As he turned his head to look at Chen Bai Zhou, he saw that Chen Bai Zhou also had an eye full of curiosity. 

It seemed that even this kid wanted to know about it.

“Well, when blood is collected in a bottle and then transferred to another person through infusion, it is called blood transfusion.”

“Why is it transferred?” Qian Wen Jie seemed to have 1000 more questions. 

Shao Xian, “I don’t know it either.”

If you explain one question, then hundreds more would come. 

The cycle would be endless.

Although Shao Xian didn’t answer the question, the two children still admired him. 

Qian Wen Jie outright praised him, and Chen Bai Zhou expressed it implicitly.

After a while, when the infusion was finally over, Cai Ya Lan and Wang Shu Fen also came back to pick them up.

The nanny watching Chen Bai Zhou, and Shao Xian in the hospital also felt relieved.

“Xiao Zhou, auntie will come and pick you up from the hospital tomorrow morning. Okay?” Cai Ya Lan softly asked,

Chen Bai Zhou obediently nodded.

Back in the villa area, Qian Wen Jie reluctantly said goodbye to Shao Xian 

But before leaving he asked, “Shao Xian, can I come to your house to play with you tomorrow??”

Seeing Shao Xian nodding, Qian Wen Jie went home happily.

In the hospital, Chen Bai Zhou closed his eyes to rest but his mind was full of Shao Xian.

From the moment he could remember, he had always been beaten or scolded.

Even Bai Mei Juan always felt that he was a burden, and cursed his day and night as a wild breed.

She had always said that the blood running inside his body was dirty.

After marrying into the Chen family, to please the father and son of the Chen family, she even intensified the humiliation.

It seemed that as long as she took the same instance as the Chen family, then it would prove that she was a member of the Chen family.

That deformed psychology created a perverted family environment.

Chen Chang Jian, who had been busy with work and often stayed away from home, didn’t care about it. 

Sometimes when he forgot to pay attention to Bo Mei Juan, then Bo Mei Juan would punish him, to bribe Chen Yu.

So Chen Yu could speak nicely about her in front of Chen Chang Jian and give her money.

It was funny and sad.

At home and school, Chen Yu’s malicious voices and crazy fists were everywhere, but no one had ever been willing to reach out to help him.

This was the only time he felt warmth. He felt he was cared for.

Shao Xian was like the first ray of warm winter sun, shining into his cold and dark heart. 

The next morning, Shao Xian followed Cai Ya Lan to the hospital to pick up Chen Bai Zhou, but he went in vain.

The Shao family’s nanny was walking in a hurry. 

When she saw Cai Ya Lan, the nanny quickly explained, “Madam, I just went to the toilet, and when I came back, Xiao Zhou had disappeared.”    

Hearing it, Shao Xian hurriedly walked to the nurse’s desk and asked about Chen Bai Zhou.

After checking the record, the nurse replied, “His mother came to pick him up. She discharged him.”


“Just now.”

Shao Xian instantly frowned. 

With the Chen family’s virtues and the lack of balance in their family. It would definitely cause secondary damage to Chen Bai Zhou.

Since he interfered in the beginning, Shao Xian couldn’t allow himself to escape from his responsibility.

“Mom, let’s go back. Qian Wen Jie and I will go to Chen Bai Zhou’s house to play.”

Cai Ya Lan was Shao Xian’s mother, she understood what he meant.

Cai Ya Lan felt a little distressed, and tightly held Shao Xian’s hand, “Don’t be foolish when you go to Chen’s house to play.”

Shao Xian nodded and said, “Mom, don’t worry.”

After returning to the community, Shao Xian called Qian Wen Jie, and went to Chen’s house together.

Chen’s courtyard door was closed.

Before Shao Xian could say anything, Qian Wen Jie instantly screamed, “Chen Bai Zhou! Chen Bai Zhou!! Come out and let’s play together!” 

The loud roar was heard by all the neighbors, but the effect of it was remarkable.

Shao Xian couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to Qian Wen Jie.

The Chen family didn’t dare to provoke the Shao family and the Qian family.

Bai Mei Juan hurriedly came out in person to open the door and smiled unnaturally and gently said, “Bai Zhou is resting.”

“Auntie, we just want to see him. Okay??” Shao Xian asked with wide eyes, pretending to be naive as a child.

“Come in.” Shao Xian had already entered the yard, and Bai Mei Juan couldn’t stop them even if she wanted to.