Chapter 264 - Chapter 264: Both Giving Birth And Nurturing Are Grace

Chapter 264: Both Giving Birth And Nurturing Are Grace

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The Ning Family was stunned. “Xiaoxiao?”

Xiaoxiao’s head arched in their arms. “Although I still don’t know who my biological parents are and why they parted ways with me, I’m afraid I would have been a lonely ghost without you guys. It’s all thanks to you guys You guys have long been my family. You were in the past, now, and even in the future.” “However, the most important thing now is to find out whose daughter I am If I’m really some bandit…” She paused. Then, she had to think of a way to make the Ning Family not be implicated by her or hide this secret forever.

At this moment, Ning Ansheng said, “No matter who you are, you’re still my younger sister and the daughter of our Ning Family. Moreover, isn’t the award for the new rice seed coming up soon? As long as we can delay it until then, perhaps your identity won’t be that important.”

Xiaoxiao nodded. “Brother is so smart. He thought of the same thing as the county magistrate.”

When she called him “Big Brother”, it was the same as before. Ning Ansheng was relieved.

There was only one pawn ticket left in the old residence regarding Xiaoxiao’s identity. It was said that this pawnshop had changed owners a long time ago. It was simply like fishing for a needle in the sea to find that jade pendant. However, Xiaoxiao would not give up because of this. After the matter at the paddy field was over, she still had to go to the county to take a look at that pawnshop.

It couldn’t be said that everyone slept soundly tonight, but at least they didn’t have insomnia all night. Xiaoxiao rolled around on the bed to calm her emotions. She took her time to miss her Little Big Brother.

If he was around, he should be able to help her find clues about her background, right? She wondered where they had gone and how difficult the road was.

Rong Yan and the others had already arrived near the Imperial Capital, but it was not that smooth to enter. The guards at the city gate were extremely strict with the passing commoners. They were so strict that they checked the portraits carefully every time someone passed by. Hence, there was a long queue at the city gate.

The five of them exchanged views and felt that this matter was definitely related to the Yan Family.

However, what should they do now? If they could not enter the Imperial Capital, all their previous efforts and sacrifices would be in vain.

Han Qing’s patience was exhausted, and his hand was already on the hilt of his sword. At the critical moment, Yun Wu suddenly snatched the signal flare from Rong Yan’s waist. “Master, I’ll make a move first. Yun Er, Yun San, I’ll leave Master to you in the future.”

Before he could finish his sentence, he had already blended into the crowd. Rong Yan and the others didn’t want to attract attention, so they couldn’t make too much noise. About five minutes later, a signal flare suddenly lit up somewhere east of the Imperial Capital, followed by fireworks of different colors. There was a commotion at the city gate, but hundreds of people gathered in a moment and rushed towards the place where the fireworks were set off.

Han Qing wanted to rush out again, but he was stopped by Rong Yan. Only then did he notice that although a group of city guards had already left, the defense here was not lax.

This time, Yun San was gone.

Han Qing couldn’t stand it anymore. “Are you going to watch your subordinates die one by one?”

Yun Er covered Han Qing’s mouth. “If you don’t want my two brothers to work in vain, please calm down, Young Master Han.”

His eyes were filled with tears. “They’re not only going for Master, but for you, the people, and the world. Moreover, my Master is the most indignant and reluctant to part with them at this moment, Young Master Han. Please be careful with your words.”

Only then did Han Qing notice that Rong Yan was gritting his teeth and his fists were trembling. “I’m sorry, I—’1

Rong Yan suddenly stood up and pulled him into the crowd.

Yun San rushed towards the city gate with an “unconscious person” on his back. “Move aside. Do you know who I am?”

The guard couldn’t see his face at all, but from his tone, this person must have an extraordinary identity. That’s right. Two long spears were placed in front of Yun San. ‘You look like a bandit who has been wanted recently!”

Yun San shouted angrily, “How dare you? I’ll give you one last chance. Hurry up and move aside. If you delay me… If you delay my matter, I’ll kill your entire family!”

Hearing his words, the city guard did not retreat but advanced. “What nonsense are you talking about? I think your identity is suspicious. Come with us to the government office!”

Yun Yi’s betrayal must have already given their news to Yan Lu, so it was very likely that they knew that Master would be among the people escorting Han Qing back to the capital. Yun San deliberately revealed the information.

Seeing that they were suspicious, Yun San looked straight ahead and slashed at the people blocking the way. “I’ll kill anyone who stops me!”

The city gate was in chaos. Yun San’s martial arts were also outstanding among the Yun Guards. Even if he could not deal with all the city guards, it was more than enough to disrupt the order at the city gate.

The crowd shouted chaotically, “Murder!” The commoners were in a mess.

It was unknown which one of them exerted strength first, but the queue that was originally obedient, surged towards the city gate.

The city guards were focused on dealing with the target and did not pay much attention to it. However, Yun San was paying attention to Rong Yan and the others at all times. Seeing that they were about to successfully infiltrate, he took a deep breath and protected the person on his back while taking the opportunity to enter the city.

Young Master Han, hold on. We’re almost there!”

The city guards were anxious and focused all their attention on him, giving Rong Yan and the others a chance to blend into the crowd and enter the city. However, at this moment, the “unconscious person” protecting Yun San suddenly slid down, revealing a pale face that had long stiffened.

“Ah! A dead person!”

This was a corpse he had bought from the roadside. The youth who was kneeling beside him to “sell his body to bury his father” had already run far away after receiving the silver.

With the corpse exposed, Yun San frowned fiercely and shouted outside the city gate, “Master, leave quickly! There’s always hope. Leave quickly!”

Everyone was anxious and did not have time to think too much. They immediately guarded the city gate and did not let anyone in. Yun San shouted again, “Master, if there’s a next life, I’ll still be your guard! Run now!”

Rong Yan’s footsteps were heavy as he heard Yun San shout behind him, “How dare you disrespect the Third Prince? Are you rebelling?”

After calling out his true identity, Yan Lu’s men would not spare Yun San’s life. Rong Yan could not bear to listen anymore and grabbed Han Qing to run away.

However, there were naturally smart people among the city guards to be entrusted with such an important task by the Yan Family. He quickly realized Yun San’s intentions and shouted, “He’s misleading us. The real criminal must have already infiltrated the city! Quick, take down the people who just entered!”

“Those in front, stop right there. If you take another step forward, you will be punished as accomplices. Kill without mercy!”

Then, he retorted loudly, “He’s clearly an imperial criminal from the Imperial Court. How dare he pretend to be a prince? The Third Prince is still in Jiangnan. How can he appear in the Imperial Capital?”

The commoners did not have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. They instinctively chose to believe the officials’ words, so they obediently stopped in place. The timid ones even hugged their heads and knelt on the ground.

In this way, Rong Yan and the other two stood out.

The person who gave the order just now pointed his sword at them.. “Take him down!”