“Prepare a whole new set of clothes for me.” Shen Yuntang said.

The butler nodded and said yes, heaving a sigh of relief.

She was already used to the routine, as it wasn’t possible to prepare a hand-made dress right away.

After she was escorted to the bathroom, Shen Yuntang looked at the white milk in the bathtub, “…”

She forgot that the original owner was a weirdo who bathed with fresh milk.

She couldn’t stand it anymore, but as she was turning around about to leave, she still chose to take a bath first.

When she went out, she must immediately buy her usual essential oils.

However, after taking off her clothes, Shen Yuntang noticed something was wrong.

–it was too similar.

From head to toe, from the well taken care of texture of the hair to the expensive nail polish on her toes, and even the moles and sizes, they were exactly the same as her own body, without any difference.

This was her own body.

Not the original owner’s.

Shen Yuntang paused.

Huo’s house had a huge amount of clothes stored, comparable to a mall. The maid found four sets of brand new clothes from the wardrobe, ironed them, hung them on the hangers and pushed them out.

In a small room outside the bathroom, several maids were holding brand new bath towels, anxiously waiting for Mrs. Shen to come out.

“Do you think madam wants to use flannel or bamboo fiber today?”

“I don’t know, but whoever hits the jackpot won’t be forgotten by the rest of us.”

“We are also unlucky to meet such a master.”

“I hope Sir will dump her soon.”

In the setting of the original book, this female support would choose the material of the bath towel according to her mood every day, and the servant who got the material she didn’t like would be fired.

If Shen Yuntang knew, she would definitely want to roll her eyes.

What an idiot setting.

This delicate madam was too superficial.

What kind of well-established family had servants who came and went so frequently?

During the whispered discussions, Mrs. Shen came out.

Between the bath towels they held in their hands, Shen Yuntang chose the softest one, and several servants hurriedly took the bath towels, and their movements were too careful to wipe her clean.

But the other maid was as pale as ashes.

After Shen Yuntang finished wiping and changing into her clothes, the maid was about to cry, but she didn’t dare to cry, and forcibly held it back.

Shen Yuntang raised her eyes and saw the maid who was wearing a weird expression, and glanced at her several times.

The girl became even more frightened that her legs were trembling.

It was hard to find a job, and it was even harder to find a job with such a good salary. Even if there was such a hard-to-serve madam who was being picky every day, no one wants to leave Huo Residence.

But there was no other way, she was just so unlucky.

However, Mrs. Shen, who was supposed to be furious, just gave her a few glances, buttoned the last few buttons, and walked out without saying any word of punishment.

All the impression that was laft was that overly pretty face.

Qin Xue was stunned.

She stayed where she was, until the others withdrew their pity eyes and left, then she hurriedly wiped away her tears and followed out.

Couldn’t it be that she would be reprimanded in front of everyone?

If that was the case, she would have wanted to die.

Qin Xue followed the crowd into the hall, and saw the freshly bathed Mrs. Shen standing under the chandelier in the center, raising her hands and clapped.

“Stand still.”

Her voice was not loud, but accompanied with her expressionless face mixed with a bit of pride, it seemed very aggressive and full of momentum.

Hearing what she said, everyone immediately formed a team like in a military training. With their shoulders straightened, they looked at her anxiously.

…What kind of brilliant idea was she about to announce? Or was she going to enact a new code of conduct? Or, she wanted to humiliate someone?

Qin Xue bit the tip of her tongue and stood nervously in the corner.

Shen Yuntang glanced at the twenty-three people, each performing their duties, and they seemed to barely pass the test.

But if the dog system really wanted her to live here in the future, it would need some tidying up.

“Listen well.” Shen Yuntang said, “I have high requirements for the quality of life. In order to protect the skin, the whole residence must turn off the lights at eight o’clock. Everyone goes to bed and cannot make any noise.”



“Also, I don’t like fresh milk anymore.” Shen Yuntang said the most unbearable thing solemnly, “Contact the master of essential oil, I want handmade essential oil.”

The housekeeper woke up from daze, quickly nodded then wrote it down.

“That’s it, do you have any comments?” Shen Yuntang concluded her statement.

It was quiet down there.

After a while, the housekeeper said cautiously, “Just, just two?”

Shen Yuntang raised her eyebrows: “How many do you want?”

The butler quickly shook his head, “No objection, no objection.”

On the face of the beautiful woman who seemed to have a bad temper, there was a smile and who knew whether it was a mocking or speechless smile.

She flipped her hair, turned around and went upstairs.

The others waited until her figure disappeared before starting to uproar.

“What did madam just say?”

“…We only have two codes of conduct in the future??”

“Sleep at eight o’clock???”

“Am I in heaven?”

Everyone who has been tormented by Mrs. Shen has fallen into confusion.

Qin Xue also stared at the bath towel in her hand in astonishment.

“Madam… Madam didn’t say she was going to fire me?”

“…can I stay?”

Before he could digest it, an angry voice came from upstairs——

“Third, not to call me Madam, but Ms. Shen.”


Everyone fell into silence again.

Standing in the corner, Huo Xihuai, who had not been noticed by Shen Yuntang all this time, looked at his hands that had once been stained by blood after being beaten by her, his eyes becoming quiet.

…What on earth did she want to do?

Taking advantage while no one noticed, Huo Xihuai went upstairs.