The second young master of Shao’s family was not someone to be taken lightly in the circle. 

This was what Qian Wen Jie found out on the second day after moving. Because the newly bought ball by him accidentally hit the head of the Second Young Master of Shao and caused him to fall into a coma.

The Second Young Master Shao had yet to wake up.

“What is wrong with you? Why do you have to kick the ball? You dead boy!!” 

In the hospital, a middle-aged woman dragged Qian Wen Jie like a dead dog and rushed anxiously into the ward.

“You have to apologize in a moment, did you get me?”

Looking at the ashen-face of the boy, the woman picked up his ears, and smacked his ass, “Have you heard!”

“Ahhh, It hurts! Mom! I have already said it, it wasn’t me who kicked that ball!” Qian Wen Jie exclaimed.

He didn’t know why his mother, who always treated him so kindly, was behaving so unreasonably now.

“That ball was yours, and those kids said that it was you who kicked it, and you still want to quibble with me!” After reprimanding the boy, the woman was about to knock on the door of the ward, but the door was pushed open from the inside.

It was the nurse.

The woman lowered her voice and hurriedly asked, “Nurse, how is the injury of the child? Is he alright?”

The woman was a little scared, her palms were covered in a cold sweat.

After all, Qian’s business had just improved a bit, so her family moved to this high-end villa area, but only a day after moving their child injured Shao’s family baby.

The nurse glanced at the woman and saw her dressed in a famous brand. Although the woman asked her cheekily, the clothes worn on her were higher than her yearly salary.

The nurse politely answered, “Nothing, he is fine. Just not awake.”

Not awake? Hadn’t the Second Young Master Shao been in a coma?

Feeling guilty the woman shook her head, and she couldn’t help but feel sad and leaned against the door of the ward.

The door wasn’t tightly closed, as a result, as she leaned, the door was slammed open. To balance her body, she darted forward, and suddenly rushed into the room.

“Mom!!!” Qian Wen Jie hurriedly ran inside the ward with his short legs. And his eyes suddenly met the child who was lying on the hospital bed.

The two of them stared at each other.

The little son had yet to wake up, and Cai Ya Lan’s mood was already very anxious and angry.

And seeing two uninvited guests rushing inside, she was about to scold them, but she heard the child’s scream, “He is awake!”

Without caring about others, Cai Ya Lan hurriedly turned her head and saw her son’s big and round eyes.

“Xian Xian, you are awake. Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” she hurriedly asked, while ringing the call bell.

As soon as Shao Xian woke up, he saw a child staring at him. The child looked like the small version of Wen Jie.

What happened? Wasn’t he in a car accident? Was he asleep for more than ten years, and Wen Jie had given birth to a small Wen Jie?

He tilted his head and looked stunned. Was medicine so advanced now? How did my mother look twenty years younger?

Hearing his mother’s voice, Shao Xian’s heart was warm.

Looking at her, he sweetly shouted, “Mom!”

Why was his voice sounding so young???

Shao Xian fiercely squeezed his thigh, he almost burst into tears because of the pain. 

“Mom, I want a mirror to see my face.”

Cai Ya Lan misunderstood and comforted him, “Xian Xian, your skin is not broken. There is no scar.”

Listening to her comfort, Shao Xian quietly gazed at her.