“You can use mine?” A middle-aged woman slowly handed a small mirror.

But, before Cai Ya Lan could refuse it, Shao Xian had politely taken it.

“Thank your Aunt Wang.”

Hearing Shao Xian’s polite words, Wang Shu Fen hurriedly refused, “No need to say thanks.” 

The Shao family’s second young master knew herself!!!

Wang Shu Fen’s heart was jumping from excitement.

Shao Xian didn’t know what kind of turbulent wave he had created in Aunt Wang’s heart. He was still busy staring at the youthful face in the mirror.

Was he dreaming?

At this time, the doctor entered and checked Shao Xian’s condition. The result showed that Shao Xian’s health was in good condition and he could be discharged soon.

Listening to the doctor’s words, Cai Ya Lan merrily sent the doctor out of the ward and went to find someone to instruct them to go through the discharge procedures.

After instructing someone to complete the discharge procedure, Cai Ya Lan soon returned to the ward. 

In the ward, she saw a woman was still standing with her kid.

“Who are you?!” Cai Ya Lan asked with a frown.

Wang Shu Fen smiled apologetically, and politely said, “Madam Shao, I am truly sorry, the second young master was injured because of my child. I am here to apologize.”

She added, “Ohh yes, how much is the medical fee?? I will pay for it. It was my child’s mistake, so I should sincerely apologize to you once again.” After speaking, she tried to open her purse.

“No need…” Cai Ya Lan looked at Qian Wen Jie’s honest appearance, and slowly said, “Play carefully in the future, and try not to hurt others.”

Qian Wen Jie wanted to explain the situation, but before he could speak, his mother yelled over, “What more do you want to say? Just now didn’t you want to apologize to the second master. Just Apologize to the second younger!!”

Qian Wen Jie was angry, so he refused to speak. He didn’t kick this second master, so why should he apologize??

Why didn’t his mother believe him??

“Aunt Wang, he wasn’t the one who had kicked me.” After looking at his childish face for a while, Shao Xian finally put down the small mirror and turned his eyes to look at the situation.

Although all of this may be just a dream, he should still help his friend who was wronged.

Getting Shao Xian’s support, Qian Wen Jie’s eyes sparkled. He gratefully stared at Shao Xian, and jumped excitedly, while speaking.

“Mom, did you hear that? You didn’t believe me!? I didn’t kick him!”

Cai Ya Lan frowned, and asked, ” Xian Xian, what’s the matter? Who kicked you??”

Shao Xian slowly replied, “Chen Yu.”

In fact, at that time, he didn’t know who had kicked him. It was because the ball was in Qian Wen Jie’s hand, so everyone thought that it was Qian Wen Jie who had kicked him.

For this matter, Qian Wen Jie was wronged for more than fifteen years. The truth was only revealed when Chen Yu was dead drunk and mistakenly told him the truth.

After knowing the truth, Qian Wen Jie severely beat Chen Yu.

Sure enough, knowing the culprit, even the smaller version of Qian Wen Jie, couldn’t help but get furious.

He even straightened up his sleeves and said, “Mom! That Chen Yu had framed me!! I am going to show him…!”

Before Qian Wen Jie could complete his vow, Wang Shu Fen slapped his head. 

“What are you going to show? You don’t learn how to speak well at a young age. Where did you learn that??”

Getting a slap, Qian Wen Jie’s fire diminished, and he suddenly shrank like a small animal.

To be honest, his fighting power came from his parents, but compared to his parents, it was a bit short, alas!

“Wasn’t that ball yours?” Cai Ya Lan asked.

This time Qian Wen Jie obediently said, “It was  mine, but I wanted to go to the bathroom, so I left the ball on the ground and went to the bathroom.” 

In the villa area, there was a public playground, and the children like to run there and play. 

So, when Chen Yu saw a ball there without any owner, he sneakily kicked it.

“You aren’t allowed to throw things casually in the future, have you heard me??” Wang Shu Fen gave a lesson, but this time her tone was quite softer.

Qian Wen Jie bitterly nodded, “Okay, I see.” 

When he went back, he must find Chen Yu for revenge!!

Even if he wanted to kick a stolen ball, he shouldn’t have kicked it at other children, and then set the blame on him.

This guy was surely courageous!

“Madam, the discharge procedures are completed.” A man dressed in a black suit and leather shoes appeared outside the ward with a discharge folder in his hand.

Cai Ya Lan hastily asked Shao Xian, “Xian Xian, can you walk? Or I will hug you.”

Shao Xian, who was still in a trance, shook his head. “Mom, I can walk. I will go by myself.”

Shao Xian just wanted to know, why was this dream not over yet??