Chapter 315:

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Chapter 315:

"Che, as I thought, just bullshit You want to beat me? How about making a bet?"

"Forget it, someone like you wouldn't want to accept something like this." Eddie waved his hand with a bored expression.

"Hmph, don't be too complacent. What kind of bet do you want?" Carla folded her arms; she looked at Eddie with a piercing gaze.

"Let Simmons talk to me about this bet; you have no authority. You are only responsible for your part-time job; sorry, you are not qualified." Eddie laughed, then walked away.

Carla was even angrier, but the man's words made her think slightly. She no longer wanted to be a researcher; she began to yearn for a bigger stage and capital so she could fight Eddie.

How could a part-timer like her be able to fight a capitalist like Eddie? As soon as this idea came to her, she wanted to quickly climb higher and repay that man's arrogance!

Carla tries to solve leukemia and cancer drugs in her own way, but all her attempts fail. Even after using the T-Virus, she still didn't make it!

On the other hand, Ron Davis looked at Simmons with a strange grin. "I'm not interested in your proposal for cooperation; I will fight you again in the election to be held in three months."

Simmons looked somber, "This is The Family's business. Don't you realize that Morgan and the trash man Eddie are not the same as us? You're trying to get an outsider involved in The Family's internal affairs."

"Outsiders? Haha, isn't the history of the Western Federation constantly absorbing talented foreigners to enrich themselves? How do you know that the two of them won't be members of The Family in the future." Ron replied with a sneering laugh.

"I will destroy The Family sooner or later!" Simmons snorted angrily and then left. He didn't want to talk to the fat man anymore, and he had also guessed what the opponent wanted to do.

For now, he needed to calm himself down; in the future, he would find the best way to deal with those two enemies.

"In the future I will invest in the cultivation industry as well." Eddie stated his plan.

However, the plan he had made long ago to make this type of cigarette requires certain plants.

Planting medicinal ingredients requires a lease and a vast planting area; with this, the herbal cigarette industry and food processing will spread.

As a senator, Philips, of course, knows that all of this costs a lot of money. But suppose he is willing to help Eddie. In that case, he will most likely get a better public image for assisting the expansion of herbal cigarettes.

"Excellent plan and great invention. I hope you can continue to develop some other great medicine, if you can, please reduce the cost of those drugs so people can use them."

"I also plan to provide medical supplies at lower prices to the people, if you will cooperate with me and help make this happen, then I will allow Rita to work for you." Philips said firmly.

"So, is this a deal? I paid a heavy price for the medicine, and you will trade it for one of your daughters?" Eddie said with a curious expression. Did the man really want to sell his daughter to him?

"We can't?" Philips asked rhetorically.

"Saying it is easy, but cutting the cost of medicine to make it cheaper is a little difficult. Business-wise, this wouldn't be very profitable for me." Eddie said.

"If you do, I believe you will seize the medicinal market easily." Philips gives his advice.

This year, flu medicine is costly, but the benefits are also fantastic. Only by lowering the price will the citizens be able to buy it. In addition, this action can also provide greater public support.

This plan did benefit Philips and Eddie; besides that, the man was willing to give his daughter to him. If Eddie agreed to this, he'd still make a profit, but the market gain wasn't significant.