Chapter 266: Clearly An Adult

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The two of them chatted and laughed as they walked away. Behind them was Eunuch Zhao, whom His Majesty had just sent.

“Your Highnesses, His Majesty has decreed that the weather has been unpredictable recently. In order to prevent your noble bodies from being damaged, please return to the hall to rest…”

When she passed by Rong Yan again, Noble Consort Ji did not even look at him. Rong Yan suddenly laughed when he thought of those people who had accompanied him all the way but could not accompany him to the end.

“Sorry to disappoint you. Young Master Han is now in the Hall of Diligent Government.”

Anyway, they would find out soon. It didn’t matter if it took a while.

Noble Consort Ji’s face, which seemed to have remained unchanged for 10,000 years, finally turned pale. She even turned around abruptly. “What did you say?”

Rong Yan smiled and bowed to her. “Mother, rest well. I’ll take my leave.”

He didn’t look at Noble Consort Ji, who was clenching her fists tightly behind him. He even walked much faster back to the hall. He only turned around and asked Xiao Ran, who had been waiting for him, “Aunt Xiao, shouldn’t I be so childish?”

Xiao Ran slapped his back. “How old are you? Do you have to hold it in if a young man like you wants to lose his temper?”

She sighed and patted his shoulder. “Alright, you can be angry whenever you want with me. You can cry even if you want to. Didn’t your emperor father tell you to rest for a day before leaving? Let’s go to my house to eat. You definitely didn’t eat well outside. Look at you, you must have lost weight… Eh? Why do you look a little stronger?”

Rong Yan seemed to have calmed down a lot because of this nagging, and he missed Xiaoxiao even more. Was Xiaoxiao alright? Ying Zi should be able to protect her if he stayed by her side, right?

With County Magistrate Shen around and the old residence’s issue solved, she would never put herself in danger.

Xiaoxiao, wait for me. Til be back soon.

Xiao Ran thought that Rong Yan would be depressed because of his mother and was trying to comfort him. “Don’t be sad. There will always be someone in this world who will be happy because you’re happy and sad because you’re sad. They will value you more than anyone else.”

As she spoke, she thought of that person and did not hear Rong Yan grunt.

Two figures of about the same height walked into the General’s Residence side by side. The food had long been placed on the table. They were just waiting for them to come back and lift the lid of the insulation bowl. A handsome and slender man tied up his hair neatly and wore an apron around his waist. When he saw Xiao Ran and Rong Yan return, he turned around and instructed, “Bring the soup over first. It’s good for your health to drink the soup before dinner.” There were four sets of bowls and chopsticks on the small dining table. One of them was for Rong Yan, but the other was constant. It was unused every day, but could not be lacking. This was the General’s Residence’s rule.

After dinner, the couple in the General’s Residence habitually walked around the courtyard to digest their food. Rong Yan was with them today. As they walked, he suddenly blushed. “Aunt Xiao, Uncle Gu, I want to introduce someone to you after this matter.”

The two of them were a little surprised. Looking at his expression, Xiao Ran asked uncertainly, “Is it a man or a woman?”

Rong Yan coughed lightly and pursed his lips. “A woman.”

Xiao Ran and her husband, “Oh~”

The next day, the Emperor got someone to order troops and hand them to Xiao Ran as quickly as possible. Then, he handed the jade ruler and the imperial edict representing the imperial token to Rong Yan. They set off from the Imperial Capital to capture Yan Lu and bring him back to the capital.

Looking at their backs as they left, the Emperor calmly asked Eunuch Zhao, “How are the Empress and the Noble Consort?”

Eunuch Zhao bowed and replied, “Your Majesty, the two of them are in their respective abodes and have never gone out. However, Prime Minister Yan said that he missed the empress and went to the Phoenix Palace.”

He added, “But he left when he heard outside the hall that the Empress was unwell.”

The Emperor chuckled. “Old fox. He must already know.”

Eunuch Zhao was puzzled. “Will Lord Yan receive the news in advance?”

The Emperor raised his eyebrows. “How can someone who dares to do something under my nose not leave any backup plans?”

Eunuch Zhao said worriedly, “Then when the Third Prince goes…”

The Emperor moved his shoulders. “Young people have to suffer a little to grow. Moreover, after he becomes an Imperial Censor, he can’t be an idler anymore.”

Eunuch Zhao immediately went forward to massage the emperor’s shoulders.

“His Majesty has really put in a lot of effort to train the princes.”

The Emperor glanced at him. “You’re thinking too much. I just want to see who Noble Consort Ji will help if Third Prince goes against the Crown Prince.” This question wasn’t easy to answer. If it were anyone else, they would definitely help their biological son, but Noble Consort Ji…

As this concerned the secrets of the royal family, Eunuch Zhao knew his limits and pretended to be mute.

After a long time, the Emperor said, “I’m a little curious. What made the third prince, who doesn’t fight for anything, suddenly have the motivation. Proceed to the Jadeite Pavilion? I’ll go take a look at Noble Consort Ji.”

On the way there, someone had long submitted the news that the Emperor wanted. After reading the secret agent’s report, the Emperor’s expression turned even uglier when he walked into the Jadeite Pavilion.

Noble Consort Ji was still as cold as ever. When she heard from the palace servants that His Majesty had come, she only bowed indifferently.

The Emperor sat down on his own, but she ignored him.

The palace servants wished they could hold their breaths and not dare to move.

When the other consorts saw His Majesty, they were all enchanting. Only their consort looked like she wanted His Majesty to leave quickly.

After an unknown period of time, the Emperor suddenly asked, “Do you hate Third Prince that much?”

Noble Consort Ji’s voice was cold. “Your Majesty, you’re joking. Who dares to hate Third Prince, who has the royal bloodline?”

The Emperor chuckled. “Speaking of which, Third Prince is already 16 years old, but he doesn’t have a proper job. He’s really a little free. Why don’t we…” Noble Consort Ji gradually clenched her fists under her sleeves.

While Rong Yan was rushing with the troops ordered by the Emperor, the lights in the Luo Prefecture government office were still on all night.

The strategists went around in circles, constantly thinking of ways to overturn the blame.

In the end, most people agreed with one person’s idea. “We can only make a contribution before the Third Prince arrives. I believe His Majesty will be able to punish us lightly on account of the Yan Family.”

Then how should they make this achievement?

Yan Lu took out a letter from a pile of letters. “I heard that Fortune Village has discovered a new rice seed?”

The strategists were stunned, and they reacted quickly with serious expressions. “How is that Fortune Village’s discovery? Lord Yan clearly got someone to go through painstaking effort to plant it.”

Someone even added, “The construction of the dam was done by the people under his lord. His Excellency was too focused on the new rice seeds and was negligent, so he did not notice it!”

Yan Lu nodded in satisfaction. “Go get it done.”

The first thing to do was to take the rice seed.

Xiaoxiao did not know that the fruits of her labor were targeted. After thinking about it, she felt that Mrs. Shen was the most suitable person to ask for help. Firstly, Lord Shen would not hide what he knew from her. Secondly, Mrs. Shen was rich and had countless connections with the Li Family. There was no problem with her connections. Thirdly, and most importantly, that pawnshop was bought by the Li Family..