CH 27

Name:Qing Kai Author:
Jiang Ling did not sleep well that night.

She was used to sleeping alone for more than ten years, and for this nights, there was suddenly a person beside her, and she was a little uncomfortable.

When she woke up in the middle of the night, she habitually had to turn over and move a little, but she came back to her senses when she felt the heavy arm around her waist.

The boy’s skin was slightly hot.

Jiang Ling was stunned for a while before she slowly remembered what happened.

Hey slept together…

She breathed lightly.

She doesn’t know what time is it but the room is still dark.

Lin Qing Kai embraced her from behind, his breath was even and deep, and he slept soundly.

Jiang Ling was afraid that she would wake him up, so she did not dare to move again. But her heart slowly felt empty.

There is a sense of illusion.

To be honest, since the two of them got to know each other, it seems that it never felt real. She walked step after step towards the edge, but never touched the bottom line. Instead, she wanted to continue drowning.

She hesitated a few times, and lightly pressed her palm to the back of Lin Qing Kai’s hand.

She wants more.

She wants all of him.

As if noticing it, the arm around her waist tightened. Lin Qing Kai was sleepy and groggy: “Hmm?”

“It’s okay.” Jiang Ling replied softly.

Jiang Ling lay quietly. When the sleepiness slowly came back, the palm on her waist slowly moved up along her skin.

His palm was hot and the roots of his fingers were dry.

Her breathing became stagnant.

Lin Qing Kai’s hand had just touched her for a while and then stopped.

“Sleep quickly.” He whispered.

Jiang Ling’s head was clouded. She took his hand and fell asleep again without replying.

When she opened her eyes again, the sky was already bright.

The curtains were still drawn, and the sunlight seeped in through the gaps in the fabric, lighting the room.

There was no one around, quiet and empty.

Jiang Ling lay down for a while, sat up with the quilt, and dully thought about where Lin Qing Kai had gone.

Did he leave…

A few minutes later, the sound of the the room card sliding through the lock came in from outside the door, and she was stunned. She quickly lay down.

She didn’t think just now! She thought that he would be gone for a while, and she was still naked! She didn’t even think of wearing clothes!

She squeezed herself tight and closed her eyes  again.

The door was pushed  open and closed again with a click.

The sound o footsteps came near. He brought the early summer fresh air from outside.

It seems that he washed his hands first, and then the window was opened a little, the sound of the lighter, and then the smell of cigarette came.

After waiting for a while, there was no more movements. Jiang ling couldn’t bear it, an secretly opened her eyes and looked towards the window.

Lin Qing Kai was standing by the window, the cigarette between his finger had been extinguished. But he was facing her side, his eyes clear, and he was faintly watching her.

Jiang Ling’s heart trembled. It’s not right to look away, neither it is to hide, and the corners of his lips curled up.

“Woke up?” he asked.

Jiang Ling subconsciously pulled the quilt, “Hmm.” She then reached out to touch her phone, “What time is it…”

“It’s ten o’clock.” Lin Qing Kai replied, and unhurriedly walked over, “Are you hungry?”

Jiang Ling shook her head: “I’m not hungry yet.”

Lin Qing Kai stood by the bed, watching her arm grasping on the bed, and smiled. He passed her the phone from the table.

The screen was still on the message yesterday, and only to characters were typed in the dialog box, but it had not been sent out yet.

Jiang Ling felt guilty and lost, and then pressed send.

After a few seconds, her phone rang.

Lin Qing Kai raised his eyebrow, and stretched out his hand to hers: “You’ll talk to other guys in front of me?”

“It’s my older brother.” Jiang Ling shrank and hid, “I told you about him last night, did you forget?”

Lin Qing Kai snorted, his palm caressed her naked body for a while, and casually found her b r 3 a s t.

Jiang Ling’s face gradually became hot.

She was naked, but his clothes were still intact, and his fingers were a bit out of control.

She pressed her hand through the quilt, “Don’t move…”

“No.” Lin Qing Kai looked at her expression, “Your n i p p l 3 s are aroused.”

“No,” Jiang Ling said softly, “It’s still swollen.”

Lin Qing Kai’s eyes darkened: “Where is it swollen?”

He asked casually, but Jiang Ling couldn’t answer. In broad daylight, the windows still open, and the voices outside were exceptionally clear. The shame was too much.

Lin Qing Kai laughed, put his finger between her legs and flicked it twice, “Here?”

“Yeah.” Jiang Ling responded in a weak voice.

Her legs were wet and soft, and she wanted to sink as soon as his fingers slid over.

Lin Qing Kai’s breathing was heavy, leaning over to touch her earlobe, his voice low, “Call out and I will listen to you.”

Jiang Ling’s ear were tingling because of his breath: “Your name… how should I call you?”

Jiang ling bit her lower lip and leaned on his shoulder.

His clothes were sticking to her body. The muscles underneath were tight and warm.

Her thought turned a few times between various ambiguous or straightforward addressing. In the end, she still called: “Lin Qing Kai?”

He laughed, and was about to say something when the cell phone that was thrown aside rang.

Jiang Ling got back on her senses and only after clearing her throat did she dare to pick it up: “Mom.”

Her family asked her why she didn’t come home.

She thought that she could go home early in the morning, but on Sunday, the alarm clock was not set and it was almost noon when she woke up.

Jiang Ling reassured her mom, cleaned herself up, and Lin Qing Kai sent her back again.

She didn’t have the time to remember it until lunch, but he asked her to call him her boyfriend…

Jiang Ling’s thoughts were in a mess, absent-mindedly digging out the contents of her schoolbag. Aside from a few books, there was a small medicine box.

He bought medicine in the morning, an anti-inflammatory.

Lin Qing Kai mentioned this to her downstairs.

Jiang Ling stared at the small pill medicine box for a while, when she thought that he has left.