"How is it, Fang Yang, do you dare to play?" Seeing Fang Yang not saying a word, Wei Lin smiled and asked.

Although he did not seem to care about the rules, in reality, he was waiting for Fang Yang to jump into them.

Firstly, Wei Lin was an expert who played dice. Unless Fang Yang was extremely lucky, he would not be his match.

Secondly, Han Xueqing had been circling around Fang Yang all night, if they really were to compare their size, she would definitely only bet on Fang Yang. This way, she could suppress Fang Yang and also find an opportunity to make Han Xueqing drunk. It could be said that she had completed Jia Youming's request.

Last but not least, if Fang Yang lost and allowed the girls to drink too much, one or two cups would not matter, but if he drank too much, it would definitely make him the target of public criticism.

With one arrow and three condors, and him saying "do you dare to play", it was tantamount to placing Fang Yang on a fire, so he could only bite the bullet and accept the challenge.

He kept on thinking and waited for Fang Yang to make a fool of himself.

But unexpectedly, Fang Yang agreed without thinking, "My luck is pretty good today, I shouldn't lose."

"Idiot, even though you know it's a trap, you still want to jump down? Do you really think that your luck is so good today?" Wei Lin sneered in his heart. Since you want to court death, I'll grant your wish.

"One drink, I'll start first." Wei Lin had a smile on his face. He grabbed the dice clock and shook it left and right, his ears trembling frequently, as if he could hear the movements of the dice.

"Holy sh * t, you really want to look like you're in a movie?" No wonder this brat wants to play dice with me. Fang Yang saw all of this and sneered in his heart.

No matter how skilled you are, it's a waste of your luck. Fang Yang's luck today was extremely good, but Wei Lin's luck was medium. In the previous few rounds, Fang Yang had not lost a single time, which was enough to say that his good luck was completely sufficient to block Wei Lin's technique.

Moreover, he still had his trump card to use, the Feng Shui Exercise to use for the last time. As long as he changed Wei Lin's luck, he would lose for sure.

"Eh, what's going on?" Suddenly, a cool feeling spread throughout Fang Yang's body. In the next second, the whirlpool in his dantian came to a sudden halt, and then his vision began to blur before returning to clarity once more. But this time, he directly skipped over the dice bell in Wei Lin's hand, and clearly saw the numbers inside.

In other words, at this moment, Fang Yang's eyes could surprisingly see through everything.

"Damn, the Golden Eye has this kind of effect, there's no need to train anymore, just relying on my perspective, I can easily kill him."

Through the Golden Eye's perspective, he realised that the number in Wei Lin's dice clock was five.

It had to be said that Wei Lin had some skills. He put the dice clock on the table and said it was five o'clock.

The dice clock opened, it was indeed five o'clock. All the beauties exclaimed, they did not expect Wei Lin to have such a unique skill.

"Fang Yang, is that alright?"

Amongst the beautiful women, only Han Xueqing was slightly worried in her heart. She glanced at Jia Youming, who was sitting not far away from her. She had already guessed that this was his scheme.

"Don't worry, Xueqing, we will definitely win this time, I have a premonition that it will definitely be number 6. "Come, blow on my hand and I'll borrow your luck." Fang Yang acted the same way, smiling as he extended his hand out. That intimate action caused everyone to burst out in laughter.

Han Xueqing blew in, her small face blushing red. Fortunately, the lights in the KTV were dim, so they were not very obvious.

Nearby, when Jia Youming saw this scene, he nearly bit off his teeth and stared straight at Fang Yang. The veins on his fist bulged: "Brat, just you wait."

As for Fang Yang, he received the lucky breath that Han Xueqing blew out, threw it towards the dice clock, and then shook it left and right while chuckling.

He did not know many techniques and only used the most basic method. He placed the dice clock on the table and moved it from left to right.

With the powerful assistance of Insight, coupled with his excellent luck … After shaking it a few times, it gave out six points and opened it without any hesitation.

"My god, it really is six o'clock. Fang Yang, you are too lucky today." Han Xueqing said excitedly as she looked at the opened dice clock.

Wei Lin who was at the side frowned, feeling that something was amiss. But thinking about it, attribute this to Fang Yang's luck, and did not put it in his eyes.

"Why don't we play with three dice? And this time, who shook the dice smaller?" Wei Lin suggested. Although the difficulty of the technique had increased when the three dice were shaken, it was still within his grasp.

As for Fang Yang's luck, go to hell. How could there be such an evil thing, unless he was kissed by the Goddess of Luck?

"No problem." Fang Yang disapproved and laughed as he looked at the worried Han Xueqing. He then continued to shake the dice.

However, this time, Fang Yang did not win. Furthermore, he lost to Wei Lin three times in a row. From the looks of it, his good luck had been used up, and even his expression was not looking good.

"There's no point in just drinking. Why don't we add on some prizes?" Seeing that Fang Yang was about to lose, Jia Youming finally made a move.

He came over from the side, without saying anything further, he took out his wallet, directly took out two thousand gold, and slammed it onto the table: "I bet on Wei Lin winning."

"Jia Youming, everyone is playing well, what are you doing?" This time, Li Anqi was unhappy. Although she had been singing the entire time, her eyes were always on Fang Yang's side. Seeing that Jia Youming had come to cause trouble again, she quickly came forward to help him.

"Everyone came out to play just to be happy. How about this, we can decide who wins or loses in one go, and whoever loses will be the one to pay the money for the Golden Dollar KTV. " Jia Youming said with a smile, and then took back the two thousand dollars. However, this gaze never left Fang Yang's body, as if saying, "Do you dare to play, or don't you dare to admit it?"

After all this time, his goal was here. Although the consumption rate of the Gold Tasseled KTV was medium, with so many people drinking so much wine, it would be impossible to get it without paying seven or eight thousand yuan.

Although Jiangbei City was a second-tier city, its consumption level was no worse than first-tier cities. Everyone had a small white collar, only four or five thousand yuan a month. They had spent seven or eight thousand yuan in one night, which made everyone's heart ache. Moreover, Fang Yang had just arrived, and this night had only just begun. There was no need to order anything else, and by then, the cost would be over ten thousand.

"Fang Yang, ignore him. Let's sing." Han Xueqing also saw through Jia Youming's conspiracy and dragged him to sing.

But the seemingly steady Fang Yang, did not know what evil wind he was pulling at. Not only did he agree to the bet, he even took out 5000 dollars from his wallet and said that he was betting on 5000 yuan.

"Alright, 5000 is 5000, but I don't have that much cash on me right now. If I lose, the remaining 3000 will be given to you tomorrow." Jia Youming was ecstatic in his heart. This Fang Yang seemed to be very shrewd, to think that he was actually a gambler after all this time.

The others had the same thoughts as Jia Youming. Everyone had been optimistic about Fang Yang. Unexpectedly, just because he knew it was a fire pit, he still jumped into it.

Han Xueqing was very disappointed, but so was Li Anqi. They looked at each other and saw regret in each other's eyes.

Pah pah pah!

The sound of the dice hitting bell sounded. Wei Lin's expression was serious as he shook his arm hard.

His ears moved, his attention focused. He stared at the dice clock for a minute before finally stopping.

When he looked at Fang Yang again, his expression became nervous and shook a few times before stopping. She looked at Wei Lin as if she was facing a great enemy, waiting for him to start the bell first.

"Fang Yang, it's still too late to regret. Surrender by half, ah." Jia Youming looked at the proud Wei Lin, and knew that he had succeeded today.

"I still feel that my luck is quite good today. Xueqing, can you help me blow another breath?" The nervous Fang Yang, had actually disappeared in an instant. What replaced it was a smiling face and a teasing expression.

Han Xueqing was startled, and realised that she could not see through Fang Yang. Her face was slightly red as she gently blew on it. Her eyes were filled with doubt, as if she was asking if it was alright.

Fang Yang did not reply. He turned his head and looked at Wei Lin's dice clock. Needless to say, this guy really had some skill. Two of the dice were stacked together, so the three of them added up to 2 points.

Unless Fang Yang could make the three dice become one, otherwise, he would not be able to win. And this, was something that Fang Yang was completely unable to accomplish.

"I'm opening it." Wei Lin laughed and prepared to open the dice clock.

"Wait!" Just then, Fang Yang suddenly said.

The moment he opened his mouth, Wei Lin was immediately startled. The right hand that was holding the dice clock trembled, and with a soft "pa" sound, it was transmitted into Wei Lin's ears.

It's over!

Wei Lin's face, which was previously proud of itself, suddenly turned the color of a pig's liver. At this moment, the dice clock opened. The number of points inside was actually 1 point, 3 points, 6 points. A total of 10 points.

Fang Yang opened the dice clock and saw that it was actually one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock. A total of six o'clock.

"Sorry, I won again." Fang Yang laughed, his eyes filled with cunning. Following his eyes, he looked at Wei Lin's body. The originally medium luck white line had already become extremely poor.