Chapter 317:

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Chapter 317:

"You're asking us to be his dog?" The leader snorted in discontent.

"The volume of transactions in one day has reached three hundred thousand people, and this is just the beginning. When this software is launched in North America, you will know how massive the volume of sales transactions is."L1tLagoon witnessed the first publication of this chapter on Ñøv€l--B1n.

"How many people are there in Europe? If Europeans are counted, the sales will skyrocket. People can shop without leaving the house, old people don't have to bother going to the market. Times have changed, and now is a new era full of comfort!" Excella arrogantly said.

The population in Europe has already reached seven hundred million people; how amazing is this sales potential?

"Haha, Excella, put me in. Can we sell all kinds of things? Even slaves and drugs?" A wealthy merchant asked with a laugh.

"If you have the ability, you can give it a try." Excel sneered.

"What percentage can we get?" Ask the dealership leader.

Excella raised her index finger. The leader asked in confusion, "One hundred percent?"

"Haha, what make you think you will get one hundred percent? One percent, if you don't want to, then someone else will."

"Hmph, one percent? Do you think we're beggars?" The leader patted the table furiously.

"It's not my decision whether you want to join or not; even if the Travis Family wants to join, they will also get one percent.'

"You have one day to think about it. If you don't want to, then don't call me again." Excella stood up and walked away.

"How arrogant! Stop her!" The merchant president slapped the table, and many guards pulled out their weapons. If ordinary people were bombarded with the bullets of those weapons, they would instantly become minced meat!

Excella chuckled lightly, "I'll leave them all to you. You can kill whoever you want."

Svetlana, who had put on the mask, instantly rushed towards her enemies with unimaginable speed!

The unresponsive guard was instantly thrown into the air with a single blow. His fragile spine was instantly severed with just one strike!

Attracting a guard, Svetlana made the person a meat shield. After that, she fired her gun right at every bodyguard there. The bodyguards were killed one by one.

"Wifey, do you have something you want to say?" Eddie didn't want to waste Alex's time. For other fun things... that can be done later.

"Spencer needs a serum that can get him on his feet again. That old geezer wants results, even if the results are minuscule."

"Looks like he wants to cut my research funding, and I'm not very good at making such serums myself; that's why I need your help." Alex sat on the sofa, swinging her heels with a playful expression.

"That old man is getting impatient, isn't he? Let me think about it, show me the data you have. By the way, are you in a hurry?" Eddie took the data provided by Alex and then tried to trace the latest experimental data.

"I have about a month or so. Can you do it? Sorry, I can't do what a wife should do at the moment." Alex felt a little regretful. The meaning of her words was none other than carrying Eddie's child; after she saw the pregnant Jill, she just remembered the promise she had made to her husband.

"It's fine, don't think too much about it. It might take me a few days to sort this out. But I can't give the old man too much benefit." Eddie frowned as he stared at the computer screen.

The old geezer would soon die of old age; if possible, Eddie didn't want to save Spencer.

"No problem, take your time. Eddie, I have previously gone to Antarctica and found the Veronica Virus. The toxicity of this thing is too strong, no one can withstand it."

"I myself don't know how is Alexia, the inventor of this Virus. By the way, you have any idea how to use this thing?" Alex smiled.

"You got the Veronica Virus? Hey, that's great, can you give me a copy? This will really help my research."

"As for Alexia, I've never seen or known her myself, so I can't really say much."

"I know you want it; that's why I brought a sample of the Virus with me. But, if you want it, you have to make me happy first." Alex's smile radiated beautifully and was full of temptation.

"..." Eddie pulled Alex into a room.


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