Chapter 316:

Chapter 316:

"Well, you managed to persuade me. It's good to work together!" Eddie said as he raised his wine glass.

"From now on, take good care of Rita. Your ability proves that you are a worthy and courageous person, my daughter will not be left to ordinary people." Philips clinked his glass with a smile.

This collaboration is win-win; drugs previously monopolized by Umbrella and other companies will get new challengers. Philips will provide a platform for Eddie to introduce his drugs. At the same time, Eddie manufactures the drugs and distributes them cheaply but profitably.

Eddie would make money while Philips would gain fame, which was good for Philips. That fame can be used to increase his status and position in the future.

The slight loss that Eddie might have had was to stand in opposition to other pharmaceutical companies. If he sells medicines at low prices, of course, other companies will have to cut their cost to keep them selling, which is not as profitable as it used to be.

While Eddie and Philips were discussing their essential matters, Rita, on the other hand, was vaguely listening to her father and friend's conversation. Even though she didn't know what the two were talking about, she knew that her father was trying to test Eddie.

Tonight's harvest was decent. Not only was Eddie able to deepen his partnership with Ron Davis, but he was also able to take down Simmons simultaneously. Besides that, he also managed to get Rita!

At the same time, Excella has returned to Europe. Using her connections, she carried out the instructions Eddie had given her. Now she will create a logistics industry in Europe.


Patients are surprised to learn that the medicines they used to buy from various distributors can now be purchased with just a few clicks via their mobile phones. The company's owner was Eddie, who had recently been in the limelight.

They can now order products at a fair price, with no need to pay attention to the price differences each retailer will give. In addition, the shipping costs are very cheap too! They just have to wait at home, and it will arrive at their door, so practical!

The meeting officially started, and a white man stood on the conference platform. He stared at Excella with a fierce look.

"Everyone, so-called online shopping apps are slowly killing our jobs. If everyone chooses to shop online, what should we do next? Our business is bound to go down very sharply. All of this happened because of this woman, and she was one of us before, she is a traitor!" The leader continued to glare at Excella.

Under everyone's glares, Excella took a lighter and lit her herbal cigarette. She gave a disdainful look to everyone present.

"Excella! How are you going to explain this? Why do you want to join that guy? We want to monopolize the sale of goods not the other way around. You know how much trouble this online shopping will cause our physical industry?!" The leader shouted angrily.

"That's right, she is a traitor! You have betrayed us; damn it, you have to make amends with yourself!" A black man looked at Excella with evil eyes. As for what that man meant, everyone certainly knows.

In the next second, Excella immediately pulled out a gun and fired it at the hand of the man who said rudely to her. "Get rid of your dirty mind; you don't deserve me."

No one thought that Excella would actually shoot at this meeting. Instantly many guards nervously pointed their guns at Excella.

Unexpectedly, Excella didn't seem afraid in the slightest. She even put down her gun and started smoking again. "Times have changed, if you want to make money, you have to keep up with the trend. If this online shopping alone makes you nervous, I'm afraid you'll be crushed when another new trend emerges." Excella said in a nonchalant tone.

"Tell me the conditions you want, and we will try to consider it." The white-haired man of African American descent at the meeting calmly said. He wasn't too impressed by what had just happened in the meeting room.

"I will be in charge of this business in the European region, and you can join me. When I get the rights to operate, you will be able to open your own shop on the website and app to make money."

"Besides selling medicine, you guys also want to sell other things, right?" Excella instantly moved people's hearts with just a few words.