Because they had to drink wine for dinner, Fang Yang didn't drive. However, at seven in the morning, when the traffic was at its peak, there were so many people on the streets that it was impossible to get a taxi.

At first, Fang Yang was a little worried that he wouldn't be able to reach the restaurant on time, but he didn't expect that once he stepped out of the Hengshui Garden's main entrance, before he could even stand steadily, there would be a taxi that stopped in front of the entrance of the large and small district.

A man and a woman got off the carriage. They looked at Fang Yang and walked into the residential area.

The taxi instantly became empty without a guest. Fang Yang thought of his luck today that he had repaired and could not help but grin.

This luck was indeed extraordinary!

"Master, let's go to the restaurant on the street." Without saying a word, Fang Yang pulled open the passenger seat and sat down.

Ten minutes later, the taxi pulled up in front of the hotel. The driver took the fifteen dollars that Fang Yang had given him and muttered: "This trip was really enjoyable. I've been stuck in traffic all over the North River, but I didn't even see a red light on the way. It's really amazing."

Fang Yang smiled without a word, paused his steps, and walked into the restaurant.

Fang Yang pushed open the door and entered the room. His eyes lit up, but immediately retreated, because the room was full of women, with an initial estimate of six or seven.

"Fang Yang, you're here, why aren't you going in?" Just then, a familiar voice sounded out. It was Han Xueqing who had just returned from the bathroom.

She was wearing a black and white suit, giving off a feminine vibe. Her black hair was loose on her shoulders, and a faint, quiet fragrance wafted into the air.

"Ah, I'm about to go in." Fang Yang had a strange expression as he explained. He couldn't say that he was shocked because there were too many beauties.

"So you're really our handsome brother. Just now, you looked familiar. So it really was you." Just as Fang Yang finished speaking, another voice followed.

Needless to say, the person who spoke with this tone was the manager of the public relations department of the Baihua Technology Company, the long-legged beauty Li Anqi.

She was wearing a short skirt with one long leg sticking out. It was a good thing that most of the seats were filled with beauties. If there were any males, who knew how much attention they would attract?

She sat in the private room, and when she reached the door, she glanced at Han Xueqing who was laughing, and used her small hands to support Fang Yang who was about to speak, pulling him in without any explanation.

"Manager Li, wait a moment, I'm not ready yet …" Fang Yang sweated profusely, this Li Anqi was really worthy of being a public relations person, his personality was truly extroverted.

"What are you preparing for? It's not like I can eat you." Sisters, this is our company's new handsome shop assistant, Fang Yang, Mr. Fang, welcome. " Li Anqi said with a smile, half her body leaning on Fang Yang's shoulder, teasing him: "Fang Yang is a handsome guy, you guys cannot fight with me for it."

Everyone laughed, and blinked their eyes as they looked at Fang Yang, causing his face to turn completely red. Even Han Xueqing covered her mouth and laughed out loud.

"Hello everyone, I am Fang Yang. I hope that everyone can take care of me from now on." Fang Yang was not a newbie who had just entered the job, but an old bird who had mixed into the Jiangbei City Field.

He obviously knew that this was not Li Anqi deliberately toying with him, but rather a good way to adjust the atmosphere, so that he could better integrate into the new environment.

However, the method was the method. Such direct teasing was more or less unbearable for him. After greeting everyone, he hurriedly sat down.

"Thank you, Sister Angel." Fang Yang whispered. He followed Li Anqi's instructions and sat beside Han Xueqing, then took the initiative to pour herself a cup of wine.

Li Anqi rolled her eyes at Fang Yang, and bent down half her body. Her small mouth slightly opened, and a wave of hot air rushed towards Fang Yang's ears: "Thank you so much, or fake? I might as well go and accompany my sister tonight. "

After Li Anqi finished speaking, she turned around and left. Leaving the dumbstruck Fang Yang at his seat, his heart was thumping loudly.

What the f * ck, is this Li Anqi for real? Could it be that she had fallen for brother? It was only the first day, yet it was already the rhythm of an offer.

Although Hundred Flowers Technology Company was a start-up company, it was worthy of the name "Hundred Flowers". Other than the two great beauties Han Xueqing and Li Anqi, the other few beauties did not have as much beauty as the two, but they were also first-rate beauties.

After a simple introduction from the members, the meal could be considered to have officially started. Everyone drank a cup of wine and began to speak freely. Of course, most of the topics were still related to the company and the new handsome Fang Yang.

"Fang Yang, I'm sorry about today's matter. That Jia Youming was targeting you because of my relationship with you." Han Xueqing sat beside Fang Yang, she took the initiative to mention the matter of when she entered the job, she was slightly sorry.

"Who?" Jia Youming? Who was that? From our company? "Why haven't I seen it before?" Fang Yang was startled, and asked.

"Why haven't you seen him? She's that annoying Vice Manager in Sister Bingqing's office." Han Xueqing rolled her eyes at Fang Yang, saying that his memory was bad.

Actually, it was not because of Fang Yang's bad memory, but because he did not care about Jia Youming at all. After eating a mouthful of food, he said indifferently: "You said that glasses man, so he was actually the assistant manager. I think he's interested in you. "

, you're not bad, what, you want to pick us Xueqing? While speaking, Li Anqi walked back to him again. In her hand was a wine cup, her face was red, and with one hand on Han Xueqing's shoulder, the other hand directly wrapped around Fang Yang's neck.

"Kiki, you're talking nonsense again." Han Xueqing glared at Li Anqi. It was unknown if it was because she had drank before or because she was shy, but her small face was a little red.

Li Anqi chuckled, she pulled over a chair and sat down, then looked at Fang Yang and said: "That Jia Youming has been chasing us Xueqing for a while, but he has a bad character, I do not like him. But if you want to chase after him, since Big Sis will help you, I will give you Xueqing's help so that you can have him within minutes. Speak, what do you want to know? Regarding Xueqing, this sister knows everything. "

"No, I didn't. You misunderstand." Fang Yang looked embarrassed. Although Han Xueqing was very beautiful, he didn't put this matter in her heart at all.

Not to mention, he had just acquired the Feng Shui Exercise, so he was extremely excited. Moreover, he also wanted to take revenge on the Sequoia High Tech.

But then again. If he could really be together with Han Xueqing, it would truly be a blessing he gained.

Although the two of them had only interacted for a day, Han Xueqing had completely met Fang Yang's demands in every aspect.

Forget about looks, it was so beautiful that it could barely be described. The baby fat was stabbing right into Fang Yang's heart. In addition, that kind of straightforward personality was also what Fang Yang liked.

Thinking about that, Fang Yang could not help but look at Han Xueqing a few more times. Unbeknownst to them, the other party was also harboring some thoughts in his heart.

Thus, their gazes naturally met in midair, but they quickly separated in panic, as if nothing had happened.

But this scene was still caught by Li Anqi. She rolled her eyes, and although it did not pierce through, it was unknown what strange idea she had.

"That's enough, we're almost done eating. Sisters, let's change the set and go to the Golden KTV." Li Anqi let Fang Yang and his sister go, then stood up and waved his hand, preparing to move on to the next stage.

The meal was organized by Han Xueqing, so she prepared to pay for it. However, Fang Yang beat her to it and pushed her back to her seat: "Today is my first day of work, so I must treat everyone to this meal. Don't fight with me for it, or else I won't be going for the next one."

"How dare you!" Li Anqi was the first to become furious, glaring at Fang Yang.

Fang Yang chuckled, he did not answer and directly threw his card to the waiter to pay for the bill.

But at this moment, an extremely discordant voice sounded out from the entrance of the chartered room: "Today, I'll still treat this meal. Fang Yang is working under me, so this first meal should be prepared by me."

"Jia Youming! Why is it you! "

Hearing this, everyone's expression changed. Among them, Han Xueqing frowned, as an unspeakable disgust surfaced on her face.

"Li Anqi, what are you saying? Today, my subordinates have taken over the position, so of course I, the leader, would come to support them. Waiter, come here, swipe my card, no password. " Jia Youming then passed a gold card to the waiter. As he spoke, he also looked at Fang Yang, clearly saying, "You brat, pay attention to me. I'm your leader."

"Sir, I'm sorry, but there might be a problem with your card." Just then, the waiter that took the card out walked back, with the card in her hand, she spoke with a clear and powerful voice.

On the other side, Fang Yang was watching the show with folded arms. In front of his eyes, the luck that the thin white line on Jia Youming's head represented had changed from luck to extremely bad luck.