"What? This is impossible? It can't be something wrong with your machine, can it? You can try it again. " Jia Youming waved his hand, this card was a large amount of credit card that he had issued three days ago, with a total of 300,000 yuan, and in order to act cool, he had specifically set it to have no password, so how could it not appear?

No one in the room said anything. However, three minutes later, the waiter came back with the card. There was a weird expression on his face, as well as a look of disdain. It was as if he was saying, 'If the cards aren't effective, then why did you come and pretend to be a big tailed wolf?'

Everyone could no longer hold back their laughter. They covered their mouths as if they were watching a joke.

"Manager Jia, are you sure you can do this? If not, let Fang Yang pay for it." Li Anqi said as she stood at the side, neither too painful nor too itchy. The more she said this, the more embarrassing it was for Jia Youming to step down. Even Jia Youming's face had almost become purple.

Fang Yang was right next to him. Although he did not say anything, his eyes swept over Jia Youming's body and immediately, the latter felt immense pressure on him.

Wasn't this what the legends said? If one failed to act, he would be killed instead.

"Change this card." Jia Youming suppressed his anger and took out the other one.

But a few minutes later, the waiter returned with a card and returned it to Jia Youming. With a face full of mockery, he said, "Sir, your card is still insufficient. Why don't you let your friends pay for it? "Perhaps we have a chance to draw. If we win, we can still get a free ticket."

"What do you mean? Do you think I, Jia Youming, can't afford it? What's your attitude? Get your manager here. " This time, Jia Youming could not take it anymore, even the waiter had said that, this was his face today.

He had thought that it was God's will to rely on the customer, and that he could get his face back from the waiter. He turned around and said something that made him spit out blood as he walked away, "He didn't call you for dinner. He came over like a little b * tch and came back just in time. He even pretended he was paying the bill and couldn't use any cards. Did he really think he was Ye Lianchen?"

"Hahaha!" Ye Liangchen! "It looks like Zhao Tiantian." The waiter did not walk far. His voice directly drifted into the private room. Ye Liangchen's last two words reminded everyone of something on the internet. Everyone could not help but laugh.

Jia Youming could get angry at the waiter, but he couldn't get angry at his colleagues. He could only swallow his anger down into his stomach and place the blame on Fang Yang.

After a few minutes, the waiter changed to the manager. As he apologized to Jia Youming, he took out the box for everyone to play in.

"There's only one big prize. We have so many beauties here, so our luck must be good." The manager really knew how to talk. He called out to the beauties one after another.

Li Anqi took the lead to draw the lottery once. Fang Yang reached his hand into the box at the end. As for Jia Youming, he did not touch him from the start. Instead, he took out all his cards and prepared to follow the manager to swipe one more card.

"I didn't win, Fang Yang, let me see what you got." Han Xueqing flipped through the paper, but there was nothing on it. She curiously walked to Fang Yang's side.

"Bullsh * t, I'm borrowing your luck." Fang Yang laughed and said, after that, he extended his fist with the piece of paper towards Han Xueqing.

Han Xueqing's face reddened, she never thought that Fang Yang would actually ask her to do such a thing. However, after hesitating for a moment, she still blew on it. Her little face looked bashful, and her heart started beating fast for some reason.

Jia Youming saw all of this, his mouth twitched, and both of his fists were clenched tightly.

If looks could kill, Fang Yang would have died countless times over. But the reality was like this, Jia Youming could only stay on the spot and suffer the loss.

"Wow, it's won, it's won, Fang Yang has won the prize, first prize, manager, what is the first prize?"

After Han Xueqing finished blowing, he saw that Fang Yang had opened up the paper and written the word 'first prize' on it.

When she shouted, everyone gathered, even the manager walked over eagerly and said how lucky Fang Yang was.

"The first prize is free of charge. Ladies and gentlemen, we will pay for today's meal." The manager said with a smile. This first prize for free had been thrown in a month ago, but no one had been able to get it. Who would have thought that he would be caught today?

"I borrowed Xueqing's luck this time. Come, let's go to the Gold-ranked KTV." Fang Yang chuckled, and gave Han Xueqing an extra glance.

Although he said that he didn't intend to court her, but his eyes and actions unknowingly showed something. Furthermore, the two of them would be living under the same roof from now on. It would be hard to say where they would end up.

On the other side, Jia Youming was gnashing his teeth in anger. His original plan was thorough, he had to pay the bill first, and take the opportunity to suppress Fang Yang's anger. Then, he would go to KTV and compete with Fang Yang's alcohol tolerance.

Other than that, after three rounds of drinking, he did not know what would happen. Maybe after Han Xueqing drank too much, she would be satisfied.

But now, the plan had been disrupted. If she failed to act, it would actually help Fang Yang. He got a free ticket and got into the limelight.

"When you go to the company tomorrow, you won't look good." Jia Youming thought about how to deal with Fang Yang as he prepared to give him a difficult job to do.

drove over, but no one took a seat. Everyone took turns to take a taxi, while Han Xueqing and Li Anqi stood to the left and right of Fang Yang, the three of them took the lead and left.

Jia Youming angrily patted the steering wheel as he picked up his phone to call Wei Lin, his henchman of the company. He told him to wait at the entrance of the Jin Quan City and that they should come together to take care of Fang Yang.

Wei Lin was a good drinker, his hands knew how to live, and he played dice very well, which could be considered a semi-professional level.

Jin Tun KTV was a famous entertainment place with luxurious decorations and a huge mask that took up a lot of space. It was the property of the Longjiang Province Golden Goat Group, and its strength was extremely strong.

The room had been reserved in advance, so the ten of them didn't feel crowded at all. Wei Lin's arrival made everyone a little unhappy, because this was clear evidence that Jia Youming had asked them to come and deal with Fang Yang.

Fortunately, with Li Anqi, the active atmosphere expert here, it did not take long for her to regain her composure.

Of course, when Jia Youming and Wei Lin sat together, no one bothered with them. Meanwhile, Fang Yang was surrounded by many beauties in the middle, especially Han Xueqing. The two of them sat by his side, not even a step apart from each other. They chatted and laughed, while the two of them thought that they were in a relationship.

"Brother Lin, this kid is new here?" From the looks of it, I was planning to snatch Han Xueqing from you. " Wei Lin said softly, he was very tall, but had a hunchback and very small eyes, making him look very shifty.

He was Jia Youming's junior when he was in university. After graduation, he had always been with Jia Youming.

"He's still too inexperienced to fight with me for a woman. In three days, I'll have him rolling up his things. Little Wei, brother called you here to take care of a big matter. You go get that brat away, then think of a way to make Manager Sun drink. With your strength, brother knows that you can't even drink with Li Anqi. " Jia Youming reached out to push the glasses on the bridge of his nose, a cunning look in his eyes.

He had waited for this day for a long time. As long as he could knock Han Xueqing out, the rest would not be easy to do.

Wei Lin nodded, holding onto his beer, he shamelessly went over and said, "Come here, just singing is too boring. Let's play dice and drink after losing."

Everyone was enthusiastic, no one thought much about it, and all of them rubbed their fists, ready to fight Wei Lin.

Only Fang Yang understood all of this. He swept a glance at the Jia Youming who was seated afar and laughed coldly in his heart: "If you want to get Xueqing drunk, you really have no means of doing so. "However, big brother is here today. Your plan is about to go down the drain."

"How should I play?" This was the first time Fang Yang took the initiative to attack, and he was very clear on Wei Lin's intentions.

Wei Lin looked at Fang Yang, thinking that this fool actually took the initiative to join in, making things much easier.

He rolled his eyes and said that it was the simplest way to compare the number of points. The few of them shook the dice, whoever had the least number of points would get a glass of beer.

This method was purely based on luck. Everyone felt that it was fair, so they all expressed their agreement. However, there would always be people drinking this kind of liquor, and the time was fast. Soon, seven or eight bottles of beer could be seen, and a few unlucky girls could be seen floating away with their faces flushed red.

Although Han Xueqing's luck was not that bad, she still drank three to four cups. Only Fang Yang and Wei Lin were left without drinking.

"No, no, we can't play anymore. The two of them are very strong, so if we play like this, we will definitely lose." Some people were screaming that it was unfair and wanted to change the rules.

All of this was within Wei Lin's plans. The corner of his mouth rose as he suggested, "Why don't we have a competition between Fang Yang and I? You two bet on the both of us and we can drink whoever loses."