CH 26

Name:Qing Kai Author:
The mirror on the bathroom was large, taking up half of the wall.

The marble sink was similar to those in the hotels. Jiang Ling was still wrapped in a blanket and refused to give up, and was placed on the sink. It feels cold on her skin,

“Let’s wash together?” Lin Qing Kai put his hand on her sides.

Jiang Ling’s ears were hot, and the shame returned: “No…”


She lowered her eyes: “It feels a bit… lewd.”

She hesitated on the last word and it was almost inaudible.

Lin Qing Kai heard it clearly. After a short pause, he laughed: “What we did just now is more lewd.”

Jiang Ling’s face quickly burned up.

The scene of the two people panting and fighting on the bed was still on her mind, and when he said it, she felt more embarrassed.

“Are you ashamed?” Lin Qing Kai raised his hand and squeezed her chin.

She responded vaguely. Looking down, she saw several conspicuous marks on his arms. When she was about to orgasm, she felt so good that her nails came out.

Jiang Ling’s heartbeat skipped a few beats.

Her traces.

“This…” Jiang Ling pointed. She wanted to say something but didn’t know how to say it.

Lin Qing Kai looked over, his lips twitched: “You’re like a wild cat.”

Jiang Ling just opened her mouth to retort when he slid his hands off her neck, pulled off the blankets, and peeled her out.

The lights are bright and the shower water’s temperature is also suitable.

Water vapor soon filled the room. The bodies of the two people dimly reflected in the opposite mirror.

Jiang Ling could see her two naked b r e a s t s in the mirror and the boy's fingers holding them. He slowly wiped off the body wash, rubbing it smoothly.

She wanted to move her eyes, but she couldn’t.

"Did I make your b r e a s t become bigger?" He took the b r e a s t s with his fingertips.

Jiang Ling watched his fingers loosen and wrap them up again, his palms hot and damp. The vision seemed to pass into her body along with the tingling sensation that he provoked. She bit her lip, "Yeah."

Lin Qing Kai squeezed twice, and dropped his right hand. "I will eat it every day from now on, okay?"

Jiang Ling couldn't help but let out a moan. His wrist sank forcefully between her legs, and she could even see the movement of his middle finger hooking inside her. Then the c l i t o r i s was rubbed against by his fingertips.

She frowned, "… what are you talking about?"

Lin Qing Kai smiled. "Where do you want to be eaten by me? Where do you itch the most?"

She kept silent.

"Part your legs." He looked at her blushing face in the mirror.

Jiang Ling refused: "You said that we’d take a bath..."

"Wash inside and out." Lin Qing Kai touched her ear, his voice was extremely low.

Her legs were separated, his arm was stuck there, his fingertips poked a few times in the flower hole, and he got in. Jiang Ling called out a little.

Lin Qing Kai looked at her expression when she screamed, rubbing his fingers back and forth against her softness. He was already familiar with her and could easily reach that sensitive spot.

Jiang Ling's whole body was soft and leaned on him: "Fingers, ah... you… want to come in again?"

"Yeah." Lin Qing Kai's c 0 c k stood up behind her waist, "The d I c k wants to fuck you again."

"You just…”

“Not enough," Lin Qing Kai grabbed the small c l i t, "I want to f u c k you all night."

Jiang Ling's mind was more and more distracted by him. She yelled, feeling his p 3 n i s swell even bigger. The area that was rubbed by the fingertips was sour and itchy, but the area that was not taken care of by his  fingers felt a little empty, and she wanted to be slammed hard by the hot c 0 c k.

She turned to look at Lin Qing Kai.

"Want me to be rougher?" Lin Qing Kai asked.

She pursed her lips, but subconsciously rubbed her b u t t  against his c 0  c k. Lin Qing Kai took out his finger and brought out a transparent body fluid.

The kinky water and the hot water from the shower slipped on her legs. Jiang Ling groaned.

"Slacker." Lin Qing Kai slapped her b u t t o c k s, "Raise it a little bit higher."

The c 0 c k came in from behind immediately.

Jiang Ling put her hands on the transparent glass door of the shower, her waist sank, and her hips were pushed down by him.

She couldn't see their junction in the opposite mirror, but her expression was impatient. This time, Lin Qing Kai entered deep and thrust heavier every time, pinching her waist back to cater, entering and exiting quickly.

Jiang Ling felt that the most itchy part of her seemed to be rubbed uninterruptedly. "It's a bit too much..." Her voice trembled, "It's itchy ..."

Lin Qing Kai also supported her arm, his chest pressed against her. "It's good to f u c k you," his cock thrusts faster, "I really want to keep it in and f u c k you to death."

Jiang Ling grabbed his arm again, her nails digging on his flesh, making it sore and painful underneath. The thrusting is mixed with the sound of water, which is particularly lewd in a confined space.

She couldn't tell how many times she came again, but felt that the water below her was flooding, and he was pounding more and more.

Finally, Lin Qing Kai lifted her head and bit her earlobe, licked it with his tongue, and slid it on the auricle. Only his low snort and gasping remained in Jiang Ling's mind.

She really lost her strength this time. He picked her up and washed her, then carried her back to bed.

It is also good to be hugged by him. She lay there, watching Lin Qing Kai's back in a bath towel.

The lines are smooth, with muscles in their proper place.

For the first time, Jiang Ling tried to look at him as his man instead of a boy with the same age as her. Her man.

No matter what happens in the future, at least for a few hours, he only belong to her.

They have a small, fragile, independent world.

The phone rang on the table.

Lin Qing Kai was walking there and brought it to her. The screen is on, and the message box displayed ‘Brother Yibo’.

He glanced and handed it to Jiang Ling.

Jiang Ling recovered from her thoughts, and consciously opened her mouth to explain: "We met him during dinner.”

Lin Qing Kai responded indifferently and turned off the light.

She was caught off guard with the light off. Jiang Ling lay down quickly, and was about to reply to the message when the other side of the bed sank, and the body with the fragrance of the shower gel pressed over her.

Then the rough fingers made their way into her thighs.

Jiang Ling pressed the phone out with one hand, and put the other hand around his back: "No more..."

Lin Qing Kai put his finger on her l a b i a and gently rubbed it for a while, and when he spoke, his voice was low and clear in the dark. "It seems a bit swollen just now, does it hurt?"

Jiang Ling felt soft in her heart for no reason. "It only hurts a little bit," she whispered.

"I couldn’t control myself as soon as I touched it." Lin Qing Kai whispered, "It's full of water, and it sucks me."

"Well," Jiang Ling hugged him: "Then you have to be gentle next time."

Lin Qing Kai smiled. "Okay."

The room was quiet, the ceiling was dark, and occasionally the sound of cars roaring by on the street outside the window could be heard.

Lin Qing Kai's lips fell on her, and he kissed her earlobe and neck repeatedly.

Jiang Ling stroked his back, discerning the lines of his muscles, occasionally moaning.

She likes this quiet closeness. Gradually, she became sleepy.