Chapter 593 - Chapter 593: The Dao of Curses (4)

Chapter 593: The Dao of Curses (4)

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Jiang Chen then looked at Junior again, and Junior immediately shivered, quickly smiling and saying, “Big… big brother, I know I was wrong, please don’t hit me.”

Jiang Chen snorted and thought to himself, What a spineless fellow!

It seemed like he had forgotten that the first time he met Lin Feng and his group, he was completely overwhelmed.

How long do I have to wait if that guy wants to finish the secret realm before letting me go back? Jiang Chen thought impatiently.

Over this month, because he had been standing on the side of the road with Junior, people passing by looked at him strangely, making Jiang Chen feel awkward each time.

But Junior seemed to be oblivious to this, which made Jiang Chen think that this guy might have some issues in his head.

So if he had to wait here all the time, he couldn’t stand it.

“Should I just slip away?” Jiang Chen thought, but then immediately shook his head. “No, I’ll wait a bit longer. Another month… if that guy doesn’t come back for me within a month, then I’m out of here!”

So, a month later, Jiang Chen looked in the direction of Luo River City, clenched his teeth, turned around suddenly, and then with great effort, he finally took a step forward.

“Hmph, Lin Feng, you’re too slow, I won’t wait any longer. I’m going to have some fun!” Will found an excuse for himself and flew off into the distance.

Seeing Jiang Chen leave, Junior immediately wanted to slip away.

This job was impossible to do. The curse unexpectedly failed, and he wasn’t good at fighting. He’d consider himself lucky if he wasn’t beaten to death.

He wanted to go home. The 33rd Heaven of the Heavenly Court was much more comfortable. He figured he wouldn’t come out for several hundred years.

But as Junior turned around, Will, who had turned back, grabbed him and took him away.

“Well, take this idiot with you. If that guy asks, just say it was this idiot’s idea!”

Will thought, then, imitating Lin Feng’s appearance, he changed into a white robe and put on a composed expression.

In his grasp, Junior shed tears, “I want to go home. I’m never coming out again!”

Jiang Chen immediately slapped him. “A real man doesn’t cry. Follow me from now on, and you’ll walk with your head held high among the myriad races!” Junior suppressed his tears and felt like crying inside…

In the Luo River Secret Realm, Lin Feng took another step and finally walked out of the entire restriction.

He looked back and couldn’t help but feel a bit sentimental.

It took nearly a year, but he had completely deciphered the entire restriction. At this moment, his understanding of the Great Dao was more than enough to support his creation.

If the previous Wu Mingyang was here, he would notice a profound and unfathomable feeling emanating from Lin Feng.

While the old Lin Feng also gave off this feeling, it wasn’t as pronounced, and he exuded more of a serene feeling of understanding the world.

The current Lin Feng, on the other hand, was like an abyss, making it impossible for people to figure him out.

Moreover, Lin Feng’s mental strength had undergone its seventh qualitative change. Although he was still at the peak of divine-level, it was now at least twice as resilient as before!

If a god dared to use mental strength against him, he couldn’t say he would annihilate a god’s mental strength, but he could certainly inflict severe damage on it.

After one last look at the entire restriction, Lin Feng turned and headed deeper into the secret realm.

There, he had already spotted the shadow of a massive stone stele that seemed to reach the sky, and the source of the spatial storms appeared to be right there!