“Xian Xian, your Auntie Wang, and I have gone back in advance. We will pick you up and Wen Jie back later.”

After speaking, Cai Ya Lan left with Wang Shu Fen.

Inside the ward, Shao Xian normally tried to communicate with Chen Bai Zhou.

“How old are you? In which grade are you in??”

Chen Bai Zhou took a pause and then slowly whispered, “Ten years old, in fourth grade.”

“Same as me!!” Qian Wen Jie excitedly said, “Which school do you study in?? I am new here, my mother has just transferred me to Yuying Elementary School, grade 4, class 3. What about you?”

Chen Bai Zhou didn’t reply.

Shao Xian smiled sincerely and said, “My name is Shao Xian, I am in the fourth grade of Yuying Elementary School, class 1. You should also study at Yuying Elementary School?? Which class are you in?”

This time Chen Bai Zhou answered in a low voice, “Class 1.”

“Wowww, you two. You both are in the first class, so I have to go to the first class too!!” Qian Wen Jie’s dissatisfied voice rang.

Shao Xian was also stunned.

If there were no special circumstances, then the class of the student would basically remain unchanged for a few years. 

He had been in the same class as Chen Bai Zhou for several years, and he had no impression of him at all.

After knowing Chen Bai Zhou was his classmate for many years and he didn’t even know it, Shao Xian felt a bit embarrassed.

“I am sorry, I don’t remember my classmates well.” Shao Xian showed a hint of apology on his childish face.

When Shao Xian was studying, he only knew the names of his deskmate and a few other classmates who he was familiar with.

After fifth grade, his tablemate was all the same – Qian Wen Jie.

Chen Bai Zhou slightly nodded.

“Shao Xian, do you think I can go to class 1 too?!” Qian Wen Jie didn’t give up and went to ask his new friend.

Hearing his friend’s query, Shao Xian gave a pertinent suggestion, “You have just changed schools, and the classes have already been assigned to you. It may be inconvenient to change again, and more importantly, the end of the semester is approaching.”

Shao Xian added, “I think it’s meaningless to change it for now. It is better to wait for next semester and then change it to Class 1.”

“You…makes sense!” Qian Wen Jie’s thick eyebrows finally stretched out.

Chen Bai Zhou, who was lying on the bed with his right eye closed, furrowed his brows.

He seemed to be holding back something.

Seeing this, Shao Xian couldn’t help but ask with some concern, “Where do you hurt? I will go and call a nurse.”

“I…I want to go to the toilet.” 

Shao Xian immediately stood up and said, “Then get up, I will take you there.”


Chen Bai Zhou had never had an infusion before, so he didn’t know what to do. In fear the infusion would be affected, he even didn’t dare to turn around.

Just as Shao Xian was about to laugh, he suddenly heard Qian Wen Jie’s confused voice.

Qian Wen Jie, scratching his head and dumbly asked, “Yes. Then…what should we do now?”

Two little babies.

Shao Xian walked over, held the stand with his hand, and raised it.

Shao Xian looked at the two dumbfounded kids and generously said, “That’s it.”

“Shao Xian…you…you are so smart!!” Qian Wen Jie instantly started blowing the rainbow fart again.

Shao Xian sighed and thought – Boy, you have too little experience.

Chen Bai Zhou didn’t speak. 

He just listened to Shao Xian’s words.

He was used to using the school’s public toilet, and there was nothing to be ashamed of even if there were two more people next to him.

Shao Xian curiously glanced, umm, it seemed not much worse than himself, not bad. 

But he subconsciously overlooked one small fact. The child in front of him had long been malnourished and was as thin as a stick. Although this was the same for now, it may not be the case in the future.

After coming back from the toilet, Chen Bai Zhou again obediently lay on the hospital bed to rest.

But Qian Wen Jie still didn’t give up, and he still talked, “Shao Xian, what exactly is blood transfer?”

“You can go and ask Sister Nurse.” 

Shao Xian felt too lazy to explain it.