The lights looked faint and hazy, and the world seemed to have a double image.

Shao Xian felt a little dizzy, he wanted to reach out and rub his foggy eyes to see clearly, but his hand was caught decisively by someone.

“Don’t rub, it will hurt your eyes.” A low and familiar voice of a man rang near his ear, but he couldn’t seem to recall it for a while.

“Assistant…bring my assistant.” Shao Xian felt that he was probably drunk.

“I will help you go to the lounge first.” The man simply approached him a little, and suddenly a faint fragrance hit Shao Xian’s face, making him a bit sober.

Shao Xian couldn’t help but look up at the man.

The man had slender eyelashes, covering all the sentiments in those eyes, only a small red tear mole was clearly visible at the bottom of the left eye.

Fu Bai Zhou!!!

Shao Xian abruptly sat up on the bed, his back was sweaty.

A few rays of morning sunlight came in through the small gaps in the curtains. 

Waking up, Shao Xian knocked his head, why did he dream of Fu Bai Zhou?!

Dreaming of a dead enemy early in the morning was certainly not a good sign.

After a few minutes, Shao Xian’s emotions calmed down, and he quickly ran to the bathroom to finish his business.

Just as he finished putting on his pants, he heard a knock on the door.

“Xian Xian, quickly get up! Today guests are going to come home.” Cai Ya Lan’s soft voice said it.

“Mom, I am up and I am about to brush my teeth.” Shao Xian responded from the bathroom.

Hearing it, Cai Ya Lan went downstairs.

Although Shao Xian was very much favored at home, the Shao family had always sought independence and self-improvement among all generations.

Shao Xian also learned to take care of himself from a young age. 

Although Shao Xian’s character was a bit proud and arrogant, he never behaved ambiguously in business.

It was exactly because of this that Cai Ya Lan felt at ease even while pampering him.

After replying, Shao Xian went to stand on the small bench and started brushing his teeth. Looking at the childish face in the mirror, he sighed silently.

Could it be that now he had to go through those rigorous years of student life again??

At the age of ten, he should be in the fourth grade. In the future, he not only had to appear in the junior high school entrance examination but also the high school entrance examination and the famous college entrance examination.

Shao Xian was thirty years old, he had probably forgotten all his previous knowledge that he had studied in school and college. 

Thinking about those examinations and their content, Shao Xian’s heart was a little tired.

However, Shao Xian had always taken everything seriously, so no matter what he did, even if this was all a dream, he would not give up his life because of it.

After washing, Shao Xian dressed up and went downstairs to meet his family.

When Cai Y Lan saw Shao Xian come down, she walked to him, and gently squeezed his left and right cheek, and kissed it.

“My baby looks most handsome, he would be significantly noticeable today!”

If he were ten-year-old Shao Xian, he would surely be pleased, but since he was a thirty-year-old man, he felt a little shy.

“Cough!!” Shao Bo Yuan put down the newspaper and looked over.

Shao Xian playfully winked, and in an adult-like serious tone said, “Mom, the most handsome in our family is obviously the father, and the second most handsome is the eldest brother. I can only be the ugliest of the three.”

Shao Bo Yuan laughed, and said, “Xian Xian, you are so boastful. Even if you don’t say so, I can’t bear to not give you gifts.”

Shao Xian walked to his elder brother and said, “Brother, even if you don’t give me any gifts. In my eyes, you are the second most handsome man!”

Seeing that Shao Xian had returned to his original self, Cai Ya Lan felt relieved, and in a cheerful tone said, “Who said that my Xian Xian is the ugliest?? Obviously, my baby is the prettiest!!”

What Cai Ya Lan said was actually not a lie.

Although Second Young Master Shao was a little bully, the children of the same age all liked to play with him.

One reason was that their parents had told them, and the other was because Shao Xian was actually very good-looking.

Children were the purest face dogs.

Shao Xian’s beautiful appearance was inherited from Cai Ya Lan. He had big and bright eyes with long eyelashes and a straight nose. 

Even though his features were quite delicate, there was no childishness in it, because he had inherited the heroic eyebrows from his father.

In terms of looks, Shao Xian was one of the best in the Shao family.