Chapter 1557 Pulling The Strings.

Name:Supremacy Games Author:Midgard
Chapter 1557 Pulling The Strings.

1557 Pulling The Strings.

"Meanwhile, the crossbred plant is a slow and steady process as long as the conditions are respected. This allows the dark microorganism to invade its DNA and latch itself into it akin to a parasite without causing the plant to die immediately." Lord Loki jumped in.

In other words, the dark reaction was the same, but because the conditions were different, it resulted in different outcomes!

"If it's like this, what's the point?" Candace remarked with a puzzled tone, "We let the flower grow without interrupting the dark reaction and it ended its life. If someone wanted to manifest himself through taking advantage of crossbreeding plants, then his plan ain't working at all."

"As I said, my theory is too flawed and I have tested it with many different methods, but nothing was close to confirming it." Lady Sphinx informed, "Besides visiting the quantum realm, I crossbred countless plants and focused on helping the dark substance remain attached to the plants while it kept growing. Unfortunately, not a single one made it out alive."

"So, I gave up on it."

Everyone nodded in understanding. If they were in Lady Sphinx's shoes, they would have done the same.

"By the way, has a dark reaction ever appeared during the genetic manipulation of creatures?" Felix asked.

Felix felt that it was a bit peculiar that the dark reaction occurred only during genetic manipulation related to natural treasures. In his eyes, wouldn't it be best for that 'someone' to target actual people?

"I have also tested it out." Lady Sphinx shook her head, "I don't know yet if it didn't show because genetics manipulation was a man-made process unlike potion concoction and crossbreeding, or it just doesn't happen to creatures."

While potion concoction and crossbreeding were influenced by potioneers and botanists, the process itself was natural.

Meanwhile, genetics manipulation was different since the geneticist was responsible for breaking apart DNA, rebuilding it, and such...It was an unnatural process.

"If it was related to whether it's natural or not, then shouldn't dark reaction appear during our bloodline integration?" Felix remarked.

"That's what I thought, but you should understand that the dark reaction's appearance seems arbitrary." Lady Sphinx explained, "In terms of potion concoction, it manifests very early on even lower-

grade potions. However, in crossbreeding, it appears only on grade SS and above hybridized natural treasures."

"So, what if we merely haven't found the conditions for its activation during creatures' genetics evolutions or manipulation?"

"That makes sense."

Felix and the others nodded in agreement...They realized that when it came to the dark reaction, it was best not to make any guarantees.

Such a mysterious phenomenon wasn't to be messed with...Especially, when there was a theory related to an intelligent figure pulling the strings from another realm.

"Whether there is someone responsible for the dark reaction down there or not, you need to master how to get rid of it to keep improving yourself." Thor said calmly, "That's your main focus."

"I am planning to put a clone on studying it, in hopes of being able to mark it and get rid of it with concept destruction. If it fails, I will have another clone training with the master's method and also figure out another method if possible." Felix replied.n/-o(/v--e/)l.)b-)I-.n

While this theory had captured Felix's interest, he wasn't planning to get his focus diverted from its target to prove if it was correct or false.

All he needed to do at the moment was learn how to get rid of it and this would help him with both his crossbreeding and potion concoction.

But, before then, he had to learn how to crossbreed Grade S and below natural treasures. Obiviously, he also planned to put a clone on this duty.

As for his main consciousness? He was going to explore the universe for natural treasures and elemental minerals.

Just because luck was involved, it didn't mean he wasn't going to test out if he was fortunate or not.

His first predetermined destination was one of the richest discovered areas in the universe with natural treasures...The Ancestral Dragon Dimensional Pocket!


A couple of days later...

Felix had returned to the void empire's dimensional pocket and was bestowed another immunity by Nimo after he recovered his energy.

Then, he picked him up and continued his journey to the ancestral dragon dimensional pocket.

Merely 30% of the collected void creatures were left behind and they weren't enough for a third wish.

So, there was no need for Nimo to be there anymore as his fellow nation citizens would be focusing on gathering a new batch.

It would take a couple of years at least to collect enough for a third immunity. Then, he would be forced to wait a couple of decades to restock the void creatures before he could finish all the immunities.

Obiviously, he made sure to order all of his citizens to bring him any unfamiliar natural treasure they found.

As for Olivia, Selphie, Noah, and Bodidi, Felix had told them to meet up with him in Icarius Galaxy.

While he wanted them around him to help with their growth through his illusion domain like before, he also understood that it was best to have as many capable hands as possible when it came to rare treasure hunting.

After spending a few days on the road, Felix arrived at Icaruis Galaxy and went to the meet-up location, which was pretty close to the dragons' capital planet, Zhuham.


Suddenly, a small spatial rift appeared inside the Eternal Nautlaus' gigantic wide-open training hall, before Bodidi and Olivia jumped out of it.


Just as Olivia wanted to greet Felix happily, her face was changed into puzzlement after seeing his new appearance.

But, by now, she was already used to his constant makeover, so she wasn't too shocked, but simply curious.

"You look and feel so demonic. What happened?" She asked as she kept walking around him while smelling him akin to a curious dear.

"I devoured Lucifer and got his powers." Felix anwsered causally, not caring anymore about hiding the truth.

"Lucifer? Wasn't he already dead?"

"It's a long story, I will tell you later," Felix uttered as he patted her head.

"Okay." Olivia dropped the subject right away.

"Boss, you better prepare a feast for me, It's too many jumps," Bodidi complained while returning inside the spatial rift.

"Bring the others quickly or you will be the feast," Felix uttered annoyedly.

"Cough, right away." Bodidi muttered under his breath as he stepped into the rift, "Once an asshole, always an asshole."

Felix's eyelids twitched after hearing him curse, but he let it by, knowing that lazy fat worm would always be like this.

After a short while, Bodidi brought the others one by one until the squad was back again.

The instant Selphie reunited with Felix in real life, she stuck to him akin to glue in their gathering not bothered by his new appearance in the slightest.

At this point, he could look like a tree and she wouldn't care.

While Felix was a bit bothered by it, he let it be. He understood that his death was traumatizing for her and that it would take a while to get used to his return.

Plus, she never pushed her clinginess and always respected his boundaries, so he was cool with it.

"Noah, I got you a present," Felix uttered with a faint smile while sitting with everyone around an empty table.

"Hm?" Noah raised his head expressionlessly, but a hint of intrigue could be seen in his eyes.

"Bring the food," Felix ordered while clapping his hands twice.

With heads lowered and wearing butlers' outfits, and an array of food being carried telepathically around them, Saurous and Wendigo walked towards the table.


Even though they were demonized and their appearances changed, the instant Noah looked at them, his cold body was set in flames from fury.

No one understood Noah's inner fury more than Felix.

The only difference between them was that Felix had the strength to get his revenge while Noah was still trying his utmost best to obtain uttered strength and get his own...

Felix knew that Noah would never get his closure unless he saved his sister, but this should make it at least a bit easier.

"They are now my slaves. They will do whatever I ask them and they will gladly let you vent your suppressed anger till your heart's content."

"Am I right?" Felix asked coldly while eying the darkins.

"Yes, master."

"Yes, master."

The darkins replied simultaneously without an ounce of emotion shown on their faces.