous life.

She was beautiful and rich, and many people loved her. Life was so good to the point that she didn’t feel like she lacked anything.

Until one day she mysteriously transmigrated, that Shen Yuntang knew.

She might lack morals.

Under the huge glass windows, the sun shone on a beautiful woman. Her face was fair, her lips were red, her eyelashes were long, and when she closed her eyes, she looked delicate and beautiful.

She was lying under the quilt in silk pajamas, with a peaceful face.

Although she was not dead.

But Shen Yuntang felt, this was not far-off.

[You’ve transmigrated into a novel, and you’ve transmigrated to be a crazy drama queen female support role in a Mary Sue novel. ]

[Mary Sue means that the heroine will slap all the villains in the face and reach the pinnacle of life. ]

[Being a crazy drama queen means that you are not very likable. ]

[A female support role means that you are not the protagonist. ]

Hearing this, her patience began to count down.

Shen Yuntang was the protagonist from every aspects, there was no such thing as a supporting role.

[In the novel, you have to use fresh milk to take a bath, change your chef every three days, abuse your husband’s younger brother that lives in your home, who will become a big boss in the future, and gets into trouble with your big boss husband company from time to time, the Most Annoying! Drama! Queen!]

[In the end, you will be slapped in the face by being compared with the gentle and warm as the sun heroine. Everyone hates you, and you will end up miserable! ]

Shen Yuntang finally frowned, her long and slender eyebrows bent down, her beautiful eyes were showing disgust——


System thought that this person was very good, and continued: [So listen to me, start by pleasing his younger brother…]

Shen Yuntang frowned: “Bathing in milk has a fishy smell, I only use 80,000 yuan per gram pure handmade essential oil.”

“My chef has been learning and improving every day to suit my taste since ten years ago. The cuisine changes with my mood, and I am not used to outsiders.”

“What younger brother, if he lives in my house, he must abide by my rules. I don’t like having lights turned on at home when I sleep. Can he go to bed at eight? If he can’t then he should get the hell out.”

“Husband? Who cares?”



What did she just say? Huh?

What kind of host was this? Was the original owner a drama queen or she was the actual drama queen?

The system was shocked, and lost connection with Shen Yuntang.

The beauty under the huge windows woke up.

Shen Yuntang looked at the curtains that had been opened wide, the glare of sunlight, and the upstart-like decoration in this room. She felt that she might have really transmigrated into a novel.

She didn’t know whether it was her plastic sister or her narrow-minded ex-fiance that was cursing her. Great, now she really transmigrated.

She sat up with a cold face, blinked her eyes while puffing her cheeks, then she saw a young man with gloomy eyes half kneeling beside the bed.

Meeting her eyes, he was stunned, his raised hand was at a loss and froze in mid-air.

This young man seemed to be around sixteen or seventeen years old. He had pretty features, but he looked somewhat thin and gloomy.

She didn’t know what was wrong with the original owner, that she would hire such an inappropriate person.

He even tucked her in so slowly, she already woke up and he was still standing by the bed in a daze.

Shen Yuntang, who was in an extremely bad mood, swept a glance at the inconsiderate attendant, moved her legs out of the quilt, and said in a soft and bright voice, “Don’t you have hands? Put my shoes on.”

Her tone was reprimanding, but her voice was soft and sweet, and even when she was angry, it was not annoying.

She frowned, extremely impatient, but there were still tears in her bright almond eyes.

But Huo Xihuai was so triggered by this soft voice that his whole body became cold, and he froze in place.

He was reborn back from a year later. A year from now, he had been tortured by Shen Yuntang to the point he had a mental breakdown, and had to be sent for psychotherapy.

At that time, Shen Yuntang had already been hated by his elder brother Huo Yuyan, and being fed up, he chose to divorce.

Without the protection of the Huo family’s money and power, she lived on the streets, dejected and unable to bear it any longer, she eventually went astray.

Huo Xihuai just looked coldly at the person who tormented him finally got her retribution, and she ended up miserable. But then he was reborn in a blink of an eye, back to a year ago, when Shen Yuntang was about to get worse.