Chapter 646 - Chapter 646 Hundred Meridians of the Great Dao! (1)

Chapter 646 Hundred Meridians of the Great Dao! (1)

“Jun’er… You…”

“Hehe, Teacher, actually… it’s not just me. As long as it’s anyone above the Original Realm in our Azure Dragon City, they have all begun to cultivate the Qi Refinement and Meridian Opening Technique.”

Before Lan He could continue, Bai Jun smiled and said, “Speaking of which… it’s all thanks to Master’s help.”

“M… Master?”

“That’s right, Teacher. You don’t know, but Jun’er has already joined his personal guards and become a team leader!”

Bai Jun blinked and said with a smile.

“You… Sigh, forget it. Following Lin Bei isn’t a bad thing.”

Lan He was silent for a moment before sighing. “However, your Qi Refinement and Meridian Opening Technique…”

“Teacher, don’t worry. Master said that as long as it’s our Azure Dragon lineage, we can cultivate his Qi Refinement and Meridian Opening Technique.”

“Then I—”

“Teacher, take this. This is the inheritance jade talisman that Master gave to our Azure Dragon lineage as compensation. It contains the complete cultivation method for the power of the Azure Dragon. In the future, we won’t have to go to the virtual universe mystic realm on Ocean Blue Planet to try our luck at all.”

Bai Jun continued incessantly, “Also… there are other nine types of ancient martial arts inheritances in this inheritance jade talisman. We can also cultivate them! Moreover, these ancient martial arts powers complement each other. If one is talented enough, one can completely possess many ancient martial arts powers at the same time and greatly increase one’s strength.”

“Of course, mastering only one ancient martial arts power can also allow one to cultivate the Qi Refinement Meridian Opening Technique. However, compared to geniuses who have mastered many ancient martial arts powers, the cultivation speed will be slower.”

Bai Jun explained word by word. Then, she handed the legacy jade talisman to Lan He and said with a smile, “Teacher, comprehend it as soon as possible. After you use it, just return it to the Grand Elder and the others. I still have something to do. I’m going to cultivate!”

With that, without waiting for Lan He to speak, her figure disappeared and returned to the pocket space. She began to cultivate bitterly under the influence of the Fire of Inheritance.

She did not dare to be negligent. Although she was a team leader now, her cultivation was like sailing against the current. If she did not advance, she would fall behind. Everyone else was working hard. If she slacked off and her teammates surpassed her, she would lose face.

Therefore, she had to work harder.

Now, she had a small goal, which was to comprehend and master all ten ancient martial arts powers in the Inheritance Jade Talisman!

If such a goal was given to her in the past, it would be a fool’s dream!

However, it was different now. With the help of the Fire of Inheritance and the increase in potential brought about by the Qi Refinement Meridian Opening, it would not be too easy for her to completely comprehend and master all ten ancient martial arts powers. However, as long as she spent enough time and energy, she would definitely be able to gain something.

Now, Little Gold from the Treasure Hunting Team had already gone out to investigate the location of the treasures. Once he returned with the news, everyone would move out and search for the treasures together. And this… was the entire mission of their personal guards.

During this period of time, everybody had been under Lin Bei’s care and their strength had been soaring. They had long been holding back their gratefulness and wanted to find an opportunity to repay him. Now, they were all waiting for such an opportunity.

According to the information Little Gold sent back, he seemed to have discovered something. It was said that Little Gold had already secretly infiltrated the core area of the virtual universe of an Astral World. Soon, everyone would be able to take action.

Everyone was looking forward to it.

After an unknown period of time, the pocket space opened and another girl in a black dress appeared. Everyone was stunned when they saw this. However, at this moment, a thought instantly surged into everyone’s minds.

Everyone came to a realization.

So she was a new member of Master’s personal guard. Moreover, she was not weak. She had just joined and already had the strength of someone above the 50th level of Qi Refinement. Such an existence was already a powerhouse among them.

“Hello, everyone. My name is Little Li. I’m the new… captain of the personal guards.”

Jiang Li blushed when she saw everyone’s gazes fall on her.

She already knew everything that had happened previously. It was Lin Bei who saved her. This made her feel extremely emotional.

She had actually been secretly paying attention to Lin Bei for a period of time. Just a few days ago, the former was still a rookie at the Original realm, but now… in just a few days, his strength had actually increased terrifyingly. She found it unbelievable.

As for the Qi Refinement and Meridian Opening Technique that Lin Bei had created, it shocked her even more.

As a descendant of an ancient race, there were naturally many ancient memories in her bloodline. The creation of a cultivation method was not something that could be created just like that. Even if the supreme existences in the world were called the “Above the Great Dao” existences that transcended the restrictions of the world, it would be very difficult for them to create a new cultivation method in the existing world.

But Lin Bei… he actually did it!

From this, it could be seen that Lin Bei’s talent was simply unbelievable!

He could even ignore the restrictions of heaven and earth. Although his current strength was much weaker than those true experts, Jiang Li believed that as long as there was enough time, with Lin Bei’s monstrous talent, he would quickly catch up to them and surpass them!

“It seems like… the future of the Calamity Tribe depends on him.”