After a while, the doctor came again to check on the patient.

Seeing that the child was awake, the doctor asked the adult to come out for a while.

In the corridor, the doctor said to the two ladies, “The child’s injury isn’t very serious, and he will be fine in a few days.”

The doctor continued, “But I am afraid that if the child has been abused for a long time, he will have some psychological problems in the future. Are any of you the mother of the child?”

Cai Ya Lan and Wang Shu Fen glanced at each other and didn’t answer the question.

The doctor also probably guessed something. He didn’t ask any more questions to embarrass them, but patiently said, “The child will be able to go back home tomorrow.” 

The two ladies nodded.

After the doctor left, Wang Shu Fen couldn’t help but slowly mutter, “It’s a sin, how can the child go back to that home.”

Cai Ya Lan also sighed secretly.

Inside the ward, Shao Xian saw that Chen Bai Zhou was staring secretly at him with his right eye.

Shao Xian couldn’t help but say, “Your eyes are still swollen, you should close them and rest for a while.”

“Yes…yes, Chen Bai Zhou, do your eyes hurt when you open them?!” Qian Wen Jie curiously asked.

Chen Bai Zhou didn’t want to close his eyes. He knew that after returning home he would have to face endless darkness again so now that he had a chance, he wanted to see more of the light.

Chen Bai Zhou was reluctant to close his eyes, but he couldn’t be a disobedient child. 

No one liked a disobedient child, so he had to hold back and slowly close his eyes and rest.

After talking to the doctor, Cai Ya Lan opened the door and shouted, “Xian Xian, come out.”

Hearing his mother’s command, Shao Xian immediately got up and went out while slowly closing the door.

After Shao Xian left, Chen Bai Zhou suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the door of the ward sadly. 

Did he leave? Will I never be able to see him again?

“Bai Zhou, I have already told you to close your eyes, why did you open it again?” Qian Wen Jie couldn’t help but ask.

Chen Bai Zhou didn’t seem to hear him.

Outside the ward, Cai Ya Lan solemnly asked, “Xian Xian, the doctor said that Xiao Zhou will be discharged tomorrow…”

Shao Xian quickly said, “Mom, he was injured in our house…so can you let him stay in our house for a few days. Just wait for his injury to recover. Okay?” 

Shao Xian wasn’t stupid. 

Today Chen Yu got reprimanded because he bullied Chen Bai Zhou and if Bai Zhou went home tomorrow, he would be bullied even worse by Chen Yu.

If he started it, it was his responsibility to look through the end.

Cai Ya Lan also had the same thought. She also didn’t want to let Chen Bai Zhou go back to his home because she didn’t like kids being abused the most.

Because Chen Bai Zhou was a child of Chen’s family she couldn’t ask him to stay forever. 

But it would be okay to ask him to stay for a few days before he recuperates.

As for calling the police for reporting child abuse, it wasn’t that Cai Ya Lan didn’t think about it, but it was unrealistic.

First, as an outsider, she couldn’t interfere in other people’s family affairs. 

Second, this case could easily be confused as parents “educating their children” and “common fight between the siblings”, and the police would find it difficult to deal with it. 

Third, there were many children from prominent families who bullied Chen Bai Shou that day and this issue would get very big if reported. 

Overall this case would cause more harm than good to that kid.

Wang Shu Fen, who watched from the side, also sincerely felt that the Shao family was very kind-hearted.

Wang Shu Fen couldn’t help but feel a little close to them.

Shao Xian had made up his mind. He pushed open the door and went in, directly meeting Chen Bai Zhou’s suddenly brightened right eye.

“Chen Bai Zhou, after your discharge would you like to go back and stay at my house for a few days?”

Shao Xian directly asked, but seeing that the kid remained silent for a long time, Shao Xian could only ask again.

“Willing…willing.” Chen Bai Zhou’s hoarse voice sounded.

Chen Bai Zhou was feeling like a greedy fisherman in a fairy tale, getting a big fortune without even asking.

His mean and filthy blood was begging to be treated kindly.