Chapter 594 - Chapter 594: Half a Stone Tablet

Chapter 594: Half a Stone Tablet

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In the Hong family, Hong Zhengtu was originally dozing off when he suddenly woke up. Then he came to the entrance of the Luo River Secret Realm with a strange expression.

“There’s something unusual in the secret realm? What’s going on?”

Hong Zhengtu couldn’t figure it out, so he directly entered the secret realm.

Inside the secret realm, Lin Feng had already arrived under the stone tablet.

The stone tablet in front of him was towering, as if it pierced the sky, covered in dense and mysterious runes, giving it an ancient and profound feeling.

Even from a distance, Lin Feng could see the stone tablet, but when he approached it, he was still shocked.

Because the runes on the stone tablet seemed to form an array.

If that were all, it wouldn’t be enough to shock Lin Feng. What truly astonished him was the arrangement of these runes, which was extremely peculiar.

There were countless runes on it, and the arrays formed by them were also countless, but all of the arrays seemed to be related to space in some way.

Moreover, those runes, whether individually or in pairs, in groups of three, four, or more, could form arrays.

Even if Lin Feng randomly selected a group of runes, they could still form an array!

In other words, the arrays on the stone tablet were infinite!

But these arrays all seemed to be the same type of array. What did this mean?

Lin Feng didn’t quite understand, so he looked at the top of the stone tablet, where it was broken.

This stone tablet was incomplete!

But even if it was incomplete, the arrays on the stone tablet could still operate. Lin Feng even felt that even if only a small piece of the tablet remained, the arrays would still function as usual.

These arrays seemed to have some kind of restriction.

Lin Feng tried to touch the stone tablet with his hand to feel what the arrays were for.

When he placed his hand on the stone tablet, all the runes on the stone tablet instantly lit up.

Lin Feng’s heart raced, and he quickly stepped back, looking at the stone tablet with caution.

But to Lin Feng’s surprise, the stone tablet began to shrink, eventually turning into a small, palm-sized piece of broken stone.

He was about to pick up the stone slab to examine it, but he quickly turned back and looked at the empty space behind him, his face tense.

There, a figure slowly appeared, and the aura emanating from it was that of a god-level powerhouse!

Had he triggered the stone tablet and attracted Hong Jia’s god-level expert?

Lin Feng couldn’t afford to be careless. He was no match for a god-level expert.

So he picked up the stone tablet from the ground and immediately used spatial traversal to escape before the figure fully materialized.

The destination of his traversal was not anywhere within the secret realm but outside, in the chaos!

Hong Zhengtu had just arrived when he saw Lin Feng disappear. He was clearly taken aback.

“Is that Lin Feng? Is he inside the secret realm?” Hong Zhengtu wondered.

Wasn’t Lin Feng supposed to have left the secret realm a year ago? What was going on?

When he saw that the Book of Luo Stone Tablet that had originally stood there was missing, he was first surprised, but then he was delighted.

“Did he take the thing? Well, that saves me a lot of trouble.”

In fact, Hong Zhengtu hadn’t explained everything to Lin Feng in detail because he was worried it might lead to misunderstandings and had other concerns as well.

The Earth Emperor had left behind this half of the Book of Luo, saying that in the future, it would be entrusted to a person named Lin Feng from the outside world, along with the secret realm. But Hong’s family had deep ties to the Luo River Secret Realm. If they handed over this heritage to someone else, how would Hong’s family treat Lin Feng?

Would they become subordinates?

It wasn’t just about whether Lin Feng was strong enough; what if his character was questionable?

Joining an outsider, even though everyone was of the human race, still had its reputation.

So now that Lin Feng had taken the Book of Luo Stone Tablet, Hong Zhengtu pretended not to know, and that way, everyone could avoid trouble.

Hong Zhengtu smiled and said, “Fine, the secret realm is yours, kid. I’m going back. ”

Afterward, Hong Zhengtu disappeared and announced something to the Hong family.

The Luo River Secret Realm would be sealed indefinitely for an unknown period of time!

When Lin Feng appeared again, he was already outside the chaos.

Before him was a light sphere of pale blue, enormous and several times larger than the secret realm where he had met the Hou previously.

Lin Feng could also sense that this light sphere not only had a larger volume but also a higher quality.

However, Lin Feng didn’t linger; he flew around the light sphere for a few days before coming to a stop.

“Haven’t the experts from Hong’s family caught up yet?” Lin Feng was somewhat puzzled.

A stone tablet of this size suddenly disappeared, and Hong’s family hadn’t reacted at all?

He didn’t quite understand, but since they didn’t care, he didn’t want to dwell on it.

Lin Feng took out the stone slab and examined it carefully.

The stone slab was very smooth and flat. It was very difficult to tell with the naked eye that there were actually countless runes engraved on it. On this half of the stone slab, there was also an ancient character—’Book’.

“A book? What kind of book is this?”

Lin Feng shook his head slightly and then tried to see what abilities the stone slab had.

He activated the stone slab using a formation method, and immediately, a faint blue light radiated from the stone slab.

At the moment the light appeared, the chaos around Lin Feng seemed to calm down.

The chaotic mix of various laws of the great Dao that had been flowing randomly now quieted and no longer moved haphazardly..