Chapter 1558 Losing His Empathy...

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Chapter 1558 Losing His Empathy...

1558 Losing His Empathy...

"Are they??" Selphie was startled after figuring out the darkins' identity.

Even Lady Yggdrasil inside her consciousness was left stunned, not expecting in the slightest to see her peers become enslaved.

'I have to learn about this.'

Without an ounce of hesitation, she reached out to her close friend Lady Sphinx, asking for details.

Meanwhile, Noah's and Olivia's eyes were fixed on the darkins...While Noah's hatred and anger were fully planted on his face, Olivia seemed frozen in place like she saw a ghost.

She also lost her parents and relatives, whom she was pretty close to, unlike Felix or Noah. So, Earth's destruction caused her a great amount of pain and it took her great effort to close that chapter in her life.


With tears threatening to come out, Olivia stood up and ran away while covering her

"Little Oli..." Felix muttered, a bit taken aback by her reaction.

"I will take care of it." Selphie gave Felix a slightly disappointed look and chased after Olivia.

Only now did Felix realize that what he did was pretty insensitive on so many levels.

All he was thinking about was making Noah and Olivia inflict violence and torture on their loved ones' killers as well their loved ones' killers.

But, not everyone was cruel and bloodthirsty like him.

Olivia might have been mad and full of hatred towards the darkins, but she didn't let such negative emotions consume her.

Instead, she received all the help and care from Lady Yggdrasil and Selphie to move on peacefully and not let her purity get corrupted.

Not everyone was obsessed with revenge and what Felix just did to Olivia was simply unforgivable, putting her loved ones' killers in front of her after she finally healed, causing her previous traumas to emerge again.

"How did I become this insensitive..." Felix murmured while glancing at his demonic hand, feeling less and less of a human each day.

The fact that he thought even Olivia would be somewhat happy with this 'present' made him feel sick in his stomach.

He knew that he would have never made such a mistake before devouring Lucifer.

He would have waited until he was alone with Olivia and explained the situation to her instead of throwing the darkins in her face.

'I am becoming instinctually more evil without noticing it...This isn't good.' Felix said coldly.

On the other hand...

"I can do whatever I want with them?" Noah asked with a suppressed rough voice like he was holding himself from yelling.

Noah was more like Felix in this department and he loved the gift more than anything.

"Go ahead." Felix waved his hand and teleported him and the darkins inside an illusion domain, somewhere else in the spaceship.

He froze the darkins in their place while weakening their spiritual pressure with his own, so they wouldn't kill Noah reflexively.

Then, he manipulated the time to reflect from one hour to one year, giving Noah a whole year with the darkins to release his hatred.

"Be right back."

Then, he took off towards Olivia's room, wanting to make amends for his mistake.

This left only Bodidi sitting on the table...He looked right and left, and then lowered his head at the packed table full of all kinds of food.

A faint grin appeared on his face as he muttered, "Hehe, I guess more food for me."


"Little Oli, may I come in?" Felix asked softly after knocking on Olivia's door.

A few moments later, Selphie opened the door and came out. Then, she closed it behind her and said with a stern tone, "Come with me, she doesn't want to see anyone."

Felix peered through the door and saw Olivia curled up into a ball on her bed, crying her eyes out.

He felt terrible when he discovered that he couldn't empathize with her...The sight of her crying didn't move a single string in his heart like he was looking at someone giggling or such.

"Why did you do that?" Selphie scolded with a frustrated expression.

"I am sorry, I wasn't thinking straight." Felix sighed, "I will fix it."

"I expect you to." Selphie looked straight into Felix's eyes with concern and said, "I don't know what happened, but you have changed, and not in a good way."

"I know..." Felix smiled bitterly, understanding that such scenarios were going to be happening more and more.

However, he didn't regret any of this one bit...For Asna's sake, he didn't mind even if he lost all of his emotions and became alone.

After a few words traded back and forth between them, Selphie returned to the hall and Felix remained seated behind Olivia's door, still wanting to make amends.

Even when he lacked empathy, and goodness in his heart, and knew that he would be losing other positive emotions one by one, Felix didn't want to give up on being a good human.

Until the day when everything gets stripped of him, he would keep fighting for his humanity...


After half an hour, Olivia finally opened the door and before Felix could say anything, she gave him a deep hug and apologized, "I am sorry for being like this. I know you were thinking about us."

This was how Olivia was kind and pure...Even when she was the one hurt the most, she still apologized first.

"Don't be, I was careless and made you revisit some bad memories and emotions." Felix smiled gently as he patted her back, "I will try my best to not do it again."

He couldn't even promise to be good to her, knowing that there would come a day when he could break it.

"Umm.." Olivia didn't care about how he phrased it.

She nodded silently and presented a big cute smile on her face again, seemingly forgetting about the darkin's existence.

But the eyes could not lie and Felix was able to see the hurt in them.

"Oli, the darkins are now my slaves and they have been punished for their crimes. They will be by my side always and if it's going to be a problem for you, I think it's best that I return you home." Felix shared calmly.

He cared about Olivia enough to let her know right now and here, that the darkins weren't going anywhere.

So, she could either face her trauma for real and be by his side or he could return her home...It depends on her.

"Don't worry about me, I have it under control." Olivia assured him.

"Alright." Felix nodded in acceptance.

Whether she was really okay with it or not, he would find out in the future...For now, there was no need to make a big problem out of this more than it is.

"Let's go eat."

Alas...After everyone returned, the sight that greeted them wasn't appetizing in the slightest.

Bodidi lying on the ground with a massive stomach and food stains on his face, burping once in a while.

As for the food on the table? Nothing was left on it but empty plates and a few bones here and there.

He cleared the entire table in a world-record time...