Chapter 595 - Chapter 595: Half a Stone Tablet (2)

Chapter 595: Half a Stone Tablet (2)

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Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed, and then he carefully felt this change.

“It seems like the spatial rules have become much more active and stabilized the surrounding chaos?” After a long time, Lin Feng said.

The array on the stone tablet was all about spatial formations, and now, when activating the stone tablet, it seemed to have the effect of stabilizing the space.

This seemed somewhat redundant, but Lin Feng was overjoyed.

You see, this wasn’t the world’s space, but the chaotic space.

The stone tablet could even stabilize the chaotic space, so in the world’s space, wouldn’t it make the space extremely solid?

Lin Feng tried to punch into the chaotic space, but the free-floating spatial rule forces in the space showed no reaction.

Lin Feng estimated that the strength of this space stabilization had at least reached the level of a god.

In other words, if Lin Feng used the stone tablet to stabilize the world space, even gods would not be able to easily break through the space.

If Lin Feng’s strength increased another level and he activated the stone tablet, even gods would probably not be able to easily travel through space within its stable spatial range.

This seemed to be a treasure that could trap people.

If it were just that, Lin Feng wouldn’t be so surprised because even an ordinary person could use the stone tablet to achieve these effects.

But Lin Feng had a deep understanding of the rules of the Great Dao, and he knew better the effects of stabilizing space.

Since space could be stabilized, it could also be used to suppress enemies.

In other words, if Lin Feng used the stone slab, he could completely use the power of space to casually suppress a divine level expert!

This is only the spatial power contained in half of the stone tablet. If it were the complete stone tablet, wouldn’t it be even stronger? Lin Feng thought to himself.

Unfortunately, the stone tablet belonged to the Hong family, and the whereabouts of the other half of the stone tablet were probably only known to the Hong family. He couldn’t possibly ask the people of the Hong family.

However, obtaining this half of the stone tablet was already sufficient.

Lin Feng stored it in the Longevity World. Then, Morpheus and the others in the Longevity World immediately felt that the spatial law of the Longevity World had become much more active and the space had become much more stable.

“And this stone tablet can also serve as a suppressive tool in the Longevity World!” Lin Feng said with a smile.

In the future, when the Longevity World opened up, there would definitely be earth-shattering changes. By that time, with various great Dao rules intertwining, space would become very fragile.

However, now that he had this half of the stone tablet, it might be easier when the time came.

“If only I had a complete stone slab.” Lin Feng smiled and then looked at the ball of light in the Luo River Secret Realm.

Now, he had to start preparing to devour the secret realm.

However, before that, he had to find the source of the spatial storm first and confirm if the Hong family expert was still in the secret realm.

If the other party was still in the secret realm, it would be very easy for the other party to discover him when he devoured it.

So, with a thought, Lin Feng returned to the secret realm.

In the Longevity World, the stone slab fell under the Creation Tree. Many people, including Morpheus, were curious and came over to take a look.

But other than the word ‘book’ on the stone tablet, they couldn’t see anything else.

Although they knew it was extraordinary, there was no way to figure out its purpose.

So the crowd dispersed, and only the angel Uriel continued to stare at the half stone tablet. He seemed to have discovered something and gradually became engrossed.

In the Luo River Secret Realm, Lin Feng reappeared, landing in a mountain range.

Entering the secret realm from the outside of the Chaos was already uncertain. Therefore, he could not control where it appeared.

However, after determining a direction, he quickly flew towards the location where the stone tablet had originally stood.

Previously, he had sensed that the source of the spatial storm was there, so he had to go back and take a look.

A month later, Lin Feng finally returned to his original spot.

During this time, he had passed through the restricted area, but the restriction was no longer able to stop him. He practically pushed through the area, taking only 10 days to pass through it.

At night, Lin Feng noticed that the entire secret realm seemed to be more turbulent with the absence of the stone tablet, and the spatial storms were becoming increasingly violent, day by day.

It seems that this secret realm was originally broken, but it was stabilized by the stone tablet. Now that the stone tablet is gone, the secret realm is on the verge of complete collapse, Lin Feng thought to himself.

As the situation in the secret realm changed, even the chaos that Lin Feng had not yet completely eradicated seemed to have disappeared without a trace. Not only the divine-level chaos, but even the chaos below divine-level had vanished.

Along the way, Lin Feng did not see a single Chaos!

“Could it be that because I took the stone tablet, the Hong family realized that the secret realm wouldn’t last long, so they abandoned it and moved all the chaos?” Lin Feng speculated.

It was quite possible.

Lin Feng didn’t think too much about it. With such a large secret realm dissipating like this, it would be a waste, wouldn’t it?

It would be better for him to devour it.

After returning to the original location of the stone tablet, Lin Feng began searching for the source of the spatial storm, but after a day, he still couldn’t find it.

He could clearly sense that the source was in this area, but there was no sign of it.

It wasn’t until the sky grew dark that Lin Feng saw the space split open in the place where the stone tablet had originally stood, and the spatial storm suddenly burst forth! “It’s actually here!”

Lin Feng was taken aback and watched Intently.

In the void, the space seemed to open a fierce maw, and within it, spatial storms raged out, causing Lin Feng’s robe to rustle in the wind..