Chapter 592 - 592 The Dao of Curses (3)

592 The Dao of Curses (3)

Lin Feng waved his hand and Jiang Chen disappeared, following the karmic thread.

After sensing that Jiang Chen had already appeared in the outside world, Lin Feng gently twisted his finger and the black karma thread immediately broke.

And the entire tree began to recover at a visible speed, without any abnormalities.

Little Black said in confusion, “Aren’t you afraid that that guy really won’t come back?”

Lin Feng smiled and said, “It’s alright, this guy is actually more suitable to be set free. Let him go out and explore, maybe he’ll get some surprises.”

Then he looked at Du Jinlong and Lu Yaobin. “Elders, you can start preparing. If we successfully devour the Luo River Secret Realm this time, then one or two more secret realms, and I’ll have to create a world. By then, you elders can start a Dao.”

Du Jinlong and Lu Yaobin were both surprised. So soon?

Although they knew about Lin Feng’s plan for almost a year, this was really too fast.

In one year, it probably wasn’t enough for an ordinary epic-level advancement.

But Lin Feng was already prepared to create a world!

Splitting the heavens meant establishing a unique world, and it couldn’t be said that there would be no one like him in the future, but it was likely unprecedented.

At least, no one present had ever heard of someone creating an independent world in history.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “I’ll continue to decipher the restrictions. I won’t disturb you.”

The others waved at Lin Feng, and then he disappeared once again.

When Lin Feng’s consciousness returned to his body, he looked at the restrictions in front of him and smiled.

In the past, he had learned Xiao Yaozi’s sword technique and named it ‘Heaven Splitting’.

Now, he was about to create his own world and truly split the heavens!

That day was not far away!

Outside Luo River City, Junior was still cursing the tree. Especially when he saw the leaves of the tree turning yellow, he was extremely pleased.

“Hmph, even a tree dares to compete with us for the Dao. It’s seeking death!”

Junior continued to curse, but suddenly, the entire tree withered completely. At first, he was startled, but then he was overjoyed.

“Let’s see if you can still persist. You’re finally dead!”

Junior laughed heartily. He had completed the task that brought him here. Should he play around a bit more before returning?

He had come out only with great difficulty this time!

You see, those two guys, Hanba and Ying Gou, couldn’t even come out.

But then he felt something was wrong because the sense of competition for the Dao on the grand path was still there, and the people competing for the Dao with him were not dead.

Junior looked at the withered tree in front of him and suddenly became dumbfounded.

Then, a hand was placed on his shoulder, startling him.

“Did you do this, kid? You have quite the guts!”

Junior hastily stepped back and looked at the person who had come. He realized it was a pale-faced young man.

The young man was Jiang Chen!

When Junior saw Jiang Chen, the path he followed began to tremble.

Junior finally understood at this moment. They weren’t competing for the Dao with that tree; it was the person in front of him.

“Oh, it’s you! So you’re the one competing for the Dao with us. You dare to show up, you’re asking for death!”

Junior glared at Jiang Chen and began to curse him, “I curse you to trip and die, to crash into a god and die, to choke on water and die, to choke on food and die…”

Jiang Chen looked at this guy with a strange expression. Was this the power of the curse? Why couldn’t he sense anything?

He approached and slapped Junior on the shoulder, making him dizzy.

“Why are you fine?”

Jiang Chen thought for a moment and said, “Sh*t!”

Jiang Chen’s physical body was created from the flesh and blood of the Hou, and Junior’s Dao of Curses was born from the disasters of the Hou. Using Hou’s Dao to curse the Hou’s body, wasn’t that just playing around?

When Jiang Chen was in the Longevity World, he was not idle. He saw the books Lin Feng read, and there were backups in the Longevity World, so he read them too.

He thought that Lin Feng’s strength was a result of reading many books, so he wanted to read books too. That’s why he quickly figured out this problem.

Junior, on the other hand, was dumbfounded. “Are you cursing me? You actually dare to curse a god of curses? I’ll curse you to death!”

But before he could say anything, Jiang Chen directly gave him a ruthless beating. During the beating, Junior kept cursing, but Jiang Chen’s strikes became fiercer.

Finally, when Jiang Chen felt a bit tired, he stopped and looked at Junior, who was curled up on the ground. Even at this moment, he was still cursing incessantly.

“This guy, does he have a problem with his brain? Doesn’t he remember getting beaten?”

Because Lin Feng hadn’t told him how to deal with Junior, Jiang Chen didn’t know whether he should kill him or capture him.

After beating the other party up, he waited for Lin Feng to come and pick him up.

He had the intention to leave, but whenever he thought of Lin Feng’s smile, he felt a bit uneasy, so he decided to stay put.

Jiang Chen waited for a month.

During this time, he beat up Junior a few more times, thinking that he hadn’t taught him a lesson properly, so Lin Feng didn’t pick him up. But after a month, he began to realize that maybe that wasn’t the case.

“That guy, is he waiting for the secret realm to be completely devoured before picking me up?”

Considering Lin Feng’s speed at the time, it would take at least a few more months to decipher the restrictions. After that, they had to find the source of the spatial storms, resolve the spatial storms, and then devour the secret realm. How long would that take?