Chapter 1559 Returning To Ancestral Dragon Dimensional Pocket.

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Chapter 1559 Returning To Ancestral Dragon Dimensional Pocket.

1559 Returning To Ancestral Dragon Dimensional Pocket.

Sometime later...

Felix, Olivia, Selphie, Noah, and Candace were gathered at the table again. It was loaded with new dishes and everyone was eating and talking about Felix's new mission.

As for the darkins' situation? No one brought it out again...However, Noah's complexion was a bit better after passing an entire year with the darkins within the illusion domain.

When he got out, he didn't tell anyone what happened inside. He just thanked Felix once and told him that he owed him a big one.

Felix told him to not be bothered by this as they were family and he would have done the same if he were in his shoes.

"Will we be allowed entry into the ancestral dragon dimension? You said the ancestral dragon permitted you alone." Olivia asked with a worried tone, "Won't it be a little impolite?"

"Don't worry about it, ancestral dragon is cool," Felix replied.

Even though Felix didn't request his permission, he knew that he wouldn't mind having them enter his dimension...Especially, when they would merely be helping him with searching for rare natural treasures.

If he wasn't cool about it, Felix could always send them back to the spaceship.

"Come on guys, I already said I am sorry..."

When they heard Bodidi's voice, everyone turned to glance at the wall on the right side. He was seen glued to it upside down with Felix's consciousness pressure.

"I am starting to feel sick...Burp!" Bodidi seemed like he was about to vomit everything he ate.

"Be quiet or I will shake you again." Felix warned annoyedly.

Bodidi closed his mouth immediately.

"Come on Felix, I think he already learned his lesson," Selphie chuckled a little.

"Doubtful." Felix remarked, "With his inability to control himself in front of food, he will most definitely eat any natural treasure he finds in the dimension."

Felix wouldn't have cared much before, but now that he was strapped for any SSS+ graded natural treasure he finds, he really would lose his sh*t if he learned that Bodidi ate one of them.

"I swea..."

"Shut up."


Olivia and Selphie gave Bodidi helpless looks and ignored his depressed and gloomy expression.


After everyone ate, Candace turned into a void aircraft and picked everyone up. Then, she flew towards the location Felix gave her.

The ancestral dragon Imry had given Felix the location of the backdoor before he left the dimension, allowing him to gain access without needing to wait half a century for the main gate to be opened.

This way, he wouldn't be bothered by the dragons competing in the ceremony.

If it wasn't for wanting to keep his resurgence hidden, he would have reached out to Anastasia and Eizi...Alas, he knew that one of them was bound to speak about meeting him with their father, Kyrsun.

After a few moments, the squad arrived at the provided location. It was above a small peaceful lake near a rugged giant mountain with crimson trees filling the whole area.

It painted a beautiful but harrowing scene like the forest was on fire.

Felix exited the void portal first and cast an illusion domain in the area, hiding everyone's presence from any detection ability or tool.

"I think it's here," Bodidi mentioned as he pointed at an empty area. "I feel strong chaotic spatial particles."

"Same." Felix nodded, "Open it up."

Bodidi went ahead and used his elemental prowess to add more to the spatial disturbance until it collapsed and an unstable rift opened up.

"Quick! I can't keep it stable for too long!" Bodidi yelled.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Felix and the others zoomed past Bodidi and went through the dimension before he followed after them and let it collapse on itself.


After a dull-sounding explosion, the lake and the forest returned to its peaceful state.


On the other side...

In the heart of the Ancestral Dragon Dimension, where elemental energy flowed like lifeblood, Felix and his friends found themselves immersed in a breathtaking fantasy dream world.

The sights and sounds that surrounded him were beyond anything they had ever imagined.

Towering trees with iridescent leaves stretched towards the sky, their branches swaying gracefully to the elemental rhythms of wind and fire. Each tree exuded a unique aura, emanating the very essence of the elements.

The serene meadow where honey rivers flowed lazily, glistening under the radiant sun. The air was filled with the sweet scent of nectar, and luminous aquatic creatures danced beneath the golden surface.

"Well, that's new."

Felix commentated after spotting the sky above them turn into an ever-changing masterpiece with colors shifting and blending seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing kaleidoscope.

It was as if the very heavens were a canvas painted by the hands of divine artists.

"Woah...I have seen the ancestral dimension through screens always, but I never thought it would be even more overwhelming up close." Selphie remarked with an amazed expression.

"It sure is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places across the whole universe." Felix warned, "But, it's also just as dangerous. If you guys aren't careful, you wouldn't know how you died."

Everyone nodded in understanding...While they were confident in their strength, nothing was more frightening than the unknown.

This dimension was the definition of the unknown since each day on the outside was translated into a hundred days, which meant that after each circle, thousands of years had passed and new creatures and plants were born.

Since Felix hadn't come here for more than a century, god knows how much the environment had changed.

"Should we..."


Just as Olivia was about to suggest getting down, the multi-colored sky was turned into a massive thundercloud with lightning bolts crackling within it noisily!

Then, ancestral dragon Imyr's face appeared from the lightning bolts, seemingly manifesting his face with each thunderclap.

"Little boy, is that you?" Ancestral Imry's delighted voice resounded in everyone's ears even though his entry was quite intimidating.

"It's me. I apologize for the intrusion, elder." Felix bowed his head respectfully and the others swiftly copied him.

"Haha! I would have never guessed if it wasn't for your soul's uniqueness! You have changed, boy, you changed so much, you gave me a scare after entering my dimension." Ancestral Imyr laughed thunderously, literally, causing the sky to seem like it was about to collapse.n)/0VelBIn

Before anyone could react, the sky was turned peaceful again and a small wine jar teleported in front of them.

Ancestral Imyr appeared from the jar as a withered old dragoniod man with a hunched back, wrinkles all over his scales, and ashy gray color.

Yet, he had the widest and kindest smile planted on his face as he looked at Felix.

"You didn't disappoint me one bit, not one bit."

As the 'god' of this dimensional pocket, he could feel Felix's spiritual pressure even if he tried to hide it, making him realize that he had already surpassed the primogenitors' realm.

"It's still not enough, elder, and no one else knows it more than you." Felix smiled bitterly.

"I had faith in you to reach the stage where you can take down those beings before you can even look in primogenitors' eyes straight." Ancestral Imyr reassured him with a wide smile, "But now? I am certain, I am certain that you will pull it off."