CH 28

Name:Qing Kai Author:
hat afternoon passed in a hurry.

She has to go back to school in the evening. She only has a few hours in between to pack her things, arrange her clothes, and make up her homework. When she panicked and finished preparing to go out, it happened that the door of the house next door opened.

It was her neighbor brother coming out while carrying car keys: "I need to go to your school for something, I’ll send you over.”

"Okay." Jiang Ling laughed, "Brother you bought a car?"

"This thing semester and the next, I have to run back and forth. It would be easier if I have a car."

Jiang Ling nodded in response and went downstairs.

In fact, she was very afraid that she would be asked about Lin Qing Kai again. Fortunately, the journey went smoothly. The two talked about test scores and college life, and then they were almost there.

In the end, they took a turn and came across the door of the internet cafe near the school.

A bunch of boys gathered there. They were doing all sorts of things, talking and laughing, and smoking. Among them, the few who had dinner together last night were present.

Jiang Ling's eyes quickly swept over, but she didn’t see Lin Qing Kai.

But one of the boys glanced in the car window. Jiang Ling bowed her head if nothing had happened. After driving some distance, and looking back from the rear-view mirror, she saw many familiar figures among the group of people.

He changed his clothes, white T-shirt and cotton sweatpants, and stood there lazily.

Jiang Ling's eyes stopped far away on him.

After a while, Lin Qing Kai seemed to listen to what the boy next to him said, raised his eyebrows, and looked over.

Looking at each other in a mirror, Jiang Ling didn't know if he could see her clearly, her face was already hot.

She thought about those naked indulgences and panting last night and she was particularly embarrassed.

Arriving at the school gate, her neighbor brother lowered the window, looked back in the direction of the internet cafe, and smiled: "Will you stand here and wait for someone?"

Jiang Ling was taken aback, "I won’t!"

She was about to explode in shame. She thanked him, picked up her schoolbag and ran to the teaching building.

After running, she felt like she was tricked again. Facing her mobile phone she looked at their conversation.

The chat record with Lin Qing Kai was still stopped at the end of school on Friday. He said he was waiting for her at the school gate, and she replied with the word "OK".


From the restaurant, then the hotel. She think back, it was unreal as if he wandered all night. Only the body that has been claimed still retains some of his strength and temperature.

Holding her chin, Jiang Ling put the box of anti-inflammatory drugs in the plastic storage box next to her pillow.

Her roommates were chatting. She clicked on Lin Qing Kai's message box and closed it again. Turn it on again, turn it off again.

He didn't message her again, and she didn't know what to say.

No matter how self-confident and open she was, there will be some difference after all.

She seems to overestimate herself.

Jiang Ling sighed and buried her face in the pillow.

Early the next morning, she was woken up by her roommate

"It's almost late." Her roommate has already washed up. "Did you steal landmines during the weekend? You slept for so long."

Jiang Ling rubbed her eyes for a while, her eyelids were soft and a little swollen.

She turned over and touched the phone to check the time.

There was a message.

At 1:45 last night, [Are you asleep?]

After five minutes, [Goodnight]

She suddenly sat up.

It was Lin Qing Kai.

Coincidentally, the last self-study class that afternoon was fast, and the headteacher asked the class leader to take them to the small field to queue. A group of people strayed past, catching up with Lin Qing Kai and their class for sports.

At that time, the physical education class was also casual, and after warming them up after running a few laps, he just asked the students to take a break. Most of the girls went back to the classroom, the boys were playing basketball, and those who doesn’t want to play were free to move around.

Just after Lin Qing Kai changed, he raised his wrist and wiped his sweat, sat on the sidelines, and opened a bottle of water.

When Jiang Ling saw his faint gaze as she watched them, she was immediately nervous. Her tablemate was still pulling her clothes: "You haven't told me how you two met."

She didn't speak, pretending that she couldn't hear it.

"That's not bad." The boys sitting on the sidelines were loud, speaking back and forth one by one, "Her legs are the longest."

"This chest is big."

"Not that big."

Lin Qing Kai raised his neck.

"This, this, the middle one," the boy's voice pressed down, "This chest... must be easy to touch."

Several boys had a glint in their eyes and laughed strangely.

Lin Qing Kai lowered his hand and put the mineral water bottle on the ground.

The friends who were always with him looked at his face, coughed, and interrupted several people: "Hey, mind your words."

"Why," they paused. Looking at Lin Qing Kai, then at Jiang Ling: "Huh?"

Lin Qing Kai glanced at them but didn't answer.

The boy reacted for a while and then it became clear to him. They smiled: "Have you?”

Lin Qing Kai's eyes were locked on her face, his expression cold, and said to the boy: "Get off."

The boy was a little bit unable to get off the stage. After being frozen for a while, he waved his arms: "Go, please drink water."

Jiang Ling only saw them whispering to each other, and then they all scattered. After a while, Lin Qing Kai also got up.

Her gaze followed his back.

"Last time," her tablemate was still playing freely next to her, "The time he came to our classroom door, he was looking for you, right?"

Jiang Ling retracted and hummed absent-mindedly.

She was nervous earlier and was a little bit disappointed when he left.

“So when did you two meet? Tell me about it." The curiosity of her tablemate remained until the queue was disbanded.

Jiang Ling thought for a while, "It's been a long time."

"How long is it?"

She counted the time half-heartedly, and the corner of her clothes was pulled suddenly, "Hey!" her tablemate called.

Jiang Ling raised her head, and Lin Qing Kai was standing tall in the shade of the trees in front of her.

Seeing her look over, he lifted his jaw slightly: "Come here."

Don’t want to…

Before her classmates finished, they whispered and turned their heads to look at her.

Jiang Ling blushed and slowly walked to him.

"Has the medicine been applied?" Lin Qing Kai looked at her.

In broad daylight, everyone is in full view, why ask this question. Jiang Ling glanced around, her voice was very low: "It's been applied."