While sitting on the edge of the bed, Shao Xian tried to pick up his shoes. But now because he had small arms and legs, he couldn’t touch the ground with his small feet.

Seeing him, looking like a small adult, Cai Ya Lan laughed and said, “Xian Xian, let mother help you put on the shoes.”

Shao Xian’s old face blushed, he was thirty years old!!!

But before he could refuse, Cai Ya Lan had already skillfully helped him.

“Madam Shao, although my child didn’t kick the ball, this mishap was indirectly caused by him. I am truly sorry.” Saying this, Wang Shu Fen pinched Qian Wen Jie’s back.

Qian Wen Jie was busy staring at Shao Xian.

This guy was so good-looking!!! And he even helped him speak!

He should absolutely apologize to this beautiful guy for causing him to visit the hospital.

“I am sorry, I shouldn’t just carelessly throw the ball.” The little boy sincerely said it.

Now knowing his son was okay, Cai Ya Lan was in a bright mood, so she couldn’t help but smile while saying, “It’s okay…” 

She even looked at Wang Shu Fen again, and said, “Are you new here? Which house do you live in??”

Hearing Madam Shao’s words, Wang Shu Fen finally let go of the stone which was pressing on her heart, and with a bright smile, she told the house number. 

“Ohh, it is close to our house.” Cai Ya Lan gracefully smiled and said, “The day after tomorrow is Xian Xian’s tenth birthday, and if you have time, you have to come to my house for the celebrations.”


Until he left the ward, Shao Xian was still dazed. 

After walking towards the hospital gate and viewing the outside scenery, Shao Xian finally woke up.

It’s been twenty years!

Twenty years later, the internet was full of literature centered on systems, traversal, and rebirth. But now that this kind of bizarre situation happened to him, if this all wasn’t a dream, then there was only one possibility left.

But did rebirth exist??

After returning home, Shao Xian’s father and elder brother, who was busy with company affairs, shortly arrived. 

They hurried back home to see him and only stopped asking when Cai Ya Lan repeatedly assured them that there was nothing wrong with him.

Even Old Master Shao, who lived in the old house, called to express his concern.

Earlier Shao Xian was used to being ignorant of those blessings, but looking at this group pet, he was even jealous of his past self.

“Xian Xian, go back and lie down first. I will make some hot soup for you.” Cai Ya Lan said and went into the kitchen to make soup.

Although Shao’s family had many helpers, l Cai Ya Lan wanted to make soup for her son with her own hands.

Father Shao and Young Master Shao quietly looked at each other, and both sighed.

They were afraid they could only ask for some leftovers to eat.

After pondering for a whole day, Shao Xian finally accepted reality.

Anyway, he had a car accident at the age of thirty, and he didn’t know what terrible outcome would turn out from it. 

So, this is good now!

However, the fact that Shao Xian became quieter after being discharged from the hospital still attracted the attention of the Shao family.

“Xian Xian, today didn’t say a word. Aren’t you worried??” Cai Ya Lan angrily asked Young Master Shao, Shao Bo Yuan.

Shao Bo Yuan slowly put down the newspaper, and said, “What to worry? Isn’t it good to have a quiet temperament?”

“He suddenly became like this, how can I not worry??”

Shao Bo Yuan comforted her, and said, “Mom, don’t worry. Give him one or two days, he will recover his old self.”

He added, “Xian Xian’s birthday is tomorrow, maybe after meeting some of his friends, he will chat and recover.” Cai Ya Lan also thought about it.

Xian Xian was young, and he really had nothing to say to them.

“Xian Xian was kicked by the kid of the Chen family. Did you invite the Chen family??” Cai Ya Lan solemnly asked.

That child from the Chen family was dishonest, and it was estimated that the adult from his family would also be not of good character.

“We all live together and daily cross paths with each other, how can we not invite Chen’s family?” Shao Bo Yuan asked, “And please, don’t call them not to come. Okay? Well, just don’t get angry this time. We will not invite them in the future. Okay??” 

The Shao family was regarded as first-class wealthy families, whereas the Chen family and the Qian family could only be regarded as upstarts at best. 

But humbleness was the reason why the Shao family lived well to this date. Both Master Shao and Shao Bo Yuan had worked hard, they didn’t like an extravagance.

The house was good, so they didn’t bother to buy a new house and move out.

It could be said that the Shao family had the most relationship in this villa area.

If the Shao family made it clear that they didn’t want to interact with the Chen family, then the Chen family’s business would surely suffer.