Chapter 645 - Chapter 645 The Calamity Tribe (2)

Chapter 645 The Calamity Tribe (2)

Lin Bei’s eyes lit up.

He felt that this idea was very promising!

Not to mention anything else, the existence of divine runes was very helpful for him to cultivate the Chaos Breathing Technique. This was because he could further perfect the ancient martial arts power and further transform it into Dao runes under the modification of the Chaos Breathing Technique. This was the true power of the Origin Great Dao. It was very powerful and was extremely helpful to his own strength.

Apart from that, the Power of Fear of the Lord of Fear had been transformed by the Shadow of Harmony. It was also high-quality energy and could be directly transformed into different ancient martial arts powers. To Lin Bei, it was even more helpful.

Therefore, in Lin Bei’s eyes, the current Lord of Fear was simply in high demand!

“However, this Lord of Fear is at the perfected Great Dao Realm. With my current Qi Refinement Level 1,200… No, I’m already at Level 1,201. With such strength, I shouldn’t be his match.”

Lin Bei frowned and muttered, “In that case, I definitely can’t let him come through the Gate of Fear. Otherwise, if he targets me, it won’t be easy.”

“The best way is to try my best to block him at the door. Before that, I’ll try my best to devour the power he distributes outside to increase my strength.”

“When I’m strong enough to kill him one day, I’ll directly go through the Gate of Fear to find him!”

The more Lin Bei thought about it, the more excited he became. He was very satisfied with his plan!

Now that he had already taken in Jiang Li, he had a deep understanding of the Gate of Fear. As long as he controlled it well, even the Lord of Fear would not be able to come over!

This was because if he wanted to come over, he had to turn the Azure Dragon Mystic Domain into a domain of fear. However, Lin Bei had the Shadow of Harmony to constantly absorb the Power of Fear. He could forget about doing this!

As for sending people over from outside, Lin Bei was not afraid. His current strength was not to be trifled with. He only needed to quickly increase his strength and kill all the invading people. This way, he could also increase his strength at the same time. Along the way, he would nourish himself with battle. His improvement speed would only be faster!

As for the Lord of Fear, it was even more impossible for him to come over. This was because he was already an existence at the perfected Great Dao Realm and was already on the must-kill list of the Will of Heaven and Earth. This was because the Will of Heaven and Earth did not allow supreme experts of the Great Dao Realm to appear. Therefore, once it discovered any signs, it would immediately think of a way to kill him!

This kind of killing was not a simple killing. Instead, it mobilized the luck of the world and used various subtle influences to deal with the Lord of Fear. Such methods were often the most terrifying.

In order to break through to the Above the Great Dao realm, the Lord of Fear had already planned for countless years. He would never allow himself to fail in the end. Therefore, to be safe, he would never dare to descend to this world before completing his plan.

And Lin Bei himself… was the troublemaker!

With him around, he would not let the Lord of Fear complete the plan. He wanted to devour the power of the Lord of Fear step by step and finally devour all his power to improve himself.

“Hmm… Perhaps it’s not good to kill him. If I can take him for my own use and continuously nourish and absorb his power, the effect should be better. At that time, the resources consumed by my personal guards can also be absorbed from the Lord of Fear. This way, I can achieve sustainable development.”

Lin Bei pondered. He recalled some of his operations in the Second World game on the Ocean Blue Planet. Didn’t he once raise a guy who provided energy like this?

Right, what is his name again?

Forget it, I can’t remember. Now that he’s out of his misery, I believe that with his current strength, he should be able to hold up the sky alone on the Ocean Blue Planet, right?

Lin Bei touched his chin and his thoughts drifted further and further away. When he came back to his senses, his realm had actually broken through again, from the 1,201st level of Qi Refinement to the 1,202nd level of Qi Refinement.

With the Power of Fear provided by the Gate of Fear, the improvement was fast!

He had already given the Shadow of Harmony an order to start transforming other brand new ancient martial arts powers for him to refine and comprehend.

After all, this Shadow of Harmony was also a treasure of the ancient martial arts era. Moreover, it had once followed the Lord of Chaos. It was composed of many ancient martial arts powers. The reason why it could not directly transform these powers previously was entirely because it had slept for too long and had not recovered its strength. In addition, the quality of the energy it absorbed was relatively low, so it was very difficult to do this.

However, things were different now. The endless Power of Fear not only provided Lin Bei with great help, but even the Shadow of Harmony recovered a lot of strength with the help of these powers.

Now, it could completely transform the Power of Fear into other ancient martial arts power through itself. However, according to the strength of the transformed ancient martial arts power, the ratio of conversion was different.

In the depths of a desolate desert, black flames swept through the world. Space kept distorting. In a distorted space, a pitch-black hall stood tall. On the hall, a black flame condensed into a human figure and roared angrily.

“Damn it! My power… has disappeared again!”

“I want you to die! I want you to die!!!”

At this moment, the Lord of Fear wished he could immediately pass through the Gate of Fear and descend to that world to kill that despicable thief with a wave of his hand. However… he could not do this!

“This damn world! It must be you! You must have used such a lowly method to lure me away! Hmph, do you think I’ll fall for it? Don’t even think about it!”

Soon, the Lord of Fear regained his calm. A clear and enlightened look flashed across his eyes.

So that was how it was!

That must be it!

It was definitely the Will of Heaven and Earth plotting against him!

However, this method was too childish. He was only a step away from the Above the Great Dao realm. As long as he waited patiently for the calamity of the world to descend, at that time, the people in the world would be plunged into misery and suffering. Those living beings who were afraid of death would all be corroded by his Power of Fear. At that time, when those puppets died, he would be able to recover more power at once!

At that time, his strength would definitely be able to take another step forward and step into the realm of the Great Dao!

Furthermore, his scheme wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Even existences that stood above the Great Dao had differences in strength. As long as his plan was successfully implemented, his rewards would definitely not be as simple as simply becoming a someone at the Above the Great Dao realm!

At that time, he would be able to directly replace the Will of Heaven and Earth through his own actions and become the true ruler of this world!

As for him, he would also benefit from this. He could interfere with the cultivation system of this world and let everyone cultivate the Power of Fear. At that time, with the support of the power of countless cultivators in the entire universe, his strength would definitely be able to walk further into the Above the Great Dao realm in a short period of time!

This was his plan!

And now, he would never ruin his entire plan for a fly!

He had to wait!

He was waiting for the moment of the Heaven and Earth Tribulation!

That was the moment when he descended into the world and reaped the fruits of his victory!

And now… he had to endure the hardships!

As for what was happening outside, it was very simple. He only needed to hand it over to his Fear Puppets to handle.

“I hope those ghost faces can settle the matter. Otherwise… I’ll have to reveal my other trump cards.”

The Lord of Fear muttered and turned into a ball of black fog again, fusing into the entire hall.

In a room in the City Lord Manor, Lan He slowly woke up and looked at the ceiling in a daze.

“Teacher, you’re awake!”

A surprised voice sounded in his ear.

Lan He retracted his gaze and looked over. He saw a beautiful woman in white walking over leisurely. Who else could it be but Bai Jun?

“Jun’er, your realm…”

Lan He looked at Bai Jun in shock. The latter seemed to be enveloped in a layer of fog. No matter how he probed, he could not figure out her strength.

“Hehe, Teacher, you still don’t know, right? I’m already at the 50th level of Qi Refinement Realm! Thinking about it… I should be much stronger than existences at the peak of the Heaven Splitting Realm!”

Bai Jun explained with a smile. Then, she told Lan He about Lin Bei teaching everyone the Qi Refinement Meridian Opening method.

“Qi Refinement Realm? Meridian Opening Technique? This…”

Lan He muttered and was completely stunned.

He gave a bitter laugh.

“Lin Bei… is really a monster.”

Then, he let out a long sigh. His heart was filled with sorrow.