Chapter 265 - Chapter 265: Heroine General Xiao

Chapter 265: Heroine General Xiao

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Seeing that the situation was not good, Yun San threw the sword in his hand to strike at the enemy’s neck without thinking. As blood spewed out, countless city guards waved their swords at him. He wanted to block, but without his weapon, he could only raise his arm to block.

When he saw the weapons fall, the only thought in his mind was: How good. He finally blocked their footsteps for His Highness.

At the critical moment, a dark red arrow with a red tassel on its tail flashed across the air and pierced through the neck of the injured person. The dangerous blade pierced into Yun San’s flesh and was stuck half an inch away from Yun San’s left arm. It was not fatal.

Han Qing realized that Rong Yan had stopped. He was staring at the man and horse quickly approaching on the street.

If one took a closer look, they would discover that other than the person Han

Qing saw, there were dozens of people behind him who were also rapidly approaching. No, it should be said that it was her .

The valiant woman in men’s clothes had long hair standing up and a longbow in her hand. She drove her horse and stopped in front of Rong Yan. With a gesture, she got the people behind her to overturn the city guards. When she saw Rong Yan and the others clearly, she frowned. “How did it end up like this?”

Rong Yan pursed his lips and was about to bow when he was stopped by the person. “You’re already like this. Why do you still care about etiquette? You’re pedantic!”

Rong Yan did not insist and only called out, “Aunt Xiao.”

Then, he pulled Han Qing in front of him. “Auntie, bring us into the palace! I

have something to report to Father.”

Han Qing wiped the blood off his face. “This is?”

The woman stepped on the head of the deputy general of the city guards, which had been carried over by her subordinates. Her movements were rather unruly.

“Sure, I’m Xiao Ran.”

Han Qing’s eyes widened. “A heroine, General Xiao?”

Xiao Ran only smiled. Then, she threw the two of them and Yun Er, who was about to faint, into the handcart by the roadside. “Let’s talk on the way. Let’s enter the palace.” She didn’t forget to remind him, “I’ll buy the handcart. Remember to take the bill at the general’s residence. I left in a hurry and didn’t bring any silver.”

It took Han Qing a while to come back to his senses from the pain all over his body. “You actually know General Xiao? If you had said that General Xiao would receive you, why would we have run?”

Rong Yan was also puzzled. “Aunt Xiao came because you saw the fireworks?” Wasn’t it too fast?

There was a blade of grass in Xiao Ran’s mouth. She patted the horse’s neck and approached the handcart. Then, she threw Rong Yan a letter. It said: Third Prince is in trouble. Reinforcement at the city gate.

She asked, “Didn’t you get someone to send it over?”

Rong Yan shook his head. “My people are all around me, and there’s also Yun

Wu. I’m afraid…”

Xiao Ran had already sent someone to look for Yun Wu, but after so long, he

was probably doomed.

This was strange. Everyone was here. Who could have sent this letter?

Rong Yan sighed. “Aren’t you afraid of being tricked?

Xiao Ran threw the grass path away. “I’m just making a trip. If I’m wrong, 111 treat it as training. By the way, I can save your life. It’s not a loss.”

As for leaving everything and her husband behind when she saw the letter, there was no need to tell the child about this.

“Tell me what happened first. Didn’t you go to Jiangnan to patrol? It shouldn’t be a small matter to make a child like you risk your life.

Rong Yan nodded and briefly explained what Yan Lu had done. Han Qing realized that the more he spoke, the quieter the atmosphere became. She looked up and saw that the cold-faced General Xiao was expressionless. It reminded her of the rumors that were all-powerful back then.

“Yan Lu, right? Don’t worry. If your father doesn’t care about this, I’ll cut him


Then, she added, “I mean Yan Lu.”

Han Qing: Who else?

The rumors did not say that General Xiao was so fierce…

With Xiao Ran’s protection, Rong Yan successfully entered the palace and met the emperor.

The emperor, who was in his prime, smashed the inkstone after hearing the ins and outs. “Summon the Minister of the Court of Judicial Review. In addition, the Third Prince was the imperial envoy. Bring the imperial army to take down Yan Lu.”

Xiao Ran coughed lightly at the side. The Emperor glanced at her and said,

“General Xiao will accompany you.”

Xiao Ran took a step forward and was about to kneel when the emperor waved his hand. “No need for formalities.” She quickly stood up. “Thank you, Your Majesty. I accept the decree.”

Han Qing looked at her regretfully. This female general who used to make the border barbarians tremble in fear, had trouble walking now. Her abnormally bent right leg reminded those who saw her what she had suffered in the last battle.

Rong Yan turned around to block his vision and bowed respectfully. “I obey.” Only then did Han Qing feel that he had offended her and hurriedly lowered his head.

The latter wanted to stay behind to listen to the emperor ask about the details, so Rong Yan walked out with Xiao Ran. Just as he walked out of the Hall of Diligent Government, he saw two women dressed in formal attire walking towards him.

Rong Yan paused and said calmly, “Greetings, Your Majesty. Greetings…


Noble Consort Ji walked up to Rong Yan with a dignified posture, but her tone was very cold. “Why are you back so early? Didn’t 1 tell you to stay until next month?”

Rong Yan’s heart seemed to have been stabbed. Xiao Ran was about to explode on the spot, but the empress stopped her. “The mother and son are talking. General Xiao and I shouldn’t stay and be an eyesore.

Xiao Ran glanced at her. “I’m good-looking. I won’t be an eyesore.”

The empress:… Who are you calling ugly?

Noble Consort Ji was born beautiful. Even though she was almost bare-faced and only casually wore a wooden hairpin on her head, she still looked like a thick and colorful painting. It was just that her expression was too cold and lacked the aura of the mortal world.

Even when facing her biological son, she was still as cold as a piece of ice that had not melted for a thousand years.

“I saw you coming out of the Hall of Diligent Government. Have you seen His Majesty?”

Rong Yan looked up, wanting to find some warmth in her eyes. Unfortunately , there was only indifference and impatience. She didn’t even want to look at his face.


It was probably rare for Noble Consort Ji to hear such a calm and simple answer from her son. She raised her brows slightly. “What did you talk about?

Rong Yan looked into her eyes and tried to find himself. After a long time, he asked, “Mother, can you answer me a question before I answer you?”

Noble Consort Ji still had the same expression, like an ice sculpture carved out of snow. “Go ahead.”

Rong Yan asked, “Is Yun Yi the person you planted by my side?” Noble Consort Ji’s long eyelashes moved, as if she had turned from an ice sculpture back into a real person. Her gaze bypassed Rong Yan and landed on empty space. “So, he’s dead?”

Rong Yan felt a pain in his heart, as if he had been splashed with ice water on a cold day. The bone-chilling cold made his heart ache. “Why?”

Noble Consort Ji asked instead of answering, “Seeing that you came alone, that Han guy was taken down, right?”

At this moment, the Empress suddenly said, “By the way, Sister Ji, Ying’er said something interesting today. He asked us to take a look and didn’t answer when we asked him what it was. He really has many tricks.”

The ice-cold Noble Consort Ji suddenly smiled. This smile was like the first melting of ice and snow, bringing all things back to life. “That’s his filial piety.” The Empress was a little jealous.. “Is his filial piety for me or for you?”