Chapter 647 - Chapter 647 Hundred Meridians of the Great Dao! (2)

Chapter 647 Hundred Meridians of the Great Dao! (2)

Jiang Li thought to herself.

At this moment, she already had a brand new physical body and had obtained the cultivation method to refine Qi and open her meridians. Now, she had completely escaped the tragic fate of the Calamity Tribe and embarked on a brand new life.

“I hope I can find the other lost clansmen as soon as possible. With Master around, everyone in the Calamity Tribe… will be saved! As for the Heaven and Earth Tribulation? With Master here, there’s no need to worry at all!”

Jiang Li thought to herself and looked up at her surroundings. She had already acutely sensed the aura in the pocket space. This place reminded her of Emperor Cang’s cave abode. It was exactly the same!

“This world has an aura similar to that of a Above the Great Dao expert’s venue! With this world around, even if the members of the Calamity Tribe can’t change our fate, as long as we hide in this world, we’ll be safe and sound!”

At this moment, Jiang Li was only filled with endless gratitude for Lin Bei.

Originally, she saw that Lin Bei was talented and planned to nurture him to see if she could nurture him into a Child of Destiny. At that time, she would use his strength to help the Calamity Tribe resist the Heaven and Earth Tribulation.

However, from the looks of it now… what Destiny’s Child? Can he be compared to her master? He’s not even worthy of carrying shoes for her master!

Just as Jiang Li was lost in his thoughts, the guards stopped cultivating and approached her together, greeting her with a smile.

“Haha, Little Li, you’re really amazing. You’re actually a team leader right after joining!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Too awesome! The position of team leader requires at least the strength of the 50th level of Qi Refining! Little Li is really amazing!”

“Welcome, Little Li, to our personal guards!”

“Welcome, welcome!”

The group of people laughed and pulled Little Li away. They were very enthusiastic about her.

This made her, who had been cursed by the Will of Heaven and Earth since she was born, feel flattered.

However, she quickly accepted it gladly. Compared to before, she had already been reborn. She had already started a new life.

And she also thought of Lin Bei’s instructions to her previously.

Next, the team she was in charge of was called the Fear Squad. The mission of this team was to deal with fear.

Lin Bei said that when he encountered some powerful fear puppets in the future, he would not kill them all. Instead, he would choose some good seedlings from them and take them in as members of his personal guards. These people had a deep understanding of the Power of Fear. In time, they would definitely be nurtured into a sharp knife to deal with the fear.

Jiang Li was the team leader in charge of these people.

Thinking about it now, it was really unbelievable.

However, every time Jiang Li thought of Lin Bei’s calm smile, her heart calmed down. Although the current Lin Bei might not be as powerful as the Lord of Fear, but… with his talent, wouldn’t increasing his strength be as easy as drinking water?

When Lin Bei was strong enough, Jiang Li believed that even the Lord of Fear, who was at the perfected Great Dao Realm, would only suffer a crushing defeat!

Soon, Jiang Li got along well with the guards. Under their lead, she familiarized herself with the various facilities in the pocket space.

On the other side, after Lin Bei sent Jiang Li into his pocket space, he teleported back to the Azure Dragon Mountain mystic realm.

Here, there was the Gate of Fear. Most importantly… the Shadow of Harmony was also here.

He planned to enter seclusion here for a period of time and digest the ancient martial arts origin mark on the fishing rod. The current him no longer had the same understanding of experts as Little White did previously. He had thought that the Original Realm was an incomparably powerful existence previously. The current him understood more through the memories of Wang You and Jiang Li.

Now that he looked back, the Original Realm… was a younger brother.

Even the Heaven Splitting Realm that everyone regarded as a god was only trash.

The truly powerful ones were the Saint Realm, the Great Dao Realm, and the Above the Great Dao Realm!

These three realms were each more ferocious than the other.

A peak Ninth Revolution Saint could open 999 Heavens!

As for the Great Dao Realm, they began to condense Dao meridians in their bodies. There were a total of 100 realms, one meridian for each realm!

When a hundred meridians were opened, the Great Dao would be perfected.

As for strength, Lin Bei was not too sure. He only obtained some information from Jiang Li’s inherited memories. Even the weakest Great Dao Realm cultivator in his lineage could tear through 10,000 layers of space!

Such strength was far stronger than the current Lin Bei.

As for the Great Dao Realm, even in the ancient martial arts era, they were super experts who could do whatever they wanted.

Of course, for those who were at the Great Dao Realm, the difference in strength after every additional meridian was like the difference between heaven and earth.

In fact, ever since the ancient martial arts era, martial arts had gradually declined in this world. After countless years, not even an Above the Great Dao being had been born!

Not only that, even at the Great Dao Realm, those who could open 30 meridians were definitely rare existences!

This made Lin Bei heave a sigh of relief. If there were Great Dao Realm cultivators everywhere, he would probably be depressed.

Fortunately, his cultivation speed was not slow now, especially after a further improvement. Now, he could open a Galaxy Meridian every minute and increase his Qi Refinement realm by a level.

At this speed, even if he did not do anything in a day, he could increase by about 1,400 levels.

Of course, if he wanted to reach the entry level of the Great Dao Realm, he still needed about a week.